Advanced JavaScript, Regular expressions and UX: #1.14 the latest News (of the Frontend)

I think we need to optimize compilers, not
What do you think?
Let’s talk about Advanced JavaScript, Regular
expressions and User Experience.
I’m Anatol and you are watching the Good Parts
of the Frontend development.
I propose to your attention another interesting
report from Chrome Dev Summit 2016 “Advanced
JS performance with V8 and Web Assembly” by
Seth Thompson.
He shares the current state of JavaScript
and script tooling in V8, and discusses the
future with WebAssembly.
Felix Maier proposes to think about JavaScript
code’s performance while you’re writing
In his post on Medium he puts several snippets
with good and bad examples.
I think we need to optimize not the developers,
but the compilers.
We have some magnificent tools to optimize
our JavaScript code.
Do we need to write a clear and optimized
code each time from the scratch?
Or spending years and years on optimization?
What do you think?
Put your comment down below.
I must confess.
I am not an expert in Regular expressions
at all.
What’s about you?
If you’re just like me, then let me grab
your attention to “Useful Regex Patterns”.
HTML tags, username, phone number, email and
other patterns might be useful for you.
Andras Toth posted a next chapter in “Node.js
at Scale series”, namely “Advanced Node Project
Structure Tutorial” on RisingStack blog.
This article describes how to organize a complex
The code, as usual, is available on GitHub.
If you’re interested in Service Workers, but
still haven’t found a useful introduction,
then I recommend you to read Mariko Kosaka’s
article “Service Worker, what are you?”
It’s a really short and reasonable explanation
with emoji and kitties.
Go and check it out.
As you know, animation in a user experience
is extremely important.
Therefore in this session CSSConf.Asia 2016
Sarah Drasner has covered a myriad of use
cases, from design and technical implementation
Nick Babich posted the article namely “Best
Practices For Animated Progress Indicators”
on Smashingmagazine.
There are a lot of examples of skeleton screens,
infinite looped animation and actual progress
Improve form usability by addressing the perils
of placeholders
Placeholder text could improve User Experience
of your web site.
Therefore, Andrew Coyle has collected a set
of patterns and anti-patterns of using Placeholder
The last point for today.
Let’s talk about the importance of code reviews.
Hugo Giraudel describes why reviewing code
matters and how to do it properly.
As Author says, reviewing code should be a
large part of the code shipping process, so
you should tailor it to your team.
You can read his article on SitePoint.
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This is all for this week.
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