yes you really did it you finally broke
it damn you god damn you all to hell. welcome to 150 days of winter if we haven’t met
before my name is Alex and this is your
pre November update for the coming
season of Courchevel as always if you
haven’t already I would seriously
consider about subscribe to this channel
for this winter it should be full of
some very good stuff if I say so myself
however enough with that and on with
some interesting information and of
course we start off with some bad news
this really gets me just somewhere
somewhere around there yeah in my upper
throat yeah behind me the beloved creux
Noir chair this year mortal no God
please no no finished
if you look on the piste map this year
no piste and no lift line it’s a serious
kick in the teeth for everyone who loves
it and it’s not just me if you watch my
channel last year you’ll know how much
we love to picnic at the top of this
place but not just that to the left hand
side there’s a bowl with some amazing
snow that can really only be accessed by
Creux Noir chair to get up there now you’re
gonna have to do a first slightly over
to Meribel and tore up a lot of work
for one run so I know it’s a really old
chair they found cracks in the the
concrete footings of the pylons which
you know what my opinion they should
have upgraded this chair a long time ago
but no one really uses it which is such
a shame however so this year pada pada
crew Noire oh I see what you’re driving
at oh okay so this next one I’d say it’s
a real Marmite moment but in this case I
think if everybody hated
Marmite it would be like this Courchevel
has decided to tarmac over the
road that heads up from Courchevel up
to the Saulire behind me and then
further over up to the loze and then
down to Meribel meaning that if you
have a normal road cycle you’ll now be
able to cycle directly from Courchevels
over to Meribel I’d be able to say
that you’ve gone over the 11th highest
cyclable cole in the French mountains
alternatively you can say wow Courchevel just covered the mountain in
bitchumen and tar in order to make this
I guess the phrase is you decide general
opinion among Moke amongst locals is no
not good but we shall see I’ll give them
the benefit of the doubt
anyway let’s take a quick walk up there
and see what weakness well as you can
see it goes on further of the mountain
goes up to the Sutra brush draw and then
heads over to the col de la loze and then
down to Meribel whether that is worth
all the petrochemicals that have been
poured or the bitchumen or the tar you
will need to say that however next
summer this road will be open for
cyclists Oh Lord
that’s a tough walk anyway I’m now up a
biollay and I’ve got two things to tell
you up here one of which not so
important but other thing super
important well behind me you can see
there’s a new selfie station at the top
of Biollay for the sake of self-obsessed
generation you can now get your picture
taken automatically when you’re up here
which for some news spends our life
talking to a camera
hashtag self-obsessed yeah all the
instructions are written up there but
rather like I think on top of signal and
some other places you’ve been able to do
this the past couple of years so anyway
so yeah even more Instagram pictures
isn’t that really good I know anyway the
second point which really is
so important but Courchevel has just
installed a whole bunch of new snow
cannons down just across the valley here
just across the valley on the piece
called cave de creux which is little path
that takes you from crew to the
restaurant cave de creux which again not
sponsored but really nice mountain
restaurant at the moment you look second
absolute war zone but yeah they’ve laid
loads of new snow cannons there and I
think that briefs the total number in
the 3 valleys to about 2 billion no
about 2,300 but once again they’re I
think they’re pointing out the fact that
if you want guaranteed snow come to go
shovel or three valleys
okay okay next was here
the Grangettes lift from 1550 up to
1850 been upgraded from a
four-man bubble to a 10-man brand-new
lift station at the top new one down in
15 okay if you think 1850s too expensive
maybe it’s a reason to go and stay under
1550 instead better access all round to
the next one what’s finally it brings us
to Courchevel first attempt at snow harvesting
you see this thing up here
big white tarpaulin full of insulation
and snow from last year the big question
is when they unveil it soon will it be
how a meaningful amount of snow or just
enough to have a nice snowball fight
between the mairie
they’ll be interesting to see anyway it
looks tiny let’s get closer
god that’s a steep walk anyway as you
can see now in Nero it’s absolutely huge
before I remember it therefore being
told to begin with they were expecting
about a 70% loss from what the snow they
present so they won’t expect you 30% I
got back I would say from there I’m just
guesstimating but I’d said the moment
about 50% and luckily it’s now getting
cold and windy you might be able to hear
so you know fingers crossed
probably in November they’re going to
take the sheets off and we’re gonna see
should be interesting would make a great
snowball fight
anyway anyway and on that note that
about wraps it up of course if you’ve
enjoyed this drop me a like down below
if you want to follow me this winter
smash that subscribe button leave me a
comment down below and I’ll see you in
November fingers crossed


  1. Thanks for the info update Alex on all things Courchevel, excellent opening to the video, lol, keep up the great work.

  2. No Creux Noirs chair is no bad thing – its only a short skin up from the Creux col… will keep the powder longer for those happy to walk for 30mins…!!

  3. You should count yourselves lucky with one lift closed here in Aviemore Scotland they have to shut the Funicular train down with the same issue of cracked concrete pillars absolute disaster this in the only way of getting everybody up the hill.. businesses are even shutting because of it.. who knows the long term knock on damage it will cause to this area.. anyway enough NEG great video and local knowledge / info

  4. Loving the “cycling road” , surely opens the valleys options for a longer summer season. A Col over 2000m is certainly a draw to road cycling enthusiasts , not to mention the possibility of TDF usage !!

  5. Just found out that this season there’s no creux noir but the chairlift will be replaced by a drag lift which will run on a different line, further left to access the off piste. Clouds and silver linings 😊🍾

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