A very cute hedgehog’s day at the vet 😍🦔 | Mountain Vets – BBC

It’s something I would very rarely
see nowadays. ..Carey has encountered one animal
just waking up from hibernation. Since I was a child,
this is probably the first time I’ve seen a hedgehog
really close up, but there’s no doubt
hedgehogs are very cute. The hedgehog’s likely to have been
living off its fat reserves for four months. Well, I was walking with the dogs
about four or five days ago, and found him on the side
of the path and he was walking along
the driveway, disorientated. And I am now worried, is he actually
blind? Because he’s not behaving
as a normal hedgehog would. To be honest with you,
I know very little about them. I call him Harry the Hedgehog,
but I honestly don’t know if he’s a Harry or a Henrietta. Right, come on ahead. Hello, my little hedgehog friend. Hello, little hedgehog.
Oh, hiya! Oh, yum, yum, yum. Right, we’ll give him some food
since he has come out to say hello. Tasty bites.
Oh, no, don’t be doing that. Here you go. Oh, you’re so hungry. He is hungry. I mean, I’ve fed him
about three times. He ate masses. He did? OK.
He ate absolute masses. But what I’m concerned about
is when they’re walking along, he sort of walks strangely. He was, like, hugging
the side to know that he was in contact with something. Almost like he was trying
to touch it. OK. So I don’t know if it’s just
because he’s disorientated. Oh, no, give me my finger back! If they curl into a ball it means
they’re quite strong because they’re fit enough
to actually do that. That obviously involves quite
a lot of energy. Because he’s all balled up,
I can’t assess his eyes because they are
tucked right up in, so his eyes are well hidden.
Yeah. So they’re quite prone to getting
wee traumas to their eyes. So I need to get him to be
in a normal standing position. So I need to rock him back
and forward and talk to him gently to try
and coax him out of his little ball. Hello! We’ll maybe
just set him down. He came out there a wee minute ago. Tasty, tasty bites. He did
come out – for food, I think. He’ll come out for food.
Can you smell some tasty bites? Yum, yum, yum, yum. Oh, oh! Hiya. He says, “Oh, look, tasty bites.”
It’s OK, I’m not going to touch you. Look here – tasty bites. We’ll maybe leave a bit
more out for you. We’ll just have to
continue feeding you. This is maybe his
evil plan all along. Hello. Hi! You’re quite a cute little hedgehog. So this is just a little bit of dye
so I can have a wee look into his eyes and make sure
there’s no ulcers. The dye that I put into his eye,
if there’s an ulcer, it stains thickly green. I want to have a wee
look in your peeper. Tiny, tiny wee eyes
and there’s no dye staining in them, so it doesn’t look like
there’s a wee ulcer. So he’s healthy enough? I think he can see OK, you know. Do you know if he’s a fella or a
girl? I think your hedgehog might be
a boy. It’s a boy. Ouch! Oh, did he nip you? Yes! I think he just mistook
my finger for food. He says, “This is wonderful,
this is the best day of my life.” Usually when we would have
hedgehogs coming in, maybe they’ve been hit by a car,
there’s been a severe trauma. It’s very rare that you would
get a wee healthy sort of looking hedgehog
coming into you. I’d be happy with him. OK.
I mean, he’s very bright. He’s very capable of curling
himself up into a ball and protecting himself. He’s eaten us out of house and home. Hey, wee man. Hazel’s a feeder. She likes to
feed all the animals that come in. Yes! This is clearly her favourite
animal ever. He’s hoovering this. This is like us at lunchtime! He’s an excellent wee hedgehog. Reassured that he’s in robust shape,
Carey takes Harry to his garden. Very pleased. I was so worried that
he was blind, and to know that he isn’t, is great. So this is an enclosed
bit of garden. So fingers crossed
he can just be in here. We set the little house up for him.
So we’ll just put him in. I’ll just literally…
You can’t be too ceremonial, I’ll just have to tip him in.
He’s in. He seems quite happy. So he is Harry the Hedgehog and
fingers crossed all goes well and he finds Mrs Harry soon,
which would be even better. If we could have little Harrys
later in the year, that would be fantastic. # Now all the world’s asleep # But the leaves in the woodland,
they’ll whisper their rhymes # Now to the roots
running so deep. # Well, good luck, Harry.


  1. my hedgehog is named mikkjal he does not look like the one in the vid mine is more white and smaller its an african dwarf hedgehog i know nobody asked

  2. Aww.. oh my gosh!
    Such an adorable little guy.
    Harry, I absolutely love you!
    Hedgehogs are lovely.
    Thank you for posting.
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌿🕊

  3. I once saw a hedgehog running fast round the edge of my garden.. round and round for ages. Does anyone know why they would do this?

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