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hello and welcome to this week’s episode
of B:30, my name is Rob Trhlin And I’m Stephen Galmarini
We are joined alongside by sophomore from Westinghouse PA a member of the Penn State Beaver women’s
basketball team, Cassandra Flowers San how are you doing today?
I’m good.
Good now you guys repeated as conference champions this year so how does that feels?
It feels good actually In high school I had a three peat so we won the championship back to back to back
and the experience made it even better Now that three peat you had in high
school, do you feel like this team is capable of that three peat? You guys were young
this year you know you guys were very young so you have
basically your whole core coming back How do you feel about next year?
Well over the season, the beginning it was kind of rocky then we
picked it up and came together as a team and I feel like next year we are going to come back even stronger
and we are definitely going to win the championship next year.
Good and now you went to the national tournament and you guys lost in the first
round, what are you gonna take away from that, from that loss and carry that for next year?
That we have to push harder I guess, we were bad on the back and forth, back and forth, we need to work hard the entire game then they came back, I feel like we should have just ran the ball more basically but we did
ok, I’m just happy we even made it to nationals.
That’s good you know repeat hopefully going for a three peat, you know
gotta get that national title though San bring it back to Beaver you know and what are your plans for next
year are you going to stay here or what are you doing?
Next year I’m returning.
So the teams going to be looking good then? Yes.
Alright and Galmo? Well we’d like to take a second and mention that our
producer Dante Massey spent some time up at State College working for a THON and we are going to
show you some of the work he did there And after the THON clip We’re going to be interviewing Roger Rhoden, a senior for the Penn State Beaver men’s
basketball team but first San thank you for joining us today and have
a good one and good luck next year alright.
Thank you And welcome back Rob and Steven here and now we are now
joined with senior Roger Rhoden from the Penn State Beaver
men’s basketball team Rog you guys lost to Mont Alto in the conference tournament you know, what did
you take away from that to the national tournament which you
guys came in second place the runner-up?
Just losing to Mont Alto it made us take a deep look in the mirror at ourselves, we obviously felt we were head and shoulders the best team in the conference and we didn’t get to prove it in the conference vhampionship so you know we took all of that emotion and we took
it to that next week of practice and we had the opportunity to compete very well in the
national tournament Now Rog, we jumped ahead to Mont Alto but I’d like to take a step back saying that you are a senior here, you know your careers essentially done,
Id like to see what you think about your senior day here and how you reflect on your career
and some of the emotions you might have felt on that last day on Penn State Beaver’s court?
There was a lot of emotion, I was wise enough to transfer here we have a winning culture here and you know it was very emotional for me because
my teammates were more like brothers and were more as a family and I had a lot of great experiences here and we were blessed enough to go undefeated at home court and it was great to seal it off with a win.
What is the one thing you’re probably going to remember the most out of your time here, what’s the one
thing you are going to take away I know you, you were the life of the team
Rog you really were everybody fed off of you so what’s the one thing you are going to remember? All that running we had to do.
Man Coach Williams has them running all summer all winter everything.
Yea it was basically track.
Hey that’s what you guys do that’s why you came in second at the national tournament
and tell us about that National Tournament you guys were the 8th seed so that’s the last team to
get in correct?
It was out of ten but we were pretty low in the seed, we
had to play four games in four days and all the running we did,
we were a little bit gassed but you know we went through so much adversity this season
it was just like we have four seniors and we are just going to put it all on the table.
We came up short but it was a great experience Who really stepped up for you guys in the national tournament
who really came up and provided that spark when you guys needed it?
Looking at the tournament, I think Rob Agurs really solidified himself as one of the top players in the
USCAA. We were leaning on him for so long in the season and some of the games he just took over, Chris Weathers try to get the Nation Championship game but a lot of our players were gassed it was really Rob that you know led us. So you’re graduating this year what’s
the one thing you wanna say to our younger guys that are coming in next year that are still on the team like Rob Just take it for granted, there were a lot of practices this year
where we were joking around and not going as hard. Like we were winning the conference
games by double digits and everything is good you know but whenever you get
to the conference tournament or the national tournament where you’re one and done all those practices mean something just compete hard everyday like it’s your last Right and I know that’s what Coach Will
preaches and Rog I just want to say thank you very
much man good luck with you in the future Thank you for having me.
No doubt no doubt and we’re going to take a quick commercial break and we’ll be
right back after that with Gavin High and we will discuss Penn State Beaver baseball And we’re back Rob Trhlin, Stephen Galmarini and
we are now joined with a freshman on the baseball team Gavin High and Gavin how are you doing today?
Not to bad guys, how we doing?
We’re doing good Gavin is a freshman on the baseball team and Galmo
and myself are juniors on the baseball team and we’re gonna ask
you a couple of questions about this year now Gavin you know we graduated
nine we graduated nine guys last year we brought in a
lot of freshmen you know how do you feel like the teams
looking this far? The start of the year we’re very young We started off in a gymnasium not
getting a lot of reps outside on the baseball field but intial thoughts coming down to Florida when we started off our first against Bridgewater State we
had an amazing show a lot of our young guys you know whoever
was coming in to step into whatever role whether it’d be pitching or hitting or defense
our defense played incredible, Tyler Schuster game 1 our senior and our
captain threw an incredible first game in a 2-1 loss but we’re very resilient team we’re
going to be fighting to the end which is which is something that you build on respect, you can definitely
love your teammates.
Exactly, now Galmo i’ll ask you a quick question You’ve been here for three years we
had the same starting lineup for about three years that you’ve been here and we graduated all of those seniors last
year we had about nine seniors that are graduated out Grant Scott and Tyler Schuster are the only returning starters that we have on the team and what do you feel like is different this year
and last year? I think our style of play is a bit different last year’s, the last couple of years, we were really like a power hitting team, you know get guys on base ball to the gap and you drive them in, we’d put up 12-15 runs a game we even went so far as to beat team
so badly they forfeited and quit and decided to go home.
This year our team now really seem to focus on
on the pitching and defense aspect and making timely stance in the game to to score those runs when we really need too.
So it really seems that our style of play has switched a little bit from what teams are used
to seeing from us. Yeah and you’re exactly right
I know when we were down in Florida it was totally different because nobody
really knew like where we’re gonna play we had a bunch of young guys step up and
that’s what you love to see I know I love to see it us being able to count on these young guys day
in and day out and having everybody understand their
roles and that’s probably going to be our biggest our toughest task this year’s figure out
how we play, we’re a young team the culture here is different
you know we’re a lot more loose and relaxed than we were last year, how do you feel about that? Obviously with a young team you need
to rely on who your leaders are you know with with who step up who performed when it
matters most I look back to our second game It was a Thursday against Briarcliffe and
they just tied the game 5-5 and we’re looking for someone to step up
and with two runners on Grant Scott our senior a first baseman is standing there and hits a
moonshot to left-center field that puts us up 8-5 and we win by that final score that’s just leadership
you know guys willing to step up put forth
serious effort in order to finish out a game kind of put us on top and gave us momentum rolling into the
next game. It’s that don’t quit factor that especially we young players
need to understand you can’t quit going into any game no matter how bad
the score whether we’re winning by 20 or losing by 20 Galmo what do you have to add? Basically Gavin really hit the nail on the head there it’s
we have a lot of young guys who are impressionable and they need to see
this is a different game than what we played in high school, guys go to Step Up
show their work on the field the gym is one thing but between the chalk is another. We are very young you know
people need to understand the rules and i feel like down spring that people establish
themselves with their roles like Gavin here he’s a freshman
came in and caught did an excellent job behind the
plate did an excellent job in the field even pitched a little bit did a great job
getting out of a jam and Steve over here came in and probably had the
best Florida pitching for a pitcher that I’ve
seen in my three years being here came in and
locked everything down didn’t matter I know you came in and wasn’t
there bases-loaded Galmo comes in bases-loaded
one-out gets the next two guys to get out we get out unskaved that’s just something that we’re gonna have to have is these young
guys stepping up knowing their role and being unselfish and I know
that’s something we worked on in the fall is just to have that team camaraderie and
I love it and I really cant’t wait to see how far we can take this team because
we really don’t know what we’re capable of yet but we’re all ready and we are all rearin’ to go and that’s the same we are going to lead in to
softball a little bit now and that’s the same with the
softball team the softball team young this year
they graduated Korey Freyermeuth the pitcher last year so they’re looking
for some pitching this year but they are solid defensively and they are
like us trying to flip people around they really don’t know
what their lines going to be yet but they have players that can play at every
position I know you and I traveled with the team to the conference tournament and we saw
what the team had, they really put it to some of the other teams out there but there’s a little bit of a turnaround in key spots such as pitcher with the
loss of Korey Freyermeuth that you know the team has questions
that need to be answered we’ll see how they do that this season. Talking with some of the softball players was
able to get a sense a little bit struggle went down
in Kentucky they obviously battled they obviously played
their hearts out they wanted to, they want to succeed as much as any athlete want to
and that’s something that you want to see you wanna see that fight and it really
young team much like the baseball team lot of
moving parts on the defensive end a lot of players
transitioning into a lot of positions that they would
not normally play and that shows you how personal the softball
team is going to be this year and how exciting that they can potentially be
once they find the right parts and hit the right spots.
Exactly and they have got great leadership I know Rachael Borrell, Nicole Bowersox, Lauren Pier, they’ve all been here for awhile
Rachel Charlier they’ve all been here for a while, they know how to get things done you know they’ve been to championships
I think they repeated last year so they’re looking to come
back and get a three peat this year they just need to find that pitching
but other than that they should pretty solid, a couple all
americans in Nicole Bowersox and Lauren Pier are coming back so they should have a great season this year.
I expect them to really build off of what they did last year although they do have
those question marks there they’re still going to put it to the rest of the conference and show everyone else what they’ve got You know hopefully you know we as baseball players and they as softball players
we are obviously pushing for them to do their best they absolutely can
I know I know from the baseball team over to
the softball team you know we give them as know as much
support our full support as much as we possibly can you know we’re one school, we’re all pushing for Beaver
and we know that there could be some noise here in the conference they’re going to do
real well once it comes to game time so best of luck to them for the rest of the season.
And you Gavin touched on something about the support around Penn State Beaver
and all the athletic teams support each other I
mean we all hang out with every sports team here the basketball team I
know the baseball team we are always in the front row
of the home basketball games and out they’re always helping us out
in the gym or cheering us on as well same with the women’s basketball teams
and softball teams it’s a great community here at Penn State Beaver, you being a
freshman, like coming into that how was the environment?
You know you would think it would be something a little different you know there’d be some egos certain people don’t get along with other
people but in reality when it all comes down to it we’re all playing our
sports, we’re all routing for the same school it’s something that seems to be a very rare once you get into your sport obviously you’ve got your friends and
family with whatever team you play for but if you can find
friends outside the sport you play Beavers grown as community immensely which has been absolutely great
especially coming in as a freshman lot of people to hang out with a lot of great high character high moral people to be
around. I think Gavin really hit it right there on the head we are Penn State so I think thats about that That is that, we just want Gavin
thank you very much for joining us thank you and that
will do it for this week’s episode of Penn State Beavers B: 30 once again Rob Trhlin
alongside Gavin High and Stephen Galmarini wishing
everybody a good day and we will see you next week.

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