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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening I am the Sheik and welcome to skylines news 7 Your weekly update on everything city skylines in under 30 minutes Today, we’ll cover the impending modpocalypse See what’s going on around the nation and I’m gonna give you my two cents but first our top story of the week Paradox Interactive made another splash in the news this week if the upcoming industry’s DLC wasn’t big enough They also announced the city skylines global build off on Saturday October 27th the cities skylines global build off will feature ten builders Representing seven different countries on two teams starring some of your favorite city skylines modders youtubers and streamers facing off in a tropical themed map in a battle of infrastructural wit and Finesse now all of this will be streamed live straight from the Paradox Interactive offices This is what we know so far on Strictoaster’s different heights City skylines nydal episode 11 YouTube video He announced he was heading to Paradox Interactive Headquarters in Sweden and will be participating behind the scenes but not as a builder he also mentioned Fluxtrance and Bsquiklehausen are headed to Sweden – No word on their role What we can confirm is that twitch streamer a leader of the monkeys youtuber Skibitth youtuber pug gaming are Participating and will be building competing in the global build off During the all-day Livestream extravaganza on October 27th. There will be interviews with the developers and giveaways more concrete information should be coming this week from Paradox Interactive and Strictoasters Twitter feed so be on the lookout What is the player reaction about the global build off? Well, this person was so excited He was left speechless upon hearing the news On the flipside some people were speechless because they were salty about not getting that invite to compete you Got to get your game up if you want to compete with the major players folks Now it’s time to take a look at what content creators are doing in a little segment we like to call around the nation In Calavera Beach mayor Pres was happy to announce the opening of the pier Fun will be had by all ages as this recreational complex will both boost the tourism economy and add to the leisure programs already offered by the city The time has finally arrived for councilman Akruas to watch residents of Aurelia move into the modernistic residential apartment buildings in town Newly moved in residents were unanimous in saying the three-year wait was well worth it and they can’t wait to settle into Aurelia the city of the future To try and stimulate the economy a mayor Taserhere announced his small business saturday marketing campaign aimed to help local business men and women every third Saturday of the month will be a day to celebrate and support the small businesses up and down Main Street and All they do for the community of Berrysville In trying to help local farmers of Littletown survive Sanctum Gaming signed off on a subsidies package That should keep their balance sheets in the black This package will help locals purchase new state-of-the-art equipment and Fund the construction of new warehouses. That should be coming on the market October 23rd With the industry’s DLC dropping for PC users on Tuesday October 23rd those of you who play a heavily modded version of City skylines like myself know the seven to ten days after a new release is commonly referred to as the modpocalypse Now even with all of this going on let’s not overreact and be this gamer Well, it may be a little frustrating at first remember that last time most of the major mods were fixed within the first three days of the Parklife DLC release if You are saying well, I’m not getting the industry’s DLC so I don’t have to worry about it think again With every new DLC comes with it new free content Which means a new patch you will be affected regardless if you own the game on a PC Mac or Linux now Here are some tips to help you get through this modpocalypse number one be patient Number two do not open up any of your save cities If you have them heavily modded you risk breaking your saved games and losing all your work fight temptation Don’t open them number three check the City skylines discussion page on the Steam Workshop To see what mods are broken Updated or never to be repaired again. I will leave the link in the description below Usually a pinned thread will be clearly labeled update broken not working mods it is there where the city skylines community unites with Avanya and nS|Merodi Leading the way letting everybody know what the status of their mods are with constant updates on fixes Once you gather the information you need load up your saved game when you feel it’s safe and number four When you want to put still play the game then you can do this in no workshop mode Ronyx69 made a short video on how to set that up as a desktop Shortcut that link will also be in a description below Playing in no workshop mode disables all mods Now personally, I’ve relied on the information on the Steam Workshop discussion pages But it’s not the only way to deal with the mod pocalypse other resources and methods are available in places like skylines nation a city skylines guild for facebook the reddit skylines discord channel and of course You can always follow your favorite content creators who will usually have updates of their own Finally here’s my two cents With the upcoming industries DLC coming out this week and the possibility of your favourite mods not working for a couple of days Let’s remember this Use this time to thank the modders for all their creations that we use Every time we play City skylines These are the times when we realize how much we appreciate things like move it procedural objects traffic manager or relight mods Thank the modders and give them the time they need to fix. What is broken Remember, this is not their full-time job and it is all free content That they are creating for us Before you type in a negative comment on a forum in the comment section on the Steam Workshop or on Twitter Take a deep breath relax Reflect on how much you appreciate that mod Remember, it’s free. And Thank a mod creator instead thanking them is the very least you can do for making city skylines a better version of the game that you and I originally purchased Well that will do it for this week’s episode and I want to thank you for tuning in I am the Sheik signing off Stay classy skylines nation Move closer to your world my friends and you’ll see you


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