Audible gasps as Matthew Whitaker clashes with chairman

I’ve repeatedly tried to work with your
office first and delaying the hearing
until February and then in providing you
our questions in advance I did this
because executive branch’s own rules
governing assertion of privilege which
were issued by President Reagan and have
been followed ever since say that
ultimately it is up to the president to
decide whether or not he wants to assert
executive privilege you cannot repeat
forever that the president might want to
assert privilege I’ve given you a fair
opportunity to prepare for the hearing
and to and to speak with the White House
in advance so that we could avoid this
fight in the first place but you don’t
appear to have done any of that
the department’s failure to do its due
diligence here to me is deeply troubling
I do not believe that issuing a subpoena
here would correct the problem but I’m
going to give you the opportunity to
rectify the situation after today’s
hearing we will attempt to reach an
accommodation with the Department to
obtain answers to these questions as
part of that process I ask for your
commitment to return for a deposition
before this committee and the following
in the coming weeks under oath with an
understanding that the transcript will
be released to the public as soon as
practicable thereafter any questions
that are unanswered today require
consultation with the White House will
be asked again at that proceeding and I
expect either a clean answer or a proper
assertion of privilege claimed by the
president I would ask members on both
sides of the aisle to make those
questions clear for the record so we
know what must be addressed at the
future proceeding now in your capacity
as acting Attorney General have you ever
been asked to approve any request or
action to be taken by the special
counsel mr. Chairman I see that your
five minutes is up and so
we-we-we I am me I’m here voluntarily we
have agreed to five minute rounds and
committee I think that’s a fine place to
end the five-minute rule
the committee will end will come to
I will point out that we didn’t enforce
the five-minute rule on an attorney
acting Attorney General Whittaker we
I understand mr. Rao was just saying
there might be a good breaking born at
that or you know the the Attorney
General was in the middle of saying
something a question answer the question
regular order should I ask the
questioning okay in your capacity yes
question let me let me just repeat the
question so because so people remember
what we’re talking about in your
capacity as acting Attorney General have
you ever been asked to approve any
request or action to be taken by the
special counsel mr. Chairman I as the
acting Attorney General I am under the
special councils rules I am the person
that is ultimately in charge of the
investigation and I have exercised that
authority under these special counsels
regulations of the Department of
Justice’s so I assume the answer is yes
your order mr. Hewitt I assume the
answer is yes you haven’t asked an
approval request to action and you’ve
said yes or no Kevin
in other words mr. Chairman I want to be
very clear about what you’re asking me
are you asking me if I have asked a
special counsel to do something regular
order mr. chairman well I’m I’m asking
if I think my words were clear enough
have you ever been asked to approve any
request to actually be taken by the
special counsel last week you commented
on the status of the investigation
saying the stating it was close to being
completed on quote this was said despite
the fact you recognized just moments
before that it was ongoing stating quote
I really am NOT going to talk about an
open and ongoing investigation otherwise
close quote so all I’m asking you is
have you been asked to approve or
disapprove a request or action to be
taken by the special counsel point of
order mr. chairman I’ve asked the
question of order
when the water is not in order until the
question is and we’re not operating
under the five-minute rule anymore that
point of what the witness will answer
the question I want to be very specific
about this mr. chairman because I think
it’s gonna rely a lot of fears that have
existed among this committee among the
legislative branch largely and maybe
amongst some American people we have
followed the special counsels
regulations to a tee
there has been no event no decision that
has required me to take any action and I
have not interfered in any way with the
special counsels investigation very good
thank you my time is expired and they
recognized the ranking member the
gentleman gentleman from Georgia mr.
Collins Thank You mr. chairman
again it is playing out exactly as we
thought this is my colleagues across the
aisle when we had questions about the
FBI’s operation in investigations it was
those stay away we don’t wanna get close
to mauler in fact the Chairman even said
you know we is it no longer okay to wait
for Robert Miller well it’s no longer
right they got you in front of them
right now so get ready this is all this
is gonna be DOJ oversight and it is
someone’s gonna say for a second there
is some things interesting here that you
did torn out in your opening statement
that they do need addressing I think
there’s a lot of things whether it be
voting rights issues whether be civil
rights issues and other things and I get
that but I’m also going to deal with
something that is directly under your
oversight provision mister acting
Attorney General and we’re gonna talk
about but something I’ve written a
letter about and believe I believe that
lying before this body or anybody is
wrong especially under oath and that’s
not the issue but the issue is tactics
and I question is were you aware of
Roger stones indictment before it became
congressman Oetzi as you know a
important question it is also mr. stone
is part of an ongoing investigation but
I have again been briefed on the special
counsels investigation that would have
been a you know that would been
considered a development that I would
have been briefed on and I was briefed
on that


  1. Nadler needs to be disbarred for stupidity and sheer ignorance of the law. Maybe a heart attack will get him first.

  2. Nadler Dahmer the serial lier. Dog faced traitor. Bonafide treasonous dummy. What has he done for the country?

  3. Criminals, no matter who, MUST NOW BE HELD TO ACCOUNT =  music to America's ears!  Mathew Whitaker for Director of FBI/CIA NOW!   DISMANTLE all other Intel (surveillance)Communities and their UK & corporate-owned puppet masters.  Extradite/INDICT UK' s Arvender Sambie/AlLison Saunders/Richard Dearlove as co-conspirators in coup d' etat!

  4. Hoping that when Nadler has his major heart attack, it happens on live TV. We'll get to see Nadler foaming at the mouth and Nadler's eyes rolling up the back of his head. now that's ENTERTAINMENT!

  5. Nadler is a scumbag that is phishing for something-ANYTHING on President Trump so HE is a bastard that is drunk on his power ! He needs to be investigated and his use of the law for personal means

  6. I think it is hilarious how a typical liberal, skinny armed, sissy boy beta male wimp like Nadler is clearly scared to death of Whittaker, who is far bigger and clearly an alpha male. Look the leftist female wimp over Nadler's left shoulder, who looks like she is about to start crying. Leftist cowards like Nadler love trying to 'get' someone like Whittaker in a situation like this, because they know in an actual one on one confrontation, Nadler would sooner shit in his own pants than say a single word that might piss off Whittaker. Leftist pussies are so funny.

  7. Nadler is a freakish looking thing.
    5’ 4” 340 pounds before getting his stomach tied. Very disciplined person. Great leader.

  8. Is the acting AG the actor that played The Hulk in the most recent The Avengers movie?!…his neck is about the size of my waist…hahahahaha! Tough gentleman

  9. We Americans have become so prideful and self centered. We care more about worshiping the flag instead of the values it's suppose to stand for. We talk more about how great we are and how everyone (even our friends ) are "out to get us." We should be asking how a great country could help other countries become great too. God always punishes the arrogant. Always. (Proverbs 16:5). And we are about to be punished. We are about to lose a military engagement we should never be able to lose. And an ally will betray us. This is how you will know that God is angry with us. Obadiah 1:2-7

  10. ….and if you get cornered either say there is on ongoing investigation or they are a racist and question is dodged LOL.

  11. Do you ever ask yourself, why does CNN feel the need to place captions on top of the video? Could it be that they are in a panic that possible people might actually notice what the real facts are and CNN might lose it's influence? Hmmm…. Ya, I wonder.

  12. What a worthless corrupt POS this "needler fat boy" is !! This is what our tax-dollars are going for ? REALLY ???

  13. Thank you mr so & so for asking that question. I am ****** currently serving in the position of ****** and working out of ***** office although I reside in *******. That is a very good question that deserves an answer because alot of people are asking themselves the same exact question. In fact I have heard that question being asked numerous times over the course of the last few months and as I contemplate the gravity of that questions and perplexity of not only the answer but the question itself and the fact that it has been, and is still being asked brings to question why hasn't it been answered before now. It is the curious nature of all americans to ask themselves, their friends, their family and their coworkers and of course their representatives that very important question! With unveiling determination and ultimatlety their undeniable right to demand an answer regardless of of their opinion of the results of the answer so long as the response to the question is an answer in which the complete truth is revealed. Precaution must be taken before I proceed with any response to the question due to the precarious certainty and inevitability of negative actions taken by those that expected something different. In this great country of which we all love and strive to uphold the freedoms set forth by our founding fathers one must ask important questions like the one at hand and must never relinquish our absolute right to ask those involved for answers to our questions so we may examine their response and conclude in our own mind the release of the facts has satisfied and remained within the parameters of the question asked, for the reverence of our great nation and constitution by which every single person is gaurenteed the freedoms set forth in our doctrine and given to us by God almighty. So with great respect and gratitude, on behalf of the patriotic pupulace of the country and to a greater extent my district, all of my colleagues and my family I would again, like to thank you for asking me this very important question but unfortunately my time has expired.

  14. NADLER is the obese gastric bypass food addicted lame clown and evil fool. He is only doing anything he can to continue with his lies and fake accusations against President Trump and his people.

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  16. Looking at Whitaker it is obvious that he would like to ring the Penguins neck and he is struggling to control his disgust. I feel the same disgust for this process and the little jerk leading this communist style lynching.

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  20. That bald guy is curropt. Asked a direct question, with no room for misinterpretation, still asked to rephrase. Yeah, that's a time tactic, he's thinking about how he's going to lie. And after all that, still never answered the question.

  21. Fuck Nadler. He is so full of shit it's laughable. Political grandstanding. Sticking it up Nadler's ass….. priceless!

  22. ever notice how democrats have to read most of what they say and republicans don't? and if they're black, they read quite slowly

  23. He is 100 percent using Democrats tactics against them… look at how he never answers he looks at his papers he asks can you repeat that its hilarious

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