A Fantastically Complicated World – Evolution – Astronot – CIA – News – Greta – Trump, Pope

you’re paralyzed just like they take me
you did nothing you did not see now
sink into the floor sorry what’s that? you say you are free
because you live in a democracy? it’s just really hard thing it’s it’s really
a hard thing your world just becomes fantastically complicated when you don’t
believe in evolution they didn’t turn into people just yet if
you want to deny evolution that’s fine but don’t make your kids do it because
we need them wake up to see the farm its to leave it the world is the prison of
words the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper names of all the
tools we have invented words are the most powerful the most productive and
the most dangerous words can classify identify conceptualize abstract beautify but
words have a darker side as well words can organize rational similarities
but words can also create false divisions us-versus-them citizen versus
immigrant tyrant versus leader terrorist versus freedom fighter money versus
paper through the slippery genius of language crimes can be redefined as
virtues virtues as vices enslavement as obedience brute hierarchies as society
assaults on children is disciplined euphemisms misdirections reversals and
outright lies infest our minds bewildering confusing and isolating us if we are to change the downward spiral
of our world we must escape from the fog of false words to the reality of reason
and truth to think of the words that surround you that have no connection to
anything real or tangible or true are good you say you are an American a
Canadian Danish Iranian or Australian what is that what is a country a country
is land water Plains and mountains and something called borders that exists
only in our minds in drawings in words a beach is where the ocean meets the land
of real division the country is a color on a map an imaginary enclosure of legal
containment countries arise when warlords run up
against other warlords they cannot conquer or when they have mostly
finished killing off or enslaving the indigenous population countries at the
chalk outlines of bodies of ancient and modern crimes countries are the fences
around farms designed to keep you the citizen in place when you go from one
country to another what changes not the color of the sky your hairdo or the laws
of physics no all that changes are the enforced rules called laws and the
rulers who are legally allowed to enforce them countries our region’s were
the power of particular political rulers hold sway they are land controlled by
governments when you say I am an American what you’re really saying is
that you are ruled by the American government it would be more accurate to
say I am the property of the American government or proud livestock of the
English tax farm if dairy cows could talk they would say
I am owned by farmer Jones or I am kept on the Jones farm how is it different
for you this is the great danger of words countries are places
we’re a tiny minority can use force to make you obey their words called laws in
a country you must obey the millions of constantly changing words or you will be
kidnapped and caged it doesn’t matter how many words there are or whether it’s
even possible to know them all you can be locked up for disobeying the
unknowable at any time these magic words can convert people
from honest citizen to evil criminal at the stroke of a pen
in 1933 in America it was legal to own gold and illegal to drink alcohol the
next year it was legal to drink alcohol and illegal to own gold who alone has
the power to do this the state the state is a group of individuals with a
monopoly on the legal use of violence and it is only words that blind us from
seeing this basic truth words have the dangerous power to
obscure the moral reality of the state the word law sounds better than force
social contract sounds better than enforced obedience taxation sounds
better than theft central banking sounds better than counterfeiting corporation
sounds better than legal immunity arrest sounds better than kidnapping national
debt it sounds better than selling off the unborn democracy sounds better than
mob rule public school sounds better than forced indoctrination sorry what’s
that you say you are free because you live in a democracy I thought that it was a matter of real
concern that planted story is intended to serve a national purpose abroad came
home and were circulated here and believed here because this would mean
that the CIA could manipulate the news in the United States by channeling it
through some foreign country now we’re looking at that very carefully do you
have any people being paid by the CIA who are contributing to a major
circulation American Journal we do have people who submit pieces to other to
American journals do you have any people paid by the CIA who are working for television networks this I think gets
into the kind of getting into the details mr. chairman that I’d like to
get into an executive session you you are attacking our news organization
not can you give us a cheetah organization tracking our news
organization can you give us a chance question sir sir my state I think it was
disgraceful disgraceful that the intelligence agencies allowed any
information that turned out to be so false and fake for pennies on the dollar the space
program has improved our lives advanced our society strengthened our economy and
inspired generations of Americans and I have no doubt that NASA can continue to
fulfill this role made a bigger commitment to the space program in terms
of money for the future than you have to expand human knowledge the atmosphere
in space and to pursue the practical benefits gained from these activities in
order to improve the lot of mankind and and we saluted right along with him when
he planted Old Glory in the lunar soil nASA has done so much to galvanize our
spirit as a people to reassure us of our greatness and of our potential in recent
days the Space Shuttle has as another NASA project before it or other projects
before it captured our hearts and imaginations decade for the 1990s Space Station
freedom our critical next step in all our space endeavors and and next for the
new century back to the moon back to the future and this time back to stay and
then and then a journey into tomorrow a journey to another planet a manned
mission to Mars you using the crew exploration vehicle we
will undertake extended human missions to the moon as early as 2015 with the
goal of living and working there for increasingly extended periods of time
the time for empty talk is over now arrives the hour of action do not allow
anyone to tell you that it cannot be done no challenge can match the heart
and fight and spirit of America we will not fail our country will thrive and
prosper again we stand at the birth of a new millennium ready to unlock the
mysteries of space to free the earth from the miseries of disease and to
harness the energies industries and technologies of tomorrow our journey
into space will not only make us stronger and more prosperous but will
unite us behind grand ambitions and bring us all closer together wouldn’t
that be nice can you believe that space is going to
do this I thought politics would do that well we’ll have to rely on spaces every
launch into the skies is another step forward for the future where our
differences seem small against the vast expanse of our common humanity sometimes
you have to view things from a distance in order to see the real true it is
America’s destiny to be at the forefront of humanity’s eternal quest to be the
leader amongst nations on our adventure into the great
safely the reactions were launching today
America will face big once again what was we will inspire millions of children to
carry on this tradition of American space leadership and excitement and to
never stop wandering hoping and dreaming about what lies beyond the stars so I
just thank you all very much that’s not an eight-year-olds question
that’s my question I want to know what I think because we didn’t go there and and
that’s way it happened and and if it didn’t happen it’s nice to know why it
didn’t happen so in the future if we want to keep doing something we need to
know why something stopped in the past that we wanted to keep it going money is a good thing all the members of
humanity perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize
this common bound I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide
would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world they like
to hit and then they like to hide out but we’re gonna smoke them out and we’re
adjusting our thinking to the new type of enemy these are terrorists that have
no borders and by the way it’s important for the world to understand that we know
in America that more than just Americans suffered loss of life in the World Trade
Center people from all kinds of nationalities left but that’s why the
world is rallying to our call to defeat terrorism many world leaders understand
that that could have easily that the attack could have easily happened on
their land I want Tim Hill I want I want justice
and there’s an old poster out west as I recall that said wanted dead or alive I think I think there’s a I think that
this is a long-term battle war there’ll be battles but this is a long
term we’re after all our mission it’s not just the sama bin Laden the al Qaeda
organization our mission is to battle terrorism and to join with freedom
loving people we have are putting together a coalition that is a coalition
dedicated to declaring to the world we will do what it takes to define the
terrorists to rout them out and to hold them accountable and the United States is proud to lead
the coalition I do we’re building a relationship that just
did not exist I said in our last trip when you were with me that we had a huge
trust deficit in part because the United States had to be to be fair we had
helped to create the problem we’re now fighting how because when the Soviet
Union invaded Afghanistan we had this brilliant idea that we were going to
come to Pakistan and create a force of Mujahideen equipped them with Stinger
missiles and everything else to go after the Soviets inside Afghanistan and we
were successful the Soviets left Afghanistan and then we said great
goodbye leaving these trained people who were fanatical in Afghanistan and
Pakistan leaving them well-armed creating a mess
frankly that at the time we didn’t really recognize we were just so happy
to see the Soviet Union fall and we thought ok fine we’re ok now
everything’s gonna be so much better now you look back the people were fighting
today we were supporting in the fight against the Soviet we also have a
history of kind of moving in and out of Pakistan I mean let’s remember here the
people we are fighting today we funded 20 years ago
and we did it because we were locked in this struggle with the Soviet Union they
invaded Afghanistan and we did not want to see them control Central Asia and we
went to work and it was President Reagan in partnership with the Congress led by
Democrats who said you know what it sounds like a pretty good idea you take the blue pill the story ends
you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you wanted you take the red
pill you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes this is all wrong I shouldn’t be up here yet you all come to us young people for
hope how dare you how dare you you have stolen my dreams in my
childhood with your empty words how dare you yet I’m one of the lucky ones people
are suffering people are dying entire ecosystems are collapsing we are
in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and
fairy tales of eternal economic growth how dare you then you would be evil and
that I refused to believe the popular idea of cutting our emissions in half in
10 years only gives us a 50% chance of staying below 1.5 degrees and the risk
of setting of irreversible chain reactions beyond human control 50% may his urgency this is urgent
it’s an emergency cialis FIDIC abbiamo Devon the VM from Terri Sewell a Ducati
Oh tre lament a quarry alguna comprehension
a few larga people found other alte survey on Pawtucket evil Grove Ollie we
need a Global Compact on education the world needs to be re-educated and we
need the leaders of the world to come together and sign this compact and a
compact of course is a firm contract promise treaty or an agreement so he’s
calling on everybody to come together I wonder who’s gonna write that out
I say facetiously it’ll probably be produced by the Vatican and have
everyone agreed that we need to re-educate the world and of course you’ve got each side that
can’t see they’re just like the other and they’re even operating by the same
dubious tactics and utilizing similar approaches making them identical okay
what we really need to do is look at the inordinate control and power the system
is gaining and has gained over us okay people are losing the ability to acquire
the other side of the argument whether it’s moon hoax Flat Earth 9/11 aliens it
doesn’t matter what you believe even if you were curious about some of these
things and you wanted to debunk them you couldn’t do it the only thing you would
get would be hit pieces and you don’t have any legitimate information on the
other side okay the the controllers are molding people’s perceptions and
limiting them to a small box and it’s like how can you think that you have a
well-informed opinion without information of the other side and that’s
the point I’ve been driving out with this sensor so the censorship pushed the
the modern-day book-burning if you will because if you control the information
you get to control the perceptions and opinions of folks so not only can they
affect the attitudinal changes and behaviors of people through distorting
and manipulating facts but they’re effectively usurping the resistance and
I got at that before where the up-and-coming generations they’re born
into the the police state they’re born into schools with facial recognition and
born into a world where most if not all information is either consolidated
skewed or buried all together so there’s little wiggle room available to those
trying to reach like-minded people even outside of the main vein that’s what
this push is doing and that’s another reason why we’re stepping away from
politics because again to turn a blind eye or embrace willful ignorance willful
ignorance and matters like these tells me all I need to know no matter the
subject if folks aren’t willing to look at something dispassionately and see the
facts objectively that says the gears just aren’t turning so if we’re looking
for thoughtful dispassionate discourse the political arena is not the field for
that because there’s actually more going on in the world and we’re just talking
about greedy corporations corrupt bankers zany politicians and wealthy
families of influence on like that there’s no way
okay there’s forces beyond just humans beyond just people so we have to see
matters beyond purely human factors and influence because if you don’t these
subjects can begin to take on a mostly men in business suits sipping whiskey
and puffing cigars in a smoke-filled room
planning what’s next type fuel right and while I’m sure there’s a breath of truth
to that it doesn’t wholly correspond to the reality at hand the rabbit hole is
much deeper it seems like these corrupt morally bankrupt people have a low
vibrational energetic compatibility with entities of akin qualities okay and
these beings attach themselves to these people and become symbiotes okay and
then the symbiotes have subtle sometimes overt influences over their hosts if you
can imagine a soft possession type deal all right so when we elevate the corrupt
morally bankrupt people into power we’re also putting these apparently
overwhelming demonic like entities into power so now you can sort of begin to
see how we are pulling back the veil a bit on why it seems like these jokers
are constantly engaging in activities that the destruction of the country and
the people they claim to represent all right and it would seem that if there’s
not that symbiotic relationship I pointed out then there’s at least homage
to these beings and rituals and blood sacrifice okay and there’s hardly any
bigger blood sacrifice that they often instigated and manufactured wars or or
the wars that we started or got involved in based on false impetus right and this
helped alludes to the reason why we see the poisoning of our water the genetic
modification of our food no known harmful vaccine agitance brain chemicals
of the air all that stuff okay because you have to ask if they’re doing this
aren’t they doing this to themselves and the answer is on one hand they aren’t
really because they live completely different lives from us I mean after all
when one of the Roth trials came to buy some yacht in Texas he brought his own
food and water with him look and and that there’s a battle playing out right
now well physical and spiritual and the result of that battle is going to have
devastating consequences look once in a while I get people that really that or
that claim they don’t believe in evolution and my response generally is
so why not really why not you guys believe 20 billion years ago there was a
big bang or nothing exploded and produced everything 4.6 billion years
ago the earth cooled down made a hard rocky crust it rained on the rocks for
millions of years turned them into soup and the soup came alive three billion
years ago found somebody to marry and something to eat of course and
slowly evolved and everything we see today there are some lies in our science
books I taught it for 15 years even though I’m not teaching it anymore I
still like the study has so many neat things to learn we’re gonna cover some
of that tonight I’m not against science I’m not against schools I’m not against
teachers because most of them don’t know what they believe you have to tell them
they teach the kids it all started with the Big Bang twenty billion years ago
what exploded just what the textbooks to eat before the Big Bang there was
nothing literally nothing an infinitesimal nugget of space and then
something happened triggering the most colossal explosion in history yes boys
and girls you see nothing exploded and here we are so I asked miss professor if
I could ask him some questions about the Big Bang I said where did all this
matter come from he said well we don’t know that for sure
I said well sir would you please tell me where the laws came from the universe is
run by laws gravity centrifugal force inertia who gave the laws he said we
don’t know that either I said sir could you tell me where the
energy came from you know it takes energy to make a big bang who bought the
gas to run this machine in any way mm-hmm he said we don’t know that either
I said sir I could ask you another question
he said sure what else would you like to know do you mean else
yesin told me nothing yet I said does Berkeley have a
merry-go-round you see if a spinning object breaks apart in a frictionless
environment the fragments will all spin the same direction the professor said
yes I understand about the conservation of angular momentum
I said well good I’d like to ask you a question answer if no universe began as
a swirling dodge like you said why do two planets spin backwards he said that’s interesting said no
that’s more than interesting it’s kind of hard on your Big Bang Theory not only
that six of the moons are spinning backwards why he said I don’t know why
do you think they’re going backwards I was hoping he was gonna ask that I said
okay now sir hold it if I told you that I believe God created the heaven and the
earth like the Bible teaches you’re gonna say and where did God come from
and I don’t know but you said well we don’t know that for sure we don’t know
that either we don’t don’t tell me my theory is
religious and yours is science oh no sir they’re both religious evolution is a
religion you have to believe so I asked the professor where did the matter come
from he said I don’t know so basically I believe in the beginning God and you
believe in the beginning dirt one professor was getting kind of upset
about this time he said mr. Holman there are hundreds of varieties of dogs in the
world he said you mean to tell me that you believe all these dogs came from two
dogs off a Noah’s Ark you expect me to believe that I said sir would you look
at why you’re teaching your students you’re teaching your students that all
the dogs in the world came from Iraq Charles Darwin was disciplined I mean he
did these extraordinary experiments this series of experiments they’re not gonna
tell the kids well we have evidence for this theory Charlie Darwin stopped off
at these islands right there called the Galapagos Islands
Charlie studied the birds very carefully and said you know what I think all these
birds had a common ancestor so I bet you’re right Charlie it was a bird
you see 14 kinds of birds and you conclude that birds and bananas are
related here are these ancient dinosaur bones or fossils they tell the kids they
have evidence of evolution from fossils I don’t think so
if you find a fossil in the dirt all you know is it died you don’t know that it
had any kids and you sure don’t know that it had different kids you bring in
a bone to the judge judge I found this bone in the dirt this is the ancestor of
all the humans today they would laugh at you you don’t know that that’s the
ancestor of anybody and why on earth would you think a bone in the dirt can
do something animals today cannot do they’ll see boys and girls you have two
bones in your wrist radius and ulna and boys and girls look at the whales
flipper carefully did you know the whale has two bones in his flipper and they’re
called the radius and the ulna same as ours Wow who named them teacher the
whale I think about it the retarded monkeys they didn’t turn
into people just yet even Stephen Gould admitted the absence of fossil evidence
for intermediary stages is a persistent and nagging problem for evolution see
what’s happened these guys have looked for missing links in the in the fossil
record they can’t find any and so they say well maybe evolution happens so fast
it wasn’t preserved maybe a reptile laid an egg and a bird hatched out well who
did that bird marry this process that brought us to be is billions of years
old it happens very fast billions of years fast here is radioactivity we’re
gonna tell the kids late 1940s they invented carbon dating we’re gonna
explain a little bit about radiometric dating and how it’s supposed to work and
then show you that it does not work okay it sounds good
but there are some assumptions that mess everything up if we had walked into a
room and found a candle burning on the table and I asked you the question when
was it lit he said I don’t know mr. Holman is burning when I got here okay
well then let’s do some empirical science let’s measure the height of the
candle suppose the candle is seven inches tall who can tell me when it was
lit okay nobody’s do some more empirical science let’s measure the rate of burn
suppose we determine it’s burning an inch an hour
when was it lit you’re gonna have a hard time telling me unless you’re willing to
make some assumptions you find a fossil in the dirt you can measure how much c14
is in it very accurately by the way and you can measure how fast its decaying
that’s just like measuring the height of your candle and how fast it’s burning
now when did that enema die you don’t have a clue here’s what you ought to
consider about carbon dating samples of known age it doesn’t work if it’s a
sample of unknown age it is assumed to work it’s just really hard thing it’s really
a hard thing your world just becomes fantastically complicated when you don’t
believe in evolution freshly calcio carbon dated 1300 years
old shells from living snails carbon dated 27 thousand years old living
penguins carbon dated 8,000 years old one part of dima was 40,000 years old
another part was 26,000 and the wood next to it is 9,000 then they tell the
kids about the geologic column base each of the layers is a different age you
know Cenozoic Mesozoic Paleozoic are keys or colons or boys now if you get a
petrified tree standing up running through different rock layers I don’t
think it’s smart to say those layers are vastly different ages those trees did
not get slowly covered by the set of us over millions of years they would rot
and fall down crazy boys and girls you have an appendix that you don’t need
anymore it’s a vestigial structure that’s proof
of evolution well excuse me you do need your appendix the appendix is part of
the immune system if your appendix is taken out you can still live okay but it
increases your susceptibility to quite a few diseases you can live without both
your legs and both your arms and both your eyes also that doesn’t prove you
don’t need them there are no vestige you’ll organs and even if there were
that would be the opposite of evolution that’s losing not gaining I was taught
when I went to school man used to have a tail but he lost it cuz he didn’t need
it I thought it didn’t need it have you ever thought how handy a tail would be
have you ever come to the door with two sacks or groceries would that be nice
man be able to grab that door and walk right around and get in Fausta cuz we
didn’t need it man you could drive the car tune the radio knob and hold the
coke at the same time what we’re finding is that natural selection seems to be an
incredibly important factor in generating new species the natural
selection the key evolutionary mechanism Darwin identified the bad designs get
eaten by the good ones and so all you have is good ones natural selection
doesn’t cause any evolution it make sure the bad ones don’t survive it’s not
gonna change it to something else that’s what evolution is if you work in a
factory that produced cars and your job was to check for defects and you caught
every single mistake and you rejected it how long would it take that process to
change the car to an airplane you say it’ll never change it that’s my point
the students are taught we have evidence from development
Darwin considered this by far the strongest single class of evidence this
textbook says human embryo growing any mother has gills like a fish those
little folds of skin are not gills those little wrinkles under your chin when
you’re growing up later develop into bones in the ear and glands in the
throat they never have anything to do with
breathing I’ve seen folks that have five or six chins and they can’t breathe
through any of them but the top one those they’re not gill slits burnt steak
although said the turning point in his thinking was when he read Darwin’s book
he made huge charts of his posters of his drawings of these embryos and
traveled all over Germany and just about by himself converted the Germans to
believing in evolution Haeckel took a drawing of a dog and a
human embryo and he changed him to make him look exactly alike on top or
hickel’s fake drawings underneath are actual photographs of what he claimed he
was drawing a picture of now either he’s a lousy artist or he’s a liar well it
turns out he’s a liar he was convicted of fraud by his own University proven to
be a fraud but guess what pickles fake drawings are still used in
textbooks in your state right now it’s only been proven wrong 125 years ago I
know it takes a while to get textbooks on
today but that ought to be plenty of time hey Toph Hitler said you let me
control the textbooks I’ll control the state watch this sentence here carefully
some kids doing this for homework tonight
boys do you think humans are still evolving now what kind of question is
that doesn’t that question assume that evolution has happened what if a kid
doesn’t believe in evolution how is he supposed to do his homework today that
question does not teach him how to think critically that teaches him what to
think not how to think and when the kid gets done with this course he’s gonna
think he knows how to think but he doesn’t he knows how to be told what to
think brainwashing at taxpayer expense they
want to use my tax dollars to teach that to your kids in our schools if you want
to deny evolution that’s fine but don’t make your kids do it because we need
them and that’s where the problem comes in okay if you wanna believe in the Big
Bang just to enjoy yourself but keep your religion at home the Russian
atheist astronomer came to America and spoke at one of the universities and he
said started off his speech he said folks either there is a God or there
isn’t both possibilities are frightening if there is no God we’re in trouble
we’re hurtling through space around the Sun right now a 66,000 miles an hour and
nobody’s in charge that’s a scary thought
this is the story of your enslavement how it came to be and how you can
finally be free like all animals human beings want to
dominate and exploit the resources around them at first we mostly hunted
and fished and ate off the land but then something magical and terrible happened
to our minds we became alone among the animals afraid of death and a future
loss and this was the start of a great tragedy and an even greater possibility you see when we become afraid of death
of injury and imprisonment we become controllable and so valuable in a way
that no other resource could ever be the greatest resource for any human
being to control is not natural resources or tools or animals or land
but other human beings you can frighten an animal because animals are afraid of
pain in the moment but you cannot frighten an animal with a loss of
Liberty with torture or imprisonment in the future because animals have very
little sense of tomorrow you cannot threaten a cow with torture or a sheep
with death you cannot swing a sword at a tree and
scream at it to produce more fruit or hold a burning torch to a field and
demand more wheat you cannot get more eggs by threatening a hen but you can
get a man to give you his eggs by threatening him this human farming has
been the most profitable and destructive occupation throughout history and it is
now reaching its destructive climax human society cannot be rationally
understood until it is seen for what it is a series of farms where human farmers
own human livestock some people get confused because
governments provide health care and water and education and roads and thus
imagine that there is some benevolence at work nothing could be further from
the reality farmers provide health care and irrigation and training to their
livestock some people get confused because we are allowed certain liberties
and thus imagine that our governments protect our freedoms but farmers plant
their crops a certain distance apart to increase their yields and will allow
certain animals larger stalls or fields if it means they will produce more meat
and milk in your country your tax farm your farmer grants you certain freedoms
not because he cares about your liberties but because he wants to
increase his profits are you beginning to see the nature of the cage you were
born into there have been four major phases of
human farming the first phase in ancient Egypt was direct and brutal human
compulsion human bodies were controlled but the creative productivity of the
human mind remained beyond the reach of the whip and the brand with the shackles
slaves remained woefully underproductive and required enormous resources to
control the second phase was the Roman model
wherein slaves were granted some capacity for freedom ingenuity and
creativity which raised their productivity this increased the wealth
of ROM and thus the tax income of the Roman government and with this
additional wealth Rome became an empire destroying the economic freedoms that
fed its power and collapsed I’m sure that this does not seem entirely
unfamiliar after the collapse of Rome the feudal model introduced the concept
of livestock ownership and Taxation instead of being directly owned peasants
farmed land that they could retain as long as they paid off the local warlords
this model eventually broke down due to the continual subdivision of productive
land and was destroyed during the enclosure movement when land was
consolidated and hundreds of thousands of peasants were kicked off their
ancestral lands because new farming techniques made larger farms more
productive with fewer people the increased productivity of the later
Middle Ages created the excess food required for the expansion of towns and
cities which in turn gave rise to the modern democratic model of human
ownership as displaced peasants flooded into the cities a huge stock of cheap
human capital became available to the rising industrialists and the ruling
class of human farmers quickly realized that they could make more money by
letting their livestock choose their own occupations under the Democratic model
direct slave ownership has been replaced by the Mafia model the Mafia rarely owns
businesses directly but rather sends thugs around once a month to steal from
the business owners you are now allowed to choose your own occupation which
raises your productivity and that’s all to your owners the great challenge of
the Democratic model is that increases in wealth and freedom threaten the
farmers the ruling class is initially profit from a relatively free market in
capital and labor but as their livestock become more used to their freedoms and
growing wealth they begin to question why they need rulers at all oh well
nobody ever said that human farming was easy keeping the tax livestock securely
in the compounds of the ruling classes is a three-phase process
the first is to indoctrinate the young through government quote education as
the wealth of democratic countries grew government schools were universally
inflicted in order to control the thoughts and souls of the livestock the
second phase is to turn citizens against each other through the creation of
dependent livestock it is very difficult to rule human beings directly through
force and where it can be achieved it remains cripplingly underproductive
as can be seen in north korea human beings do not breed well or produce
efficiently in direct captivity ah but if human beings believe that they are
free then they will produce much more for their farmers the best way to
maintain this illusion of freedom is to put some of the livestock on the payroll
of the farmer those cows that become dependent on the existing hierarchy will
then attack any other cows who point out the violence hypocrisy and immorality of
human ownership officers positioned grant face-first on
the floor with one officer near his head a second near his back and a third
officer standing nearby there appeared to be a brief struggle then a two year
veteran BART officer stands draws his weapon and fires freedom is slavery and
slavery is freedom if you can get the cows to attack each other whenever
anybody brings up the reality of their situation then you don’t have to spend
nearly as much controlling them directly those cows who become dependent upon the
stolen largesse of the farmer will violently oppose any questioning of the
virtue of human ownership and the intellectual and artistic classes always
and forever dependent upon the farmers will say to anyone who demands freedom
from ownership you will harm your fellow cows the livestock are thus kept
enclosed by shifting the moral responsibility for the destructiveness
of the violent system to those who demand real freedom very third phase is
to invent continual external threats so that the frightened livestock cling to
the protection of the farmers this system of human farming is now
nearing its end the terrible tragedies of modern Western economic systems has
occurred not in spite of but the cards are past economic freedoms the massive
increases in Western wealth throughout the 19th century resulted from economic
freedoms and it was this very increase in wealth that fed the size and power of
the state whenever the livestock become
exponentially more productive you get a corresponding increase in the number of
farmers and their dependents the growth of the state is always proportional to
the preceeding economic freedoms economic freedoms create wealth and the
wealth attracts more thieves and political parasites whose greed then
destroys the economic freedoms in other words freedom metastasizes the cancer of
the state the government that starts off the
smallest will always end up the largest this is why there can be no viable and
sustainable alternative to a truly free and peaceful society a society without
political rulers without human ownership without the violence of taxation and
statism to be truly free is both very easy and very hard we avoid the horror
of our enslavement because it is so painful to see it directly we dance around the endless violence of
our dying system because we fear the attacks of our fellow livestock but we
can only be kept in the cages we refuse to see George Orwell once wrote that the
great enemy of clear language is in sincerity when there is a gap between
one’s real and once declared aims one turns as it
were instinctively two long words and exhausted idioms like
a cuttlefish spurting out ink you’ve probably heard confusing phrases
like the trade deficit the falling dollar the national debt unfunded
liabilities and so on which all sound vague and actuarial and
vaguely well not me the reality behind these accounting phrases is perfectly
monstrous when someone a foreign SA loans money to the American government
what are they getting in return well they are getting promises of interest
payments and eventual repayment of the principal where does your government get
this money the government is not a business does not generate profits in
the free market so where does it get the money to repay its creditors are you
beginning to understand that it is not dollars that are being sold or bonds or
agency debt or Treasuries or anything like that
where is your government going to get the money to pay off its creditors it’s
not pieces of paper or contracts or computer bits that are being sold there
is only one thing that the government has to sell governments have only one
asset that they can use as collateral your leaders are selling you when China
lends 800 billion dollars to your government what they get in return is a
guarantee that $10,000 plus interest will be taken from your family at
gunpoint and shipped overseas when a farmer gets a loan from a bank he uses
his livestock as collateral it is the milk and meat his cows will produce in
the future that he will use to pay off his loan the bank is buying a share in
his cows you are the livestock that your leaders
use as collateral the leaders that you cheer for and throw parades for and drop
balloons behind and donate money to are selling you to Chinese rulers to the
Japanese to the Nigerians to South American drug lords with accounts in the
Caribbean banking centers to Russia to Korea to Egypt to Colombia to Chile to
the Philippines to Malaysia and anyone else who is willing to give them a few
dollars in return for the blood sweat and toil of your future the flag that
you praise and the anthems that you sing and the rulers that you weep and kneel
before have as much loyalty to you as a plantation owner had to his slaves and
sadly plantation slaves had more pride than we do plantation slaves did not
generally praise their masters for selling them off for auctioning off the
lives hopes dreams and futures of their own little children we can understand
that cattle may lick the hand of the farmer who lowers an axe to its neck
because cattle are dumb beasts that cannot comprehend their real
relationship with the farmer and his imminent plans for them what is our
excuse when we chant USA USA USA when we cheer and bow and beg and scrape
and sing and weep with joy that some new farmer now presides over the wholesale
dismantling and sale of her family’s futures when we love with obsessive
emptiness the leaders who laugh while they auction us off to every tin pot
dictator and stockbroker the world over what is our excuse
as I pride been so broken that we lunge with pathetic joy at every news silver
tongue to demagogue who pretends to care for us even a tiny little bit in the
future our children will demand to know why we knelt and cheered as they were
sold off on the auctioneer’s block this video and my life’s work is my hands led
to my child what’s yours wake up to see the farm
it’s to leave it here’s the takeaway my friends the government is not going to
keep you safe the government is putting you in danger the government is
presiding over a collapse in school standards the government is presiding
over and paying for in many ways the drugging of very young children with
very dangerous drugs the government has displaced private and
personal and voluntary methodologies for keeping people safe which is keeping
tabs on your neighbors having chats having good relationships with the
police making sure that everything is followed through there is this kind of
you know throw the ball of responsibility over the fence and never
follow up because the government is now perceived to be taking care of
communities while the government is not taking care of communities in Sweden the
government is not taking care of communities in South Africa the
government is not taking care of communities and young women in England
the government is not taking care of you you are to the government tax livestock
to be programmed to be exploited and to be lied to and bribed into voting for
surrendering your own freedoms pre staff in risk in return for freedom to the
free staff will pass and the loss of freedoms will be permanent
the government is not your friend the government is not your pal the
government is not your father the government is not your habits the
government is not just it is not fair the government is forced the government
is the only agency able to legally initiate the use of force against you
usually legally disarmed citizens the government is coercion the government is
fire it is a very dangerous so an entirety to radical mosque and as long
as the government continues to grow your safety will continue to shrink wake up
to see the farm its to leave it you can make him and we can make it
together we can get it together

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