Barstool Sports founder reacts to Dem debate: ‘They look like morons’


  1. If anyone knows what morons look like it’s this moron he looks at one in the mirror everyday. Tucan Sam

  2. Yep and now they will blame a virus on Trump cause that's what TDS does to these morons , they are all deranged.

  3. Dave’s become a full hardo right winger… ?‍♂️
    Literally everything he said you could’ve been applied to the republican debate 3 1/2 years ago. Enjoy the chum in the water they’re laying for you.

  4. The irony of Tucker laughing at the idea of the candidates lying and making stuff up. We are living in a simulation

  5. They don't mute the mic on purpose… The ratings are great for this reality TV show.
    I'm speaking from experience, I actually tuned in to see the crazies go at it, but only lasted half way.

  6. Wow another guy who isn’t an economist or political scientist sharing his thoughts on a politician. Oh and Fox News thinks he should be the guy to talk about Bernie. Well good to know Bernies opposition doesn’t even care enough to spend their whole life studying this stuff like sanders has.

  7. Suppoded leazers!????
    Does he have a flask in that Armani suit?
    Thought these guys were supposed to be on their “A” game

  8. And trump isn’t a moron? Last week he said that the US would be bringing in “elements of medical” to help combat coronavirus… I agree that Dem candidates are pathetic, but Trump has embarrassed himself much worse. People really need to stop looking the other way

  9. Portnoy is actually spot on surprisingly. This is why all debates are stupid. Unless there are strict rules it's just the most belligerent debater that "wins" and lying is encouraged.

  10. All in all this is no joke ! WARNING these people Democrats are out to bust our country and our freedom and all of our rights will be gone in socialism !! done my research !! And other countries to !!

  11. Dave is great, but the criticisms here are incredibly ironic, considering this is exactly how Trump won the election.

  12. The only thing that matters with Fox News is finding someone who doesn’t stray from what they want to be heard, prolly picked this guy off the street on his way to pick up pizza and beer

  13. Trump looks like a moron 5 times before lunch every day. But for some reason you people don't seem to care

  14. “If you talk the loudest and longest” Doesn’t sounds like trump at all… Not saying the Democrats are any better but these news shows just always point across the aisle ?

  15. At least they use words that don't sound like Donny The 3rd Grader who talks in nonsense like he was too lazy to read the cliffsnotes version of any topic.

  16. Petition to have El Prez as Tucker's host when Tuck is out.. every other stand in host for Tucker sucks tbh. Either El Prez or Dan Bongino

  17. Ah yes, the cokehead idiot-in-chief at the worst publication in the USA. Can’t even get through 5 minutes without getting sweaty and jumbling his words, no wonder he can’t understand a simple debate.

  18. Put a shock collar on those dogs, they'll learn. Half of em are friends now that a few have since dropped out.

  19. Well trump locks kids in cages soooooo at least none of them are responsible for the deaths of children? fox news is garbage material for garbage oriented folks.

  20. I can cut my mic on Xbox and mute people in public chat but they can’t do it in a professional democratic debate ??

  21. Fox: Lebron needs to shut up and dribble

    Fox: continuously hosts a man notoriously popular for pizza reviews and social media

    One has donated hundreds of millions and the other criticizes him for it

    Haha I love it

  22. It's all good. We may look like morons to you reds but you all actually ARE morons! I call that a win! Keep your kids stupid rumpers! You are excelling in that field for sure.

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