Culture and sports sectors join efforts to prevent spread of COVID-19

South Korea sports and culture sectors
are doing what they can to prevent the spread of the virus k-pop stars BTS held
their new album launch press conference on YouTube instead of in front of a
packed house of reporters and fans and the local professional football league
here is postponing its opening matches ken hyung Lee with the details after dropping their new album map of
the Seoul seven last Friday kpop star speed he has held their album launch
press conference on Monday afternoon but instead of holding a normal press
conference in central Seoul as previously planned they aired it live on
their YouTube channel Punk’d on TV the band’s agency big HIT Entertainment said
this was to prevent large groups of people coming together in an enclosed
space and light up the kovat 19 outbreak kpop girl band twice have also called
off their world tour finale concerts that were due to take place in Seoul on
March 7th and 8th the band’s agency JYP entertainment said the decision was to
protect the health and safety of the fans and cooperate with the Korean
government’s policies to counter the virus in the movie sector a black and
white version album Juno’s oscar-winning film parasite was scheduled to his South
Korean theaters on Wednesday but the film’s distributor CJ Entertainment has
decided to put the release on the hold for now and it’s not just global k-pop
artists or film companies that are joining efforts to prevent the spread of
the virus street performers are taking their own precautionary measures here in
Hongdae the streets are usually packed with singers bands and dancers but they
have now mostly emptied out the hope to prevent crowds large or small for
gathering starting Monday South Korea’s Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism
is shutting down its 24 national museums and libraries across the country the
Seoul Arts Center has put a temporary hold on this week’s special exhibitions
and postponed its music and our classes and Korea’s professional football league
the Kayle has postponed the start of the new season
the 2020 campaign was set to begin this weekend the league is expected to
announce an updated season schedule once the corona virus outbreak
down busan is also considering delaying the World Team Table Tennis
Championships scheduled from March 22nd to 29th conn-young Arirang news


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  5. There is a real reason why Korea has become infected.

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