BREAKING: Melania Trump Just Received Tragic News – Now ‘Bracing Herself’ For What’s Coming

The First Family has come under intense scrutiny
in recent months as information has surfaced
about the alleged affair between the President
and a porn star who goes by the name Stormy
Daniels is hinging her claim on the fact that
the President’s lawyer paid her s significant
amount of money to keep her story to herself.
She’s now trying to get out of the agreement,
and saying that it’s not worth the $130k
she was paid to stop talking about the president.
Unfortunately, whether Daniels story is true
or not, it’s been getting a lot of attention,
and she has done an interview with 60 Minutes
in preparation of her breaking the NDA that
she signed with Trump lawyers.
President Trump’s lawyer has, in turn, hit
Daniels with an impressive lawsuit, seeking
$20 million in damages for the breach of their
Sadly, this has affected the First Family
in a personal way.
According to Hollywood Life, the First Lady
might be more aware of the charges than she
would like to be.
Whether the claims are true or not, she and
the rest of the First Family will have to
deal with the claims:
‘A ’60 Minutes’ interview with Stormy
Daniels airs March 25, and it’s bound to
reveal explosive details about her alleged
2006 affair with Donald Trump.
Here’s how Melania is prepping for the new
Melania Trump, 47, has had to put up with
a lot of embarrassing claims made against
her husband, Donald Trump, 71.
But with a 60 Minutes interview with Stormy
Daniels looming, it’s about to get even
more intense for the First Lady when it comes
to finding out new dirt about the President’s
alleged actions during the early stages of
their marriage.
‘Melania is bracing herself for what’s
to come out during the 60 minutes special,
and is prepared for some pretty humiliating
and embarrassing revelations to come out,’
a source close to Melania tells
‘Donald insists he has told her every detail
of what allegedly went down between himself
and Stormy, but Melania is expecting further
details to come to light.’
he explosive tell-all with Stormy (real name
Stephanie Clifford) is scheduled to air on
March 25, and it’s already caused quite
a panic for Trump.
His lawyer has reportedly filed a lawsuit
against the porn star for breaking an alleged
non-disclosure agreement that was supposedly
meant to keep her quiet about an alleged affair
between them in 2006.
However, Trump isn’t letting the public
see him sweat.
‘Donald has a very convenient relationship
with the truth, and is a genius when it comes
to brushing off things that reflect negatively
on him as ‘fake news,’’ our insider
‘Melania has been with Donald long enough
to understand how he ticks though, and although
she always appears to be on the same page
as him in public, it’s a very different
situation in private.
Everybody seems to think that Melania isn’t
that smart, but in truth, she’s actually
a really smart woman, but she plays the role
of supportive wife exceedingly well.’
That she does!
We’ll just have to wait for the 60 Minutes
episode to air on CBS to see what Stormy reveals.”
Some sources say that whether the President
is guilty of this or not his fan base will
still support him.
Others consider what the President did before
he was elected to be something so far in the
past, it was already considered and shouldn’t
be dredged up again.
It appears as if the left is looking to separate
the President from his conservative base with
these allegations, but if the President’s
lawyers have any say in the matter, they will
make sure she is firmly discredited:
“This all comes ahead of what will likely
be an explosive tell-all that Daniels — real
name Stephanie Clifford — taped for 60 Minutes
which is scheduled to air on March 25.
The former adult entertainer has already filed
suit in Los Angeles to nullify the NDA, claiming
that Trump never signed it.
The document reportedly paid Stormy $130K
to not go public about their alleged affair
three days before the 2016 presidential election.
The alleged torrid romance reportedly went
on for 11 months and started in 2006, just
after Trump’s wife Melania, 47, had given
birth to their now 11-year-old son Barron.
Daniels has appeared on some outlets such
as Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she teasingly
hinted at the affair, but because of the NDA
wasn’t able to fully answer questions.
She recently sat down with journalist Anderson
Cooper for a 60 Minutes interview and its
believed that she will go into greater detail
about her time with the very married Trump.
The segment is being very carefully vetted
by the show and CBS’ legal department.
Her attorney Michael Avenatti told CNN earlier
on March 16 that in regards to CBS, “They
want to make sure they get it right.
They’re crossing every t, they’re dotting
every i, they understand the importance of
He also made the shocking claim that someone
threatened Daniels physically to keep quiet,
claiming she “was physically threatened
to stay silent.”
Avenatti responded to the lawsuit via Twitter,
which should guarantee Trump will see it.
He wrote, “The fact that a sitting president
is pursuing over $20M in bogus ‘damages’
against a private citizen, who is only trying
to tell the public what really happened, is
Likely unprecedented in our history.
We are NOT going away and we will NOT be intimidated.’
Whether President Trump’s life before the
office is something that the American people
are concerned with or not, it’s certainly
something that the First Lady and wife of
the accused will be concerned about.
Even if something said about someone’s spouse
isn’t true, if lies are being spread on
a national platform it’s going to be painful
for the couple.

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