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Welcome to FEBC Christian World News Here are today’s top stories from around the world Earthquake devastates Nepal, leaving more
than 5000 dead Greek Christians help disabled Syrian refugees Hundreds of migrants missing after boat sinks in the Mediterranean Largest shipment of Bibles ever arrives in Cuba A Christian ministry creates “Shoes That Grow” The world has converged on the impoverished
country of Nepal to assist in the aftermath of the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that
devastated the country and killed thousands on April 25th. Over 5,000 are reported dead
and thousands more are injured, trapped or missing. International task forces and emergency aid
teams from around the world are racing to pull people from the rubble of Kathmandu and
reach others trapped in remote villages still inaccessible to rescuers. Teams from 30 different
countries including China, Israel, Bhutan and Turkey were dispatched to Nepal for on
the ground assistance. As the death toll continues to rise, the people of Nepal desperately need
aid and the prayers of those around the world to continue. Greek Christians are stepping in to help disabled
Syrian refugees that are overlooked or mistreated by the Greek government. Some 31,158 Syrian
refugees entered Greece in 2014, but the country’s 27% unemployment rate has meant there is little
work, and much animosity toward the refugees. But it’s the disabled refugees that experience
the most hardships. One story from the Christian Aid Network spoke of a wheelchair-bound man
who was left alone and homeless upon his release from an immigration detention center in Athens.
Local church members and volunteers with Bridge, an organization that ministers directly to
Syrian refugees in Athens, tirelessly searched for housing, food and skilled care for the
man. Before long, the man was asking his caretakers about Christianity, reading the Bible and
asking to attend meetings. Hundreds of migrants are missing after the deadliest shipwreck ever in the Mediterranean Sea, There are 24 confirmed dead and only 28 survivors found so far out of over 900 potential people missing. from the boat of refugees. Some survivors report that almost 300 people were
locked in the bottom of the boat during the journey, possibly causing the boat to capsize
in the first place. The survivors were all men or teenage boys. Multiple countries have
joined rescue efforts, especially as refugees from Syria, Libya, and other areas of the
Middle East are increasingly making the dangerous journey over the Mediterranean into Europe.
The countries have also begun pressuring the European Union to allocate more money towards
rescue efforts and refugee support, so that tragedies like this can be prevented in
the future. The United States’ renewed relationship
with Cuba is good news for Christians and ministries hungry for Bibles. A shipment of
more than 83,000 Spanish-language Bibles arrived in Cuba in late March. With the Bibles came
Christian commentaries, study Bibles, and other specialized copies of the Bible for
the visually-impaired. The Cuban government gave clearance for the shipment at the end
of 2014. Almost 500,000 Bibles have been delivered to the people of Cuba since 1999. Over the
last decade, the Protestant church in Cuba has grown to almost 900,000, according to
the American Bible Society. A Christian inventor at a non-profit organization
in Nampa, Idaho thinks he has found a way to keep children in shoes that fit – by creating
shoes that grow with their feet. Kenton Lee, the founder of Because International, says
their product “A Shoe That Grows” came from his visits to Motherly Care Children’s
Home in Kenya. When he noticed that most of the children had shoes that rarely
fit, he wondered if he could fix it. The shoes that grow are equipped with straps that allow
the shoes to expand in three different places, guaranteeing to grow five sizes and last five
years. Because International produces and distributes two different sizes: a small and
a large. “With these two sizes, a child can always have shoes that fit, from kindergarten
to 9th grade,” said Lee. These shoes could help prevent against hookworm, whipworm, and
other soil-transferred infections that the World Health Organization identified as likely
to plague children in areas with low sanitation. Thank you for watching Christian World News, brought to you by FEBC.

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