Breaking Good: Your Best Response to the World News

Every era had its darkness: tribal battles,
famines, plagues, wars, inquisitions. But never before has there been such an immediate,
accessible and infinite amount of news available. When you consume the news, it’s mainly a diet
of disaster, threat or terror. The ultimate message is: Children of the world!
Here, there be monsters! But when you look deeper into the heart of
humanity, you’ll see evidence that we all share a great desire to have a peaceful, loving
life of creativity and connection. When the series Breaking Bad was happening, I imagined doing a satire called “Breaking Good”, a drama-comedy about a villain who slowly becomes a hero! Most humans, when not traumatized or triggered
into a state of fight or flight are innately loving and kind. When we feel connected, our goodness is expressed. But anyone can do monstrous things when they
live in a fear-based survival or protection mode! Believing that they must control others who
are a potential threat to their safety or prosperity. We as a species, can release our fearful and
violent tendencies when we exit survival mode and discover our true natures. I truly believe that there are more peaceful
humans now than there have ever been before. Linguist Steven Pinker’s famous TED Talk
maps the decline of violence in the history of human civilization. [ Steven talking ] Here is a graph that he
put together showing the percentage of male deaths due to warfare in a number of foraging,
or hunting and gathering societies. The red bars correspond to the likelihood
that a man will die at the hands of another man as opposed to passing away of natural
causes, in a variety of foraging societies in the New Guinea Highlands
and the Amazon Rainforest. The tiny little blue bar in the lower left-hand
corner plots the corresponding statistic from United States and Europe in the twentieth
century, and includes all the deaths of both World Wars. The evidence was under our nose all along
that there has been a reduction in socially sanctioned forms of violence… Despite what the news may declare, the world
is full of evidence that we are at heightened levels of consciousness,
love and creativity. 1) Pick ONE main cause that aligns with
your dream of a better world and then contribute
time, energy and money to its growth. 2) Pick noble qualities that you wish
to embody in your lifetime (like kindness, authenticity, generosity) and try to bring these energies
into EVERYTHING that you do. 3) Invest time and energy into your own healing,
your heart and your empowerment. You can help more people when you are
no longer in survival mode. 4) Decrease your dose of mainstream news.
Choose your diet wisely. 5) Follow the memes of kindness, innovation
and generosity. It reveals an incredible movement that’s happening
in all countries and in all cultures. 6) Surround yourself with Thinkers, Dreamer and Doers who believe in the goodness of Humanity. Every time you spend energy on improving your
own state of mind, you are helping countless others in ways you cannot measure. You are helping the whole planet when you
can exit the survival and terror memes. While one wounded soul can bring great tragedy, one empowered soul can bring great beauty. In what ways are you currently “breaking good” ? Please share in the comments below!
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  1. Nicely done! I love your video styling. And thanks for leading by example in how to Love your royal Woo-ness. xo.

  2. By the way that's my suggestion for your next video. "How to Love" is a topic you rarely hear spoken about. A Google search brings up mainly a song by Lil' Wayne (relation of yours?) and one book by Thich Nhat Hanh.. that's it. I'd love to see more on that.

  3. Very Beautiful Woo, your every words fully true, Every human want to be alert, be aware, be awake, Keep on do, sure your transformer wisdom spread Shanthi in this Universe

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