Access World News: The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Access World News is a great database to
find international news. The default search will look for content within
major newspapers. This video is going to show you how to limit your search to the
Richmond Times-Dispatch, our local newspaper. From the access World News
homepage, use the Quick Links on the right toolbar and click Richmond
Times-Dispatch This will take you to a page outlining
the dates covered. You may browse the most recent articles or by specific
dates. You should note that coverage goes back to August of 1985.To search for
specific terms use the search box at the top of the page. Let’s take a look and
see what articles are available about Cabell Library. From here, you’ll see a
list of articles sorted by the default which is the newest articles first. You
can change that sort order to “Best Matches”, a “Relevant Search”, or to “Oldest Matches” first if you prefer. To take a look at any article, just click the title
and then you’ll see the full article text on the next screen. You can email
your article, print your article, or download your article as a PDF. From the
main list, you can select up to 20 articles and you can have them emailed,
printed, or downloaded. The full text of each article will come as one long
document. If you need any additional help using Access World News, please feel free
to Ask Us!

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