Death Row Last Meals and Chainsaw Killers – World News With Cats – Ep. 7

Are you ready to go live, Shelter Cat? Yeah mate, but can we just wrap this one up by 5:30? It’s the 6 o’clock news Mate, you know I’m on a friggin’ curfew Bloody house arrest New research has found that 90% of death row prisoners choose Asian dinners as their last meal while 89% use Asian desserts as their method of execution Shelter Cat, each culture is different Why don’t you try some Kulfi? Alright, I’ll do the old Kulfi There you go, the old Kulfi Wake up Wake up! Shelter! Ok, I’ll do it Shelter, you need nutrients Shelter Cat, your heart stopped Yeah well, thankfully someone called an ambulance You know, while you were playing I don’t have first aid training You know, I thought about you just before I died I hope it was delightful Yeah… The Hopscotch Killer! I’m gonna kill ya! Hmm And now, a word from our sponsor Human Product Intro Oh hello! Today’s human product is alcohol It’s wonderful on wounds But you should never lick it I want you back, Candy It’s over What, even if I serenade you? The cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon… It won’t help I wrote you something, just wait, wait… Alright, I’m sending it Did you just send me a dick pic? Oh, sorry, that was for the vet

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