Today you’ll see: For the first time in the caraudio history,
there’s a full movie made about an SPLer. Anzhela and Vik started a new show, and the loudest ever official result
has been recorded. Hey there! This is
the holiday episode of LOUD NEWS. It’s not too New-Year-ly, tho. Have you seen what’s outside? Father Frost, where’s the snow? Oh, I got it.
The FF must be in his bathtub again. This is not the last video. On Dec, 31 we’ll have a sum-up episode recapping for the whole 2019. And, of course, issue
some congratulations. And now, let’s get to the news. Alan Dante, one hell of a global athlete,
has set a new world record with an unbelievable 184.9 dB
on the indicator. Whaaaat?
Do you even get how loud that is? – Oh, f*ck. To put it mildly. The measuring was
at the dB Drag finals in Brazil. This is, for now, the loudest
recorded result in the world. Ever. Why ‘for now’?
It’s easy. Alan’s main competitors,
Hal Team Shocker who’d usually beat him,
skipped the measuring due to a crash. I’m sensing some nice moves
coming up next year. I think I won’t shock anyone
by saying caraudio is on a pretty high level today. It’s not the same caraudio
that took place, say, 10 years ago. Back then, you’d see, at most,
amateur footage from those old phones. Which is great. Nowadays, we get multiple collaborations
with popular bloggers and starts. We get reactions, humor, trash,
reviews, tests, news! Enough content to watch your eyes dry. But over the last month, the list above
has grown by. 3. Two show formats from Anzhela
and Vik Mots have been launched, and there was a full-length movie
made about caradio. Dope, huh?
Let’s get to the chase. [Y]: Hello! My name is Yuri Shalimov. [Y]: We are presenting our film
about caraudio, [Y]: about competitions, athletes
and their journey there. For the first time
in the caraudio history, there is a full-length documentary
about the life of an SPLer. And its title is
a quote from haters – ‘Caraudio – Money Well Wasted’ The gist is to show
the caraudio life from the inside and to disclose
the caraudio topic in general. Why we like it, how we do it.
What problems may emerge with this hobby. Some traffic behavior rules. It also features countless interviews covers the history
and the very essence of caraudio. – In a Lada ’09 down the avenue
with ovals in the rear shelf – turn it up, and chicks are all,
like, Whoop, whoop. And we also got a reference. – Say, Loud Sound. Watch some old videos
and then the new ones. – Actually, it was the videos
by Alex Vinnikov and Artyom Lymar. The filming took a month.
Just like our news. And it lasts for over 90 min. It is a film, after all. Whoa, spoiler alert much? Definitely a must watch especially for those who are
just starting off and want a taste of the backstage The links are below, as usual. Really, give some support. They just launched their channel
and have some 300 subscribers. No good! Make sure you leave comments
saying ‘Hi from LS!’ Easy for you, nice for us.
And YouTube starts pushing the guys up. Next cutting-edge format
comes from the little foxie of caraudio Anzhela Makarova
and her new show. (Russian Pat Sajak): Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen! It’s Friday! [RPS]: And this is the Wheel of Fortune! [RPS]: Let’s have a round of applause! The show – which is already
2 episodes in! And that’s just the beginning – starts by introducing
the project participants. 5 guys have to go
thru pretty difficult challenges and whoever scores most
get a prize from the sponsor. Like in every other show. But let’s take a closer look
at those challenges. I bet it took some drugs. (drunk muttering) In the first round, they had
to guess the brand based on the hints
Anzhela was showing them. [A]: You are about to see 10 pics [A]: coming up
one by one. [A]: Your task is
to guess the brand first. Let’s play! [A]: Picture #1 AZ-13!
[A]: Correct. [A]: Next. Nah, this is easy. Alphard.
[A]: Correct. [A]: The next one’s hard. [A]: And? – What. Is. That. Word?! Do you have ANY idea the hell that is?
[A]: Guys! [A]: What is there around the guy? – Aura! – Seriously?
– Seriously! You didn’t believe, huh? Skipping Challenge 2.
Nothing weird there. You had to check the coil arrangement
with your eyes closed. No one guessed it.
What came next, tho, was 100% crazy. I have an idea
who might have helped there. [M]: Haha, m’f*cker! You need to call someone
and ask them to repeat the name of the brand while you’re eating lemon. [A]: .call a friend and ask
to repeat what you say. [A]: With a slice of lemon in your mouth.
– Genious! – Aura Sound equickment. – Aura Sound. What was next?
– E-Quick-Ment – What’s that?
– Make it quick!!! Or smell some boxes
to find a burnt speaker. [A]: What does this smell of? – Something burnt! Junkies! – Who? Me? Nay, I ain’t junkee. Or maybe.
– Maybe screw you? Maybe.
But you won’t find what was next until you watch it. And thanks for the great joke! But jokes aside,
way to go, Angie! Coming up with a whole show
and then arrange it and make interesting I mean, those challenges! – that’s no easy task. Thanks a lot to Angie.
Looking forward for new eps. And for promoting caraudio,
here’s our Like from LOUD SOUND. And the last show we’ll cover today
was presented by Vik Mots. It’s called Poker Faces. The show was done
during the gettogether in Alphard Customs where they managed
to get three people from the community. Thanks to them!
They gathered quite the crowd! Apart from jolly dancing.
cool partying and fun challenges – a bit too many contests for today, isn’t it? Team Alphard got out
their new armor truck to see who’s the toughest in the crowd and can survive the longest
with the hardcore playing on. You may have guessed
that no one laster more than 10 secs. No surprise! The SP was 170 dB.
I know only Kasim to handle that. But Vik knows how to entertain people.
Look at these happy faces! [V]: Want some more?
– Nah, I’m good! The wind blows the cap off
not just inside but 1 m away from the truck. [V]: It blows the cap off
1 m away from the truck! If you’d want to describe
one’s condition after hardcore music in a nutshell, there’s a SpongeBob episode
that fits just perfectly. [P]: What is this place?! – Did you feel unwell?
– Well, my lungs started. vibrating really hard. – How was it?
– Okaaay. – Okaaaay! Turns out, there was one die hard. But standing against the armor truck is like.
– Habib. You’ll surrender, anyway. Btw, it may sound crazy,
but the gals turned out to be way harder. [V]: Girls handle longer.
– Yep! You think that’s it? Haha! Sure! The next day, the challenge
got harder and more interesting. For Vik, not the participants. You had to last 3 rounds
which got ever harder, and try and stay in
for the set time at the set volume. With the main prize being 10,000 rubles. [V]: Say Stop. Don’t be a hero.
This is very serious. [V]: The pressure is off the charts here. I’d never been so wrong in my life. Round 1 kicks off with 165 dB. [V]: You know, the starting point
for most top demo-cars [V]: is about there. But there’s a thing. You don’t just sit in there but with a full glass
with arms stretched out, for 20 seconds. What did you smoke, Vik? [V]: This round eliminates those
who can’t handle that pressure. Except for people easily
went thru the first round which made Vik nervous. [V]: They got used to it. Gotta kick up to 170 dB.
[Turn the background music down!] [V]: So, we’re not making it 167
but going straight for 168. [V]: I underestimated people here. [V]: We’ll be here all night, I think.
Well, 165 is not something to surprise with. Next round – 168 dB,
15 secs and two cups of water. [V]: How do you surrender
with two cups in your hands? [V]: You either drop the cups.
– Nah, I’d rather wait till the end. [V]: Whether you want it or not,
you gotta wait up. As you can guess,
this pressure was piece of cake, too. [V]: What are these people?
168 is easy for them. [V]: Everyone wants the dough.
If not for the money, they would’ve long dropped it. One did give up, tho. But the last round is ahead.
This one is really dangerous. 170 dB. One cup in hand
the other one in your teeth. I’d never go in. You can see in their faces
they are not having a blast. [V]: Did you have the urge to run? – For a second, I did. But only two managed
to fail this challenge. Since the majority went thru, Vik decided to.
[V]: .put the money in here, [V]: and turn the car on @170 dB –
‘cuz I believe this is a critical figure – [V]: It really gets scary there – [V]: Whoever catches more bank notes
at that pressure, wins. Except that turned out
to be too hard. No one did it. The friendship won,
and the prize fund was split. [V]: This was our new
caraudio show [V]: Poker.
– FACES! [SUBSCRIBER PROJRCTS] Okay, now, let’s check out
pur subscribers’ projects. Our today’s hero is Ilya Kuvika
and his Lada ’14 with a tough rear. Ilya deserves special respect ‘cuz even after a heavy injury –
he lost a leg – he didn’t give up and didn’t stop
doing his favorite thing – caraudio. Actually, he got some nice results. Which is one more example
to those who look for excuses and keeps postponing
building their own project. Before his own project,
he’d frequent competitions, check out others’ projects
and studios’ reviews and dreamt that one day,
he would also be able to compete. Dreams have a tendency
to come true. Which is our guy’s case. The project goes back to 2018 when, after the injury, Ilya got hold
of a used Lada ’14. It started off as a project
just for fun. But after one BTL competition, it all went aside. That was one hell of aside! The front doors instantly
got two pairs of 10″, a pair of 12″ by 18Sound and 14 pairs of 6″ Pride Ruby. In the rear doors, there are
two pairs of 15 cm (6″) noname speakers, four pairs of Pride Solo v2
and four pairs of Ural PAtriot SPL Extreme Drivers. The first project took
about 4 months to build. The whole thing was done
by him single-handedly. This configuration landed him
the Championship of Russia in BTL in the Back Door class. By the end of the season,
he got the rear with 10 Pride Ruby. Which gave him the first prize
at the Voronezh Loud Fest. He also is the runner-up
in the SPL Show Wall class in Russia. In the next year 2019
he upgraded the system by both expanding
and replacing the components. Now, the front doors housed
nine pairs of 8″ Pride Solo 4 pairs of P.Audio 413 And with the extra panel, the doors
receive four pairs of Solo Neo and a pair of Ural PAtrion Neo SPL Extreme. The back doors were also upgraded. The Solo count was upped
from 4 to 6 pairs. Also, the noname
15 cm (6″) speakers were replaced by 3 pairs of 12 cm (4″) speakers by 18Sound. And the focus
was moved to the rear. Sure, it grew over the season, but the highest number the ’14 saw
were 24 Solos and 4 horns by AZ-13. This season, the 14
went to 12 competitions collecting about 23 cups along the way. Nice result! For the new season, the guys say,
the system will be larger by a factor. They are actively
working on the project. But what’s exactly gonna be there
is kept a secret for now. But that wasn’t it for the section today. Next, we’ll talk
about the guys with StreetSound-21 and – whoopsee! –
Ando’s former Almera. As you all know, the legendary Almera
is no more owned by Ando. Buying this project
turned out to be a whole quest. ‘Bought in Sixty Seconds’ –
that’s what they are calling it now. The quest started after Ando
canceled the so-called bidding. They called, they arranged,
and at early hours, they set off for Moscow. With all the financial
and logistical issues taken care of, Almera ended up in Cheboksary. That’s where the new page
in its history starts. The first impression after the purchase
was stated pretty simply: with one word:
– F*ck! Since it had had a ton of makeovers
and had played as much as it could, the perfect condition
was not something to be expected. [V]: And it’s being reiterated constantly. Once the technical part was restored, the guys started working on the exterior. [V]: How much did you invest
to make this a decent car? – We didn’t count. You may remember
that the Almera might be the only project in Russia that’d gone thru so many changes and tried to keep up with trends. To keep it up, the guys
had to come up with something interesting. It didn’t take too long, tho. ‘cuz the owner’s daughter
decided everything right away. She said she wanted a purple car. The picture to go on the car
was also found pretty quickly. The royal Thanos. Please, note that this is
the second project from the Marvel series. The first one was the Hulk
by Arzamas Avtostil. – Powerful and brainless. The arrangement concept
didn’t change much. The front was kept the same.
[V]: Almost no changes in the front. [V]: M-60 Neo, 12 pairs.
T-35, 8 pairs. They went thru the whole season
with only 5 subs. [V]: We only lack subwoofers. Next season, the guys are planning
to equip the hell out of this Almera and aim for the serious stuff. But! Just recently, Ando
on his personal Instagram page made a post saying
he was missing the project and might take it back next year. The current owners, tho,
say no negotiations have taken place. But nothing is impossible. Just a few hours left
till New Year, which means
holiday discounts are very much on. If you want to get an interesting piece
for a bag of peanuts, go ahead and go
to our website loudsound.ru. We made a separate category with all the holiday discounts. Pride T with an 8k discount?
There you go! Or Machete M12 Lite
almost 1500 cheaper? Why not! All discounts are in force
up until Jan, 1. So, don’t stick to the ground.
Buy some audio at LOUD SOUND. And now, I’m saying
my goodbyes. But not for long. Off to make the New Year Special. Make sure you treat us
on some Like Nogg, and, of course, share the video. Bye, everyone.
Live LOUD! Nice! Ni-ice! Noice!
Salam Alaikum! Wa-as-salam Alaikum!


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