1. Hey Pete, I'm actually glad you got off of fiver. I see an amazing channel rise up. I think some things happen for a reason. You deserve millions more subscribers.

  2. It is a darn shame what happened with you and fiverr, but I'm glad that you can continue on with your EPIC work and creating the most dankest of memes. Young people can learn a great lesson in how to handle adversity with extreme and utter positivity. Here's to hoping that even the passage of Article 13 won't keep you down.

  3. “I’m running for President if the internet, watch this-“

    cuts to GoT ad

    Love ya Pete, but you might need a better campaign manager

  4. Most of the people who watch your vids are very young children I don't think they know what the Mueller investigations and all that are.

  5. pete you deserve to have at least 10 million subscribers my dude i will tell all my friends to help u out as much as i can

  6. You mean president of 10% of the internet. The other 90% isn’t accessible normally. It’s no man’s land.

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