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Welcome back an award-winning actor from Kerala Parvati you made a much-appreciated debut in a Bollywood this year with curry
Curry single has filed a police complaint
In Kerala against weeks of cyber bullying that she’s had to deal with this ranges from rape threats to acid attacks and character
Assassination well let’s go through the two Sneha for more on this and snare
she’s been a
relentlessly trolled and then threatened ever since as she called out the dialogues in the film a casaba which which thought was sexist and
Misogynistic and this was a movie or starring our actor Mammootty, and if his fans who are now after
Exactly, that’s how it began this in fact it is now almost two to two and a half weeks since this happened
But the trolling has trolling has been absolutely relatively with threats of for it now
What initially it was about those who favored actor Mammootty?
Those largely, but now well, we’ve even spoken to after Parvati
we’ve spoken to
Exclusively and a phone and with us now what she is saying
And this is the stand that she has maintained that she has given her police complain because this has become
Much bigger than hawk much bigger an issue than what it was in just the first day or second day
Which was largely about her being trolled according to Parvati this issue is now about how women are treated?
at various spaces for having different opinions
Differ for differing on issues and even if they do it this even if they do it respectfully this is largely
How they are harassed on several platforms? This is what Parvati has said she goes who told NDTV that?
While on day one. It was day one and day two it was largely about how abusive and threatening the trolls were for
Filtering boost stands for what cause and she has been reading every single tweet
Or every single thing that’s being written about her
She says she’s had to have had a very thick skin for that
But that’s something that she’s still doing just to get about how many people are really informed about what she is there now
Let me tell you this all started
During the international film festival of Kerala where she was trying to bring about
The whole concept and the debate around how women are reflected in movie?
And she named a movie casaba, which of course is some stars one of the
superstars of Kerala Mammootty
But she does not name him in fact refers to him as an actor par excellence and goes on to say there were some
Dialogues which are derogate free to women in that movie that was just part of a larger debate that she was trying to bring out
Well, let’s listen to this report
29 year old Parvati the award-winning actress from Kerala starring in a fan con movies like Caribe Connie single
I’m 400 marks against Kasbah a
Movie which start the superstar Mammootty, she had expressed disappointment with the dedicatory dialogues against women in the film
Reading almost
On my social media page
so initially a lot of people say we don’t read it it will affect you so in the first half of the day when the
Pureland project a huge
Titanium skin or something couldn’t have gotten worse
Again from what I’m straight to the action issue
So in every community conversation that I had with the official Weston has pain
Point where it’s not just me another group of uniting more almost hundred of them
Filed a complaint on
Twitter Parvati has been threatened with acid attacks and even rape women in cinema collective have filed another complaint
with the police in her support
Nadia nari dealer and support scene I’m movin in our history together a lot criminal when you can American
Idol, holy subliminal auro auro Mesa. Del Conte area
Like English in the trash that actor Parvati has had to read online about herself is perhaps perhaps
Reflective of vine women fear to speak up against the power centers and their
workspaces and the culture of abuse SB Babu Sneha

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