Cow is World’s Best Animal | Ep 1 Pee News by Dhruv Rathee [Faking News]

hello friends I am dhruv rathee And this is Pee News Change the way you think, Change the country Today i am presenting you a breaking news that will shake the whole world out from rajasthan Rajasthan education minister Vasudev Devnani… …has revealed a 1000 year old secret It is based on a scientific research which he blurted out to the world He said Cow is the only animal which inhales as well as exhales oxygen. Yes, friends you heard it right cow is the only animal which gives and takes oxygen this secret has been a part of 1000000 yr old hindu scriptures this information has been passing from our ancestors and today most of the people of India already knew about it. But this news has been spread to the whole world first time by our Rajasthan education minister The world is in great shock after hearing about it People all over the world are trying to befriend cows popular american enterpreneur e musk. also known as iron man he said that in next mars mission he will send 15 lakh American cows to Mars It is believed that these cows would create an atmosphere of oxygen on mars when i heard about it at first, i almost got a heart attack Our cows are no less than hindustani cows we would take 15 lakh cows on mars it would take 30 years we will make mars atmosphere similar to earth so that life can exist like on earth. It is our dream and we will accomplish it In lot of hospitals cow will be used to give oxygen to patients as a replacement to oxygen cylinder. Our viewers who are confused. we would like to tell you How this works cow is animal which gives out more oxygen then it takes. Theres a Scientific explanation for this If you don’t understand, then ask your chemistry teacher to clear doubts According to science Cow (mother ) takes one oxygen atom in through her mouth and exhales one oxygen atom through her mouth But she farts one extra oxygen atom (pooooo O2) therefore two oxygen atom comes out and only one is taken in In scientific terminology it means our mother cow…….. Another breaking news friends Unesco who declares world’s best PM Or world’s best journalist.. Today Unesco decalred cow as worlds best animal Our mother cow has got world’s best cow award this is such a proud moment for all Indians Because India has been the largest beef exporter and has largest population of cows Economic experts are predicting that India would move up the ladders of development Gdp growth will go from 6% to 60% India will again be the Golden bird that it once was Friends… finally… Acche din or good days have come.. So, How was my video? Whatever i said in the video was totally fake except two things were true.. Rajasthan education minister Vasudev devnani really said all this. Cows are the only animal which inhale and exhale oxygen and second, India is the top beef exporter of the world this video seems like a joke but it has mentioned some serious issues. We are voting these uneducated people to run the country Take an example a graduate from rajasthan would never like to work under these uneducated ministers It would be a great blow to the prestige of that student in front of foreigners , that a minister from his state talks such rubbish His state minister does not know anything about science A third class student knows more than his state education minister After watching this video people will say i am disrespecting hinduism and our culture I wanna tell them that i am vegetarian I oppose all types of meat eating as it causes deforestation and climate change I also know benefits of cow dung and that it could be used to produce gobar gas and as a agriculture fertiliser I know the difference between A1 and A2 cows. It’s true But All these people who give exaggerated statement is totally a lie.. these uneducated use these things as a political tool to gather votes and spreading such news have become their business. there are lot of outrageous statements they already gave… this is not the first time Rss leader applies cow dung at the back of his mobile to protect himself from radiation neither mobile emits such large amounts of radiation that may harm humans nor cow dungs protects from radiation One of them said that living nearby cow would make us disease free one of them said plastic surgery ,test tube baby first developed in India there are lot of important things in our ancient history through which we could truly learn something we should not mix truth with lies People would stop believing Indian ancient culture if that happens this is total disgrace to our culture and country Before voting, check the education & backgrounds of your politicians… Otherwise, we’ll keep getting such idiots in government thanks, see you in next video


  1. Bhaiya aj saraswati maa ki puja hai lekhini sayad bo nehi ayengi apne yesi news sunai ki bow bhi heran ho gai hne ????

  2. Dhruv rathi tum jese log india mai kuch karte nhi ho…. Sirf bolte ho… Are bhai kuch tho kro… Log aaj ke date mai maa baap ko yaad nhi rakhte hai tho tumaara video kon rekhega

  3. Rajasthan ke education minister ko to India ka Education minister hona chahiyea
    Jitne bhakts hain unko higher education prapt hogi

  4. Beta,
    Shirt , jeans pehen k 2-4 galat sahi angraji line bolna kya aa gaya, khud ko scientist mat samjho…
    Respect belief of Hinduism and there are lots of things which r not discovered till now.,.

  5. Cow takes oxygen n gives milk which contain 0.47 percent oxygen… But neither that dumb man knows this nor u Bhai?

  6. Sb sch kaha bhai Apne mgr 1 chiz glt khi ki plastic surgery india m invent nhi hua . Bt it was invented in india only .
    I m ur one of the best fan
    Love u n ur bdo♥️♥️??

  7. Education qualification of most of the Indian ministers is very low. So do we really have any option to choose from????☹️

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