Best New Thing: In Other News, Local Man Impeached | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. There should be folks partying everywhere in Queens after Trump's Impeachment. If Trump is also impeached in the Senate, Queens may hold a ticker tape parade to celebrate!

  2. I heard that 2 republican finally read a bible that they didn't write!
    They then ended up having strokes when they realized that:

    Jesus Christ was in fact "THE ORIGINAL SOCIALIST"

  3. OOOOOHHH what a shame😢It's a pity it didn't say Queens Manchild SHOT😂RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES AT POINT BLANK WITH CLINT EASTWOODS OWN MAGNUM!!! The Manchild is not expected to live as 6 Rounds were shot into the same original bullet Hole😂OR…QUEENS OXYGEN THIEF CEASES TO STEAL OXYGEN AFTER CLINT EASTWOOD SHOT THE MANCHILD C T!!😁

  4. Sad how she pokes fun at local news and real issues to people in real places unlike the partisan NPC messaging that she so adores.

  5. There's a funny channel, called Trump News, that has released a few videos. One of them is supposed to be mocking Pete Buttigieg. But it backfires big time! That video has only one like and 21 dislikes. Want a laugh?
    Some people watching Trump News' videos laugh at Trump News and he failed in his attempt to put down Buttigieg, in my opinion!

  6. In other News: "local man fires off all the nukes in America to escape impeachment. Nuclear Winter to be expected, alongside a new ice age."

    Stay tuned…

  7. Well actually, it's now 'Florida man gets impeached'… which is kind of ironic since "Queen's man" plays into his fantasy of being a King…🤨

  8. Apart from having an itchy Twitter finger and violating Twitter's terms and conditions, what did Trump really do that was so wrong? :))

  9. Imagine the headline when Ivanka is anointed, after Donald and his Republican cronies have abolished the Constitution: The Queen from Queens.

  10. Unfortunately, Madcow is laughing at her own ignorance. Technically without a referral to the Senate, Trump is not impeached until the filing occurs. Nancy, realizing the fact that there is no viable evidence now is afraid to refer the case. If it does, look for acquittal! Ha ha haha.

  11. Wow finally able to see the 2% of other news then bashing our president 98% of the time. The 50 people that watch at one time is already brainwashed and convinced why bother

  12. They seem to have their priorities right, at least? When you have a dictatorship, after a coup, nothing that happens to him makes any difference. Back in the day, when America was a Republic, with a Democracy, that story might have meant something. But, as they going to let him walk, after proving he’s guilty, they could also print next year’s, “election,” results. What difference does anything make, now? . . . SMH

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