Bernie Sanders Raises $34.5M In Fourth Quarter | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Yes! Bernie' campaign is raking in millions! I bet he will not become the nominee. His proposals are appealing to his base, and the younger generation is all in. Okay, lets get real: Bernie' far left progressive proposals will become overshadowed by the centrists. At this time, a super-good, middle-of-the-road candidate has a better chance of winning the independents and wire-walkers. Right now , there isn't a super-front-runner that could go into a bloody battle with Trump.

  2. MSNBC: Fundraising doesn't matter, regardless of how many individuals have donated. (Because, heaven forbid, we have to praise Sanders).

  3. There is no way Bernie Sanders gets the Democrat Presidential nomination we've seen this movie before. It's fascinating how Democrats are willing to believe that the DNC is going to change, like the DNC process is fair…

  4. MSNBC is a joke — they aren’t journalists, they’re propagandists pushing their corporate bosses agendas. It’s just that simple.

  5. MSNBS…credibility going down the s***ter every day.
    Keep misleading the public. We will be even more motivated to send donations to Bernie. So, please continue publishing more such segments and together we can make Bernie2020 a reality. Thank you.

  6. Ok so what, Bernie is delusional and supports Godless baby killers as do all Democratic leaders and civilians. Look at those thumbs down, they already know Trump's winning in 2020. Americans don't want a bunch of baby killers in office. The majority hasn't become that evil in America… Yet

  7. Howard Dean? Lol. These people are such a joke. Sanders won 23 states last time. Dean never won a single state in his life.

  8. Why is it that when Bernie outraises everyone (over 34 million), someone in the msm has to say that it doesn't mean as much as it seems? It's pathetic. Give Bernie the credit he deserves.

  9. You, the Democrats are as stupid as the rest of your sad country. You criticize money in politics, then – you select your presidential candidate based on polls and money they raise, losing the best people during this idiotic process. Of course Trump will win, because the best democratic candidates never get a chance to talk or be introduced to voters in a meaningful way. You poor fools….

  10. More sh*t coming out of MSNBC’s mouths! Gotta make Bernie look bad again even though he is surging. Let’s boycott these MFs! #BoycottMSNBC

  11. Fake polls this is only because MSNBC is pushing Bernie now instead of Biden…. We all know That Andrew Yang is actually talking about the real problems we as Americans see in our own cities….. That the DNC and fake bios media such as MSNBC want us to absorb to their liking….. Forget the DNC and MSNBC…. Republicans and Democrats need to Vote Andrew Yang for 2020…. Yang's not Left Yang's not Right but Forward…. Where Andrew Yang's going to take OUR Country in 2020 America

  12. I never thought I would see the day that the right and left could agree on anything! But in 2020 we agree MSNBC is not the place to get unbiased news. That said I see a lot of false comments learn more about Bernie here

    Bernie Sanders made over $1,000,000. in 2016.
    Yet, he only donated $10,600. to charities.
    Only less than 1% of his total income.
    During his campaign his staffers complained about low pay, he didn't want to pay them the $15 an hour.
    He finally agreed to the $15 an hour and then cut their hours. 😳
    He says he's against Capitalism, but he owns three Mansions. Sounds hypocritical. right?
    Finally, he's too old & too sick 💔 be President.

  14. Trump ended q4 with 46 million in the middle of an impeachment and every network but one campaigning against him. 104 million in untapped reserves.

  15. Bernie Sanders not only crushed the Q4 fundraising numbers, but he just hit 5 MILLION donations! Also:
    •Quickest to hit 1,000,000 people donating in US history
    •Most amount from small donations
    •Most money coming from everywhere
    •Most working class donors
    •Only candidate with zero billionaire donors
    •Only candidate with more donations than Trump

    Bernie has the most donations from regular working class folks. Data by profession:
    Teachers for Bernie, CEOs for Buttigieg, retirees for Trump – who's backing whom in 2020

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  17. “From 1.8 million donors, or something like that.”

    How about you get confidence in your numbers before reporting and then give the man credit for breaking records while having zero corporate donors?

  18. By vocation, teachers were the largest of Bernie's contributors. Teachers have been taught to love socialism and they are an integral part of keeping the primary educational system a socialist indoctrination system with higher costs and lower education performances relative to the rest of the world. Before the teachers union was allowed to take over, the USA's primary education was consistently among the best in the world. Make American education great again.

  19. The first half of this video consisted of commentary about fundraising in general among the candidates, and what the ramification may or may not be for that. At 1:43 Katy for the first time brings up Bernie Sanders specifically, and talk about him proceeds to be quite positive. Yet the comments below are all about how the whole segment was a slam against Mr. Sanders. Fascinating.

  20. The old white angry male socialist commie has a short memory. Remember 2016? Bernie will be burned in 2020 again by the DNC just like "Dirty Debbie" did it to him the last time. The establishment DNC operatives cannot have an old, angry, unelectable white male socialist commie as their Presidental nominee. They'll have to "wheel out" Crooked in her "Scooby Van". Bernie will be rewarded by the DNC with a fourth luxury home; everyone but Bernie's supporters will be happy – they'll stay home on Election Day. Trump will win in a landslide in both popular and Electiral College votes. America will thrive. The left will cry to mommy and scream at the sky.

  21. Wtf is wrong with these people. It was all about the money but now bc regular people are backing a candidate now it is no longer about the money. This country is crashing and burning.

  22. Bernie has my vote if he makes it, but I'm tired of his crybaby supporters. Seems the media can't ever say enough to make them happy. Sorry guys, you are as bad as trump supporters and just as blind. If Bernie fails, it's because of your insanity. Which is sad as I'd like to see how he does.

  23. The Democrat Front Runner is an Aging White Anti Busing Segregationist Super Predator Extortionist that wrote the Racist Clinton Crime Bill From the Great Slave State Of Delaware, Sleazy Shotgun Quid Pro Joe Biden was never the Front Runner.
    He was the "Front Runner" so that the Clown Circus can say that Trump was using a foreign Bla bla bla.

  24. Lol, amazing. MSNBC is to dumb to realize that the more they down play his accomplishments the more they show their bias and more people will vote for him. Keep up the garbage work. Most of Bernie's supporters are online. Tv is dead dum dums.

  25. Bernie Sanders raises historic record grassroots fundraising numbers; here’s why Buttigieg and Klobuchar are amazing.

  26. The woman said Bernie was flying under the radar, the press has turned the radar OFF when it comes to Bernie Sanders, he's not flying under anything, you corporate tools are ignoring him, he had a heart attack, and he's only eleven million dollars behind the incumbent president's Q4 number, Bernie is crushing it! Donald Trump has only two real opponents, the truth and Bernie Sanders.

  27. If Bernie Sanders wins the nomination I expect MSNBC and CNN will temporarily switch to travel channels so they can continue to ignore him in 2020

  28. Really Steve konacki? Anti Bernie much? Bernie has done the historical big money fundraiser with 5 million small donors, and not a peep from you history buff on that? Really, MSNBC?!
    Also, you missed out on documenting Occupy Wall Street. And now you all are missing out on Bernie Sanders movement. If you are not there to report current news, what is your purpose?

  29. That’s chump change compared to the billions Trump has raised domestic and illegally under the table from foreign interests. Who’s going to stop Trump from breaking campaign finance laws?

  30. MSNBC: Attacks Bernie
    Me: It's about time! Let's do this thing.

    When the media attacks Bernie, you know he's doing well. They are scared of him tbh.

  31. Surprised there's even 2.25 million MORONS out there still dumb enough to listen to MSNBC spread their garbage propaganda!!
    Checkout these unfiltered and unbiased media outlets. 100% factual
    The Jimmy Dore Show, Secular Talk: The Kyle Kulinski Show, Status Coup, The Grayzone, The Rational National, The Humanist Report, Kim Iverson, Abby Martin's show: Empire Files, MCSC, The Tim Black Show, Redacted Tonight, The Hill "rising", Real News Network and many more…. Trust that we need change & if you're tired of being lied to by these networks like fox news, cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, the view…ect they're the sheep herders leading this 🌎 to destruction #GETINFORMED #REVOLUTION

  32. The problem is all of Bernie's major policies are SO easy to poke logical holes through… The Wealth Tax has been debunked, no matter how many loopholes you close the wealthy just find new ones, A VAT tax would be better. Yang's Environmental policies, for the most part, are far better than what the Geen New Deal offers. The rainforest is important for cooling the planet but the Rainforests are not the "lungs of the planet," the oceans are, they contribute 70% of all Oxygen on Earth and Andrew Yang goes straight to solving the problem with Oceanic Iron Fertilization, helping developing countries choose alternatives, next-generation Thorium Reactors, and his version of Medicare for All gives people options and I'm ALL for options when peoples lives are at stake and $15 minimum just doesn't work for most businesses' all they do is cut hours and automate jobs away faster….so the only way I would vote for Bernie is if he pairs with Yang. So AOC should stop creating bad blood by smearing the concept of UBI and making stuff up. #Yang2020

  33. MSNBC loses its credibility when it skirts around the fact that Bernie has raised so much because ppl believe in his policies. It's all about the platform. Ppl want what Bernie is selling, but corp media will do anything it can to belittle him and his policies.
    The owners of Corp media need to remember if Trump gets a second term, there may not be a free press in another 4 years.

  34. Steve the statistics guy cherry picking exceptions to ignore overwhelming historical achievement… wow, hope they pay really well for that shred of reputation you had left after 2016 polling debacle.

  35. “Remember when the media took out howard dean, let’s try that again” hehe good luck guys. Bernie’s got this

  36. Funny, MSNBC and CNN didn't say boo about what they knew what was going on in 2016. Doing the peasantry a favor, I suppose, by shoving the safer Democratic candidate down our collective throat. So… how'd that work out?

    Bernie ripped off in California:
    Cheated in Nevada "three hours paid time off":
    It was all over before a single primary vote was cast:

  37. 2016 hillary money matters … 2020 bernie #1 making money…. money doesn't matter…. nice work MSNBC you forget we watched you in 2016??

  38. Watch all this idiots faces when Bernie wins the first 3 states. Unless they cheat him again. Truly disgusting to listen to.

  39. When Matt Gorman said "I worked for Jebb Bush" I thought why are you telling us that. It's something you should hide and never tell anybody ever again. Ever..

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