BBC’s Bill Turnbull breaks down incurable cancer diagnosis in heartbreaking TV return

BBC’s Bill Turnbull breaks down incurable cancer diagnosis in heartbreaking TV return
The BBC Breakfast presenter, who left the show in 2016 after a 15-year stint, was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer in November 2017.
Bill Turnbull, 62, went public with the news in March this year, and has since kept the public updated on his progress.
Last night, the celebrated journalist appeared on Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer, where he discussed his ill health in a pre-recorded segment.
Talking to the camera, Bill revisited his diagnosis, revealing the devastating effect it had on himself and his family.
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The TV presenter — who has three children with his wife — said: “I have been married for almost 30 years, and that I consider to be the best thing I have ever done.” After visiting the doctor due to experiencing pains in his legs and hips, Bill was ordered to have a blood test.
The following day, Turnbull received a call instructing him to return to the doctor, where he was told: “You have advanced prostate cancer and it has spread to the bone.” Becoming visibly emotional as he recalled the difficult times that followed, Bill continued: “It’s like a dark cloud has come down.
“I’ve had an incredible life, I’ve been incredibly lucky” Bill Turnbull “The first few days after the diagnosis were probably the worst days of my life.” Having told his daughter in person, Bill was forced to deliver the news to his sons over the phone.
“We all cried,” the presenter recalled.
Giving an update on his current condition, Bill said: “Now, I’m on a course of chemotherapy.
I go to the Royal Marsden Hospital once every three weeks and have an injection, with the aim of killing the cancer.” Explaining he has had to deal with having “much less of a future”, the BBC star surmised: “If it was all to end tomorrow, I would not feel hard done by.
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“I’ve had an incredible life, I’ve been incredibly lucky.” Taking to Twitter, one viewer said of Bill’s candid interview: “His frankness and honesty bought a tear to my eye.” Another tweeted: “I’ve never met Bill Turnbull, but what an inspiring, yet sad, piece on Stand Up to Cancer. Let’s do what we can to kick cancer’s arse.” While one fan wrote: “Home alone watching Stand Up to Cancer.
Already crying my eyes out with Bill Turnbull’s story.

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