Breaking The Political Logjam On Guns And Climate Change | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Don't believe the climate change conspiracy theorists from the fake news. All they want is to get a hold of the oil and gas to cripple the economy.

  2. Still way, way too low. These numbers should have been like this in the 1990's and they should be in the 90's in 2019. It's quite shameful that they aren't really.

  3. Gun manufacturers and the fossil fuel industry are bribing the Republican party to destroy your children's future.
    Don't like it?
    Stop voting for them!

  4. Thank you, Ari. both for talking (repeatedly) about this AND for showing 1 of TREVOR NOAH eloquent special monologues ; he's been giving many VERY GREAT ones lately and I'm glad that you are recognizing his words! He has a wonderful way of speaking, that can be relatable to ALL sorts of groups, including a perfect mix of EMOTION and a little comedy thrown in. I hope that you and others will begin / continue to recognize and advertise and support Trevor during your own broadcasts!

  5. These issues are ignored because the big money bribing Republicans in Washington and the 35% of dimwitted voters enabling it. Daily mass shootings, the total destruction of the environment? No price is too high for these people to pay, as long as when they are screwing themselves they think they are 'owning the libs".

  6. The Democrats don't need or want your guns. We do want to be able to safely proceed to go about the hundreds of things that take us outside our homes each day. We currently have a president who has incited our young men to violence. It's no longer safe to walk down a city street, be in a city park listening to a concert, go to church, shopping, school or the movies. The land that Trump grew up in was a land of infinite promise and opportunity. America has become a place to immigrate from not to. Who would want to move to a place with fixed elections, state sanctioned mass murders, substandard education and healthcare, slave wages and where 99% of the population is treated with contempt. All women in Trump's America are whores. Their children are his to exploit in any way he chooses. Trump has set America up to be a dying country. If you you look at the issues logically, just how long can a 73 year old man keep making babies when he doesn't have the equipment. The average age of Americans is already too old to have babies. Women, who still wish to have babies, will go to kinder and gentler places to do so. Guns are not the issue, survival of the country is.

  7. Don't elected officials collect a salary? Could we qualify campaigns as non-profits and create a cap on staff salaries? Lobbyists should represent an idea but if they speak with money then it isn't advocacy, it's bribery. Seems like a simple fix but I'm just a country lawyer…

  8. Gun violence kills 12k a year.
    Suicide by guns is 25k a year. Abortion kills million plus.
    Research it.
    Gun violence isn’t substantial in any way shape or form to need legislation to ban guns. If people are concerned about keeping people alive let’s look at the numbers not the emotion

  9. In case you havent noticed, VOTE DEMOCRAT. Christ, how obvious does it need to be? When its too late, of course, i forget…

  10. Just 40 years ago in the late 70's — a spec in time in the billions of years of Earth's evolution –
    when the country was in the grip of arctic cold and blizzards were paralyzing
    half the country – all the scientists were warning of the coming New Ice Age!!!
    So then, the PC culture started warning of global warming but you don't hear that
    anymore!!! One wonders how long before the fear mongers dump 'climate

  11. First the price of food goes up and people wonder why. Next it gets harder and harder to find food and people wonder why. Finally it dawns on them that they were warned about this.

  12. The pollution released mining the materials to create wind and solar negate any supposed benefits. PLUS all of that money taken out of the private markets only slows down technology making nuclear fusion reactors take longer to develop. SCAM!!!

  13. Too corrupt, too slow, too ignorant, and just too late. That is the American response to a global issue that you are going to pay a huge price for. Even climate change is a partisan issue in freaking America. if protecting your elections from your enemies is considered a partisan issue, you will never be able to respond appropriately or quickly enough.. In another decade you will be begging Europe for help, as the interior dries up and the coastal cities are destroyed. New York will be as hard hit as Miami.
    Sea level rise will not be even close to being the only serious problem created by this warming and America is chasing celebrities, buzzing about in gas hog vehicles and ducking international agreements.
    Human greed may be the end of us. How fitting, America destroyed by Americans and humanity driven to extinction by humans.

  14. I just joined bUnited.
    You might also be interested.
    bUnited has the power to make our world more sustainable. Not just greenwashing, real substantial changes. And the great thing is that bUnited pays everyone to unite. Very innovative. See for yourself. I love it!

  15. "Scientific Facts"
    But we are told the latest number of years have been the hottest of all time. And none of these Frank Capra (or Al Gore) predictions have come to pass. Time for those who push "Climate Change" (caused by fossil fuel CO2 of course) to recalibrate.

  16. Agw abrupt Climate change is inevitable with a pop…of over 7.7 billion 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  17. the NRA does not make America law in the  USA.  It appears that we have loop holes in our 2nd amendment, so we just fix them like we do with any other amendment we have. The point is to ensure law abiding  Americans can still buy guns that the fore fathers had in mind over 230 years ago.  Muskets only I don't think any assault weapons existed over 200 years ago.  So that ends that right

  18. Climate change

    Yes, I thought there were 4 seasons
    Man can control the climate! God says we don’t know where the winds starts

    John 3:8

    The wind blows where it wishes. You hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit."

  19. Fact check this. Mostly Lies! Run – don't walk away from the Democratic Propaganda Machine. Get the truth and Support Trump 2020!

  20. The non action is DIRECTLY because of the Koch brothers– check out 8/13 fresh air to hear about their methods to keep on polluting and keeping the fossil fuel industry from being checked. I guess most republicans are old and will die before the problem gets too bad. I guess they don't give a sht about their kids or grandkids DYING because of who they vote for.

  21. Um, Don't tell the democrats that we already do background checks. Also, if the democrats play nice, We may end internet sales of guns shipped to your door. And we may stop selling guns to children. If the democrats play nice!

  22. 9000 people dead in a year from guns is NOT an epidemic. Or Maybe it is? We have no context. Is that number big? Is it small? This is how normal adults should react to hearing this.

  23. In 2013 the U.S. Repealed the Propaganda Ban basically allowing our government to spread fake news/lies. Soo how do we know what to believe? I find it very funny that so-called 'conspiracy theorists' have been talking about chemtrails for over a decade and everyone just laughs it up. It was well known that barium, strontium, and aluminum were being spray on and over the population like bugs, and now all of the sudden Harvard has come out with this idea about blocking the sun with the same chemicals that conspiracy theorist have already known about. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! THEY ARE LYING ABOUT EVERYTHING!! Look up stratospheric aerosol injection. They can modify our behavior with this stuff. ALso look up the video "Leaked Pentagon Video Shows Vaccine Designed to ~ Modify Behavior ~"

  24. If you take climate change seriously you need to support nuclear energy it's the only energy source that we can turn to for base load energy. Batteries are good short term storage but batteries cost need to be reduced to $20 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in today prices to compete with base load nuclear energy and fossil fuels. $20 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) is not even expected in 2050 we can't place all our hope on batteries.

  25. Every time republicans gain power they screw the country over for their special interest and primaries leaving it in shambles for the democrats to come behind them and try to clean it up until idiots re-elect them again…we need to stay off this merry go round.

  26. There actually IS a real connection between this global climate change and gun control. Both are lying devices created by the socialist dnc to take control over the lives of every American citizen.

    Nothing, NOTHING, else.

  27. if you long for a cooler climate, just move to Canada. There is a lot of cheap land up there because its significantly colder, growing seasons are shorter, and in general life is harsher. Aside from that, the IPCC states that the global average temperature of the planet has risen by 1C in the last 170 years since 1850. So if you live to 80 years you will experience about 0.5C of warming over the course of your entire life. You experience a great deal more warming and cooling every single day between the peak mid day temperatures and the low evening temps. The midwestern United States experiences a 100F swing every year, and its quite common to have a 30F swing in a matter of hours. So why is everyone alarmed about 1C over the last 170 years ?

  28. how do we solve the problem if we dont all have some understanding of it? What does the 2nd A mean? and what does it mean to congress? the Whitehouse? and the Supreme Court? but most importatnly to the american population. and that is not going to be the same for all of us. Is it about hunting? About home defense? is it about some kind of defense against foreign invasion? Is it about some belief that it is the final protection against our own goverment failing and the country falling into dictatorship. How do we craft laws where we can all except the laws and compromises we may have to make to make the laws. Our democracy is dependent on the right and left being able to accept wins and losses and come to compromises. with that we cannot co exist. But with all this I have not seen a clear definition of the 2nd, such that we can move forward. the one exception though being drastically improved background checks, and some agreement on red flag laws.

  29. Just because a gun was designed and sold to the military does not mean that it is not suitable or appropriate for self defense. I would like to see these cookie cutter rabble rousers try simulate a self defense situation (by having someone scream at them while doing sprints and pushups to raise heart rate and blood pressure and make it as close to an adrenaline dump as possible) and shoot targets at 5, 10, 30, and 50 yards with a glock 9mm and an AR 15, and see which one they would rather defend themselves with….. Pistols are NOT the best option for self defense, and shotguns are not always the best either, and these guns were not specifically designed for self defense. They are also often times much harder to effectively and accurately shoot, especially for those of us who are not trained and do not practice.

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