English Latest Short Film 2019 | Michaela – Heart Touching Short Film | English Movie With Subtitle

Tenth standard exam means..
Its a nuclear bomb experiment.
Why they are shouting like this?
I have scored good.
That Annie miss, she doesn’t like me.
My dad can understand me.
You are very unlucky..!
Will doctor sir..
-directly take you to the operation theater
or..show his anger on your mom?
I have promised pappa that I would score
A+ in all subjects in this exam.
Accordingly.. the last tour was organized.
I must try to escape somehow today.
Do whatever you want.
Hey look, your pappa is here!
Ya..I will call you later
Hai pappa..
Do you had some rift with Annie miss?
Now you won’t get A+.
Ya pappa..that has gone too bad.
Ya, come.
By the way..what’s the plan ?
Today pappa, you have to buy that book
which I have asked for you.
Hmm..two or three CD’s.
From there..straight to Pizza hut
After Pizza..will go to the beach
After that, we will go to our
favourite fish market.
Then with some splendid prawns
will go to Mamma.
Will give a big work to Mamma.
Prawns masala..specially by Mamma.
That’s enough, right?
Then what about your multiplex, film?
Thats for tomorrow..only pappa and me.
Bye Ammu..
What happened to you?
I miss your pappa!
Annie Miss also comes here for
weekend shopping
I won’t mind her if I see her.
Pappa..don’t blame me later.
I apologise in advance.
You didn’t forget the topic yet?
Even otherwise,when it comes to
getting things that you want..
you are just like your mom.
All your liberal policies may be right.
But I really deserve it.
Ok..ok..leave it.
Started receiving signals for food.
Prbably..we will get to see mamma’s
sulky face on seeing the prawns.
I like that usage
It has a new generation touch to it.
Thank you , thank you!
Eh, where are the screen play books?
Its there sir.
Oh,over there.
Annie Miss..are you on weekend shopping?
I usually purchase some books.
Not all teachers are into reading habits these days.
Just a small attempt by me
to improve the rating.
Hasn’t Neethu come?
Fiction is her favourite.
I have purposefully reduced some
marks in the exam.
I think she has already informed you.
Ya, she told me about it.
She is slightly angry on you.
That’s not a problem.
Her way of writing and presentation
style is excellent.
We should not make her
think that she is best
She is a child who is able to write
and observe very well.
We have to take more care
She will try to overcome my opposition.
Definitely we will get maximum result.
Ok..that’s your belief.
Ok then, we will meet again.
Hmm..is it over?
Yes Pappa..look at these books.
Out of four, three of them are fiction.
Its the era of fiction Pappa
J.K Rowling sells Harry potter..
Shah Rukh Khan’s movie also is
made by this fiction
Why so?
Muthuchami, our vegetable supplier says
that he wants to be a Bodhidharman.
He said many times
You mean..that film star Surya’s..?
Fictions are really hot cakes
Do you get me?
Hey, I get you
Next….Pizza hut
A parcel for mamma also.
2 Thanthoori pizza
Plus one special barbeque pizza parcel.
Why a special barbeque pizza for mamma?
A compensation for the special moments
shared by us now pappa
He is the guy who is following in
facebook with a friend request
Shall I add him by his looks,eh?
Its not about the look,
Its about the like.
Let me give him a chance
The trouble that comes through facebook..
can happen in Pizza hut also.
Tomorrow we have to go to a place
In pappa’s language,
its the land of eternal love
Do you want to come?
Why not?
Otherwise pappa may feel a soft corner
for mamma and cancel prawns.
I know you will be more lovable to heroine of the whole story.
Come, lets go.
Hey, you are here!
Sir, I have just told that you
will come with your daughter
Hey, don’t overload the vehicle,ok?
What you mean?
Don’t be flattered and buy 2kg instead of 1kg
Oh,that way..!
Hey listen..take 1Kg prawns.
It should be really good.
I know that sir.
Give some prawns to sir.
I swear,he will be sought by Hindustan
lever group for Campus recruitment.
If you compare your performance,he will be out of the interview.
How much?
OK sir.
Best combination!
You give it to her.
Hello, are you alright?
Next week is Christmas.
Lets celebrate it together.
Me and my daughter just arrived here.
We will meet tomorrow.
Ya, we will meet at the church.
Convey our Christmas wishes
to Sanju as well.
We reached..!
Pappa’s land of eternal love!
For this time, what is the
demand of Swami pappa?
Look there, he is waiting..
Just for you.
That amount has credited to the account
Do you want to speak to father?
Ok sir.
All are waiting for you and daughter.
Please come.
All people are busy with their
tight schedule
They can’t spent even five minutes
Big busy lives in this small world!
Swami is expecting the arrival of
daughter and Christmas days
He mentioned about special cake
We offer a special cake to all of you.
When you came here with daughter,
these people used to tell me,
he is my son and that is his daughter
Am I right?
No no..
no sentiments..only happiness.
While you were dozing,I knew you would
be on a long journey with your daughter.
They told that her behaviour
therapy is already over
Now..only speech therapy is left.
I..just dozed off.
I wandered..with my daughter to many places
This time too..is there any
special for mamma?
Of course..
The caption you repeated has finally come true.
You often say..
Do you remember that?
In our life, we are chasing only dreams
We know all the truth.
We have been doing the same thing,
since she was born.
Last few days there is a drastic
change in her behaviour.
Thats what this people told me.
Lets hope for the best.
For this Christmas,
we should buy a special gift for her.
She herself is a gift.
The most valuable and
precious gift in our life.
I think Mr Binoy..
you slept off.
Slightly tired.
Is the speech therapy over?
I have come here to you tell that only.
During this speech therapy..
she uttered ‘Pappa’ twice.
She will speak and will also express
her desires to you one day.
From the day she was born,
we have been waiting for all these years.
Even then, we have a lot of expectations.
All these years..in your language..
you were chasing your dreams,right?
Everything will be fine mam..
My dear..just say ‘Pappa’ now..
She will speak a lot of things
Whatever they want to say..
they express that through various sounds.
But we are unable to grasp it.
Those loving words…
In this world of highly literate people,
those who are born..
with god’s own signature..
Their dreams and knowledge..
everything is just us..
Shall we leave madam?
Ha..Christmas wishes to all of you.
Come my dear…

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