1. Guys we're not dying.. people who have already breathing problems die, 70+ years old people and little kids under 10 months that aren't strong enough.
    Btw here in italy italians are blaming every asian that lives and was born here. A filipino guy had to yell "I'M FILIPINO NOT CHINESE" cause a guy was punching him in a store. They're too ignorant, most of them think that is like the apocalips.
    How stupid, i'm not saying is not a serious thing cause of course it is, but they don't even know that if you don't have patologies you're not gonna die. They think that all the immigrants should come back to their countries cause it's their fault, you don't even understand what is happening right now here.
    This is italy.

  2. I would officially like to nominate COVID-19 for a CNN Hero of Year award for finally forcing the Communist Party to Ban trade in Wildlife. Let's hope the Ban is permanent.

  3. Still not sure why they didn't sink the ship, just to be safe. As a side note, I'm sure a lot of husbands would be happy if they got a break from their wives for a while.

  4. Here's what you do. Go make a huge wet nap, pass it around to everyone, and see if you can help stop the Corona Virus. It should be getting pretty clear to you who is in charge here. 2020 vision + Corona Virus……………………….. DA FLU? where? Jesus says anywhere………..nunces.

  5. Can someone stop Mikey Chen from Strictly Dumplings he travelling all over the world just to eat food. He's only wearing a mask and hand sanitizer. He doesn't really care he just left Afganistan travelling to Singapore eating everything just to promote his YouTube channel. No telling when he's do bak for USA

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if this whole Coronavirus thing is a plan between the DNC and Chinese to stop Trump through economic issues due to the virus.? the DNC is sick.

  7. "Acute Lipoid Pneumonia cases linked to vaping are rising, and officials don't know why"



    Imaging of Vaping-Associated Lung Disease

    "While the virus attacks and kills cells in all cases, serious illness will depend on how the immune system responds, and that can be influenced by age, gender, genetics and underlying medical conditions. The initial damage caused by the virus can trigger a powerful and counterproductive overreaction by the immune system itself."

    I tire of doing the THINKING for our dumb-ignorantly arrogant religious frenetic Specie!
    I'd rather watch porn or fudge all day than dealing with uppity U.S. Colleges miseducated arrogant corporate "science" elites who are intentionally ignoring the most common denominators uniting COVID-19; adults in smoking ages, the biggest smoking population on Earth and what toxins as Pesticides, Fungicides ect. kill-all-cides, Lead and our other Corporate toxins, when eaten, drank and particular smoked might REALLY have already done to the Human immune system.

    Enough said. I am back to porn and fudging!
    Live can be to #Coronavirus shorted not to have some good conscientious f*cks! ?

    See you all around Earth, healthy and deadly sick, fellow Homo Sapiens. ??

    Dumb Specie!

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  8. I was at the airport and i was the only person wearing a mask….everyone should be more cautious about this virus it can spead so quickly. Every please wash your hands as often as you can…and keep your hands out of your face!

  9. Scariest thing about this video is the fact that the correspondants that were supposedly in Italy or in a green room if you look at her face you can tell the lighting is not accurate for the setting maybe this virus really is something to not overlook love your family while you can

  10. Twenty-Five days it’s setting in
    The cases seem to be exploding

    They said to stay indoors and stay away

    I look outside the streets are empty

    A ghost town, Wuhan is starving

    They can’t control the virus in our veins

    Patient Zero, yeah well where are you

    Patient Zero, well we need you

    Patient Zero, what infected you

    Patient Zero, we need a cure from you

    We’re quarantined for 14 days, and

    I haven’t slept or left my apartment

    How do I know I’ll be ok

    I hear the screams they say keep going

    I’m not sure I have the strength left

    This Coronavirus has taken my brain

    Patient Zero, yeah well where are you

    Patient Zero, well we need you

    Patient Zero, what infected you

    Patient Zero, we need a cure from you


  11. Help us ?? Tokyo is in big trouble. Apparently ten to hundreads of thousands of people are infected, but our government doesn't allow us for the virus testing. It's because of the olympic this year, they want to hide the real infected numbers of people. They announced yesterday officialy not to go to the hostipal, stay at home even if your ill. Tokyo is in real emergency ??

  12. Nothing more adored than a "BREAKING NEWS" worthy hysteria for the cnn's of the world. Oh but for one honest broker among these swamp-creatures.

  13. 5 cases at beginning of week and it doubled everyday till you got over 200. Seems to be the speed with which it spreads. Scary exponential growth. As data cones in from countries outside of china mortality rate seems to be higher.

  14. Masks…earnest Japanese people…even Romeo and Juliet. "Good God, man. We MUST write an Opera" about this. Who needs escapism when they can just turn on their evening "news?"

  15. The coronavirus in Italy have no connection to the coronavirus in China. What the hell is going on? This virus is really sneaky and extremely contagious.

  16. so the guy is in a room for weeks with his wife, shes infected but somehow he isn't so they let him wander around and don't even retest him? False negative anyone?

  17. Those same tourists are part of the fucking problem. Stop traveling to known infected places ffs stay the fuck home!

  18. All praise to The Most High Yahawah bahasham Yahawashi Esau kingdom is about to fall and Jacob is about to rise (2 Esdras 6:8-9)

  19. And they thought nothing of it at all – thru this past weekend and all last week, during their national public orange juice food fight revelries! Like drunks, they doused each other with juice barrels and smashed fruit – covering each other and all their streets from head to foot. Overnite 100 to 300 cases? Yup. BTW, in Usa, 60K die annually from regular flu. Corona is 2%. Routine flu is avg 5%-8%.

  20. why would Melissa worry about wearing a mask!! if she's not even in Italy's street's she's in the Green room w/ the fake background!!! faakeeeee!

  21. OMG,in the hospital, why the nurses who treat the patent don't wear protected suit covering hold body like China did? I think it.could put the medical staff at risk to expose to this virus.

  22. Hi im CoronaChan. Im making you sick. Im selling you false loans. Im buying your homes and making you the tenant. Im noisy and a bad tourist. Im hacking into your systems and stealing your knowledge. Im engaged in economic war with you. Im using 5G to control your society and spy on you and make you reliant upon me. I use one belt one road to expand my reach. Meanwhile i lie all the time and cant be trusted. I steal and lie. Im CoronaChan and i also breed by stealing your husbands and boyfriends. i dont believe in a real kinetic war; I believe in a silent war slowly hut surely taking over and making you reliant upon me for manufacturing and medicines. Im CoronaChan. I try to blend in sometimes by adopting a western accent or sometimes i dye my hair colour to hide true self.

  23. 2020, the year the deadly coronavirus mutated into C-virus. The precursor to the T-virus. The day of the end is here my friends.

  24. Here in the red zone of the coronavirus in Italy it is a nightmare. People lock themselves in the house, empty shops. Food is in short supply. There seems to be a war …

  25. It is not all bad news- it is not the end of the world yet I promise. Yahuah says how it ends and what still must take place but it may be the end for some of you as you never know when you draw your last breath. But there is good news Have You Heard the True Good Message https://truerevival.yolasite.com/have-you-heard-the-true-gospel.php

  26. Italy will probably be the worst hit because it is home to the man of perdition the world leader of heresy and Torah transgression the Vatican, Babylon the great spiritual whore. REPENT people and read the true scriptures they are no longer locked up by the Vatican as they were once upon a time. Read them you have no excuse. Come out of Babylon for her sins are piled up to shamayim (heaven) pray that you escape her plagues, Repent and obey Torah. Sunday Worship Terms https://truerevival.yolasite.com/sunday-worship-terms.php

  27. Marxist Teddy praised China for dealing so well with the virus (aka covering it up) , now communist China just praised socialist South Africa for dealing so well with it too even though no infections have been reported yet(aka……… ????)

  28. So 18.9% of the world's countries have got it but it still is not a global pandemic Teddy, considering that China's population world share alone is 18.5%

  29. The bible speaks about a future virus with a crown and a tail. I guess the corona virus will develop a tail in the future SEE: Listeriosis – Pork To Eat Or Not To Eat https://truerevival.yolasite.com/listeriosis—pork-to-eat-or-not-to-eat.php

  30. ARX & others AMERICANS ,
    Your SAVIOR says , “NO BIG DEAL ! We are Close to a CURE-Vaccine ….”! A LIE! NOR does he have to DEAL WITH THIS , NONE of WEALTHY people DO!

  31. Side note, that guy from the cruise ship seems like a genuinely great person for worrying about the safety of the journalists he met with and immediately contacting authorities, risking being placed back into quarantine himself.

  32. There is no pacient zero, they are looking pointless……. Virus was put there, maybe in a market, so more people get it fast as possible , it is The only way they got hundred cases în two days…… Think people, how coud all those people get contact each other în just two days?

  33. It's 11 now n Italy. It is no longer good to publish figures from people who are infected and dead from the Corona virus. It increased every day.

  34. Smh what did u expect letting the bankrupt dean of trump University run for office ?‍♂️ now those tariffs starved China causing unhealthy eating and cadet bone spurs just ends health and safety regulations for his golfing SMH cadet bone spurs is a Russian asset

  35. My hope is Nancy, Maxie, shiff, cortez, Omar, shumer, tliab, obama ,
    and all antifa & sjw's get infected with the virus.
    The staff of CNN too .
    Lying phony pandering hypocrites
    TRUMP 2020 !!!
    ??????&??Bernie the commie .& Biden the demented idiot & Pocahontas too . F u CNN

  36. Thanks China for all your communist policies that led to this .
    Hi leftist assholes, see what communism brings.
    Fu leftist propaganda promoting antifa , SWJ's. Go to China!
    Please leave , you are FREE to do so.

  37. Antifa people, SWJ'S
    FUCK YOU & the sad parents who birthed you.

  38. The Government of India is a child
    And one of the worst people. If people say January will be wrong
    Animal. Not in the human body
    If there were people.
    Common in Delhi
    People didn't torture people
    Don't burn anyone's house.
    They have no religion.
    There's another devil.
    General Chat Chat LoungDonald Trump of America
    He is also a bad man of great size.
    Their God is my Lord, my Lord, the Creator of all things. Muslim does not persecute anyone's house or his house is not Muslim. God is with us.

    Allahu Akbar
    General Chat Chat Loung

  39. Faced with the incompetence and shame of the Italian government, Japan is different. Japan found that the new crown virus was originally the birthplace of the United States. The Asahi Shimbun immediately issued an announcement stating the facts to make the ugly face of the United States public. This is the difference in personality.

  40. 5 reason’s why God didn’t created us:

    We are not born of light/air.

    We were sculpted, by another physical being.

    To human being’s, light is a destroyer.

    Mind, is a destroyer.

    The more light/information we receive, the more
    we can’t handle.

    The Bible was meant to be a destroying book, and to use for
    leverage over human’s. It’s opposite, because it a cover up for Earth, for

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