Ex-FBI Lawyer Speaks Out After Trump Attack That ‘Broke The Camel’s Back’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. All the deplorables laughing in the back ground at his rallies laughing. They should experience it people laugh at you.  But he starts this crap then cries they talking about me, then cries about it. Then his super brown nosers says he fights back crap. The trump supporters shamless hypocrites ! Homes with out mirrors.

  2. JOIN THE “GET OUT NOW MOVEMENT”.  Communist Putin’s Russian Security Services promote propaganda (Undermining Democracies Worldwide)through President Trump, Trump Administration, Fox News Commentators, Republican Party.  Let’s empower ourselves Americans by stepping up with our “GET OUT NOW MOVEMENT”.  All of them need to go home to Communist Putin’s Russia today! “GET OUT NOW”!

  3. Wow!! How this Psycho become the most powerful man in the world? 🤦🏻‍♂️ he needs to GOOOO. Come on America!!😡😡

  4. I find it interesting how the people here feel so sorry for a traitor. Is all this what people think is patriotism. If you like socialism so much and think it's a better system, look at all the countries that have had to endure it before and now. How has that worked out??. You really are a special kind of stupid if you think it would be better. Happy hunting Comrade!!

  5. He hates women. Seeing women cheer as he bashes other women is so disturbing. H3 is racist, sexist, misogynistic… I'm beyond disturbed that everyone is just ok with this behavior. The party of conservatism is no longer conservative. Highest deficit in history.. just a liar and so many fools follow. I'm a lifelong Republican btw. No longer. Just changed my card. It says no party. Quite poignant words. .

  6. These attendees are as trashy and disgusting as this amoral hypocrite. Mr vagina grabber daughter luster and his evangelical sycophants and rabid supporters are disgusting.

  7. Well, trying to run a coup of the government is ALSO what broke the camels back. This person attempted to overthrow the will of the people. NOTHING less than life without is fitting for her. OR she NEVER practice law or serve in law enforcement again.

  8. As a European, I must admit that just as it is truly shocking to see this old, wrinkled, overweight, heavily face painted, bald, demented neanderthal strut around with his head high, his wet lips pouting, enjoying his primitive, lies-ridden, disgusting, vomit-inducing vile pantomime of a woman who is in every way superiour to him, it is even more shocking to see these strange people cheering adoringly this old, insecure, hideous bully at his worst and most embarrassing moment, as he mocks, insults and openly enjoys a nauseating display of his hatred toward women. There has always been talk, around the world, about parts of the American people that noone could truly comprehend, but seeing them here, united with their Saviour in this sickening feast of utter stupidity, primitivity and sexual depravity is truly amazing. They are not only NOT horrified and revolted by this circus, they are literally worshipping him and screaming for more. More filth, more cruelty, more inhumanity, more hatred, treason and division, more suffering and more imbecillity. Trump came and revealed the unfanthomable truth, and he liberated and unleashed the worst of the worst, so they are now openly celebrating their own collective darkness. While angry family fathers from the trumpian base are descending here, on liberal news comment sections, to insult all those of us who reject this feast of primitivity and threaten with the reelection of their Chosen Bully. These nazi rallies recordings are going to be studied by social scientists for all eternity. How the US is planning to erase these four years of horror from the collective memory of the world and restore it's dignity I have no idea, but these images will haunt America for decades to come. I mean, millions of underducated machos literally LOVE his filth. Amazing.

  9. Jared Kushner was looking for Ivanka ivanka's head sticks out from underneath Trump's desk and as somebody's looking for me no shut up and get back to advising Daddy

  10. Please stop giving Trump air time. I am so sick of hearing his voice I have to fast forward every time he comes up on a video

  11. How long will this disgusting, racist orange pig remain above the law.? Why should any America abide by the rule of law if our own president doesn't have to?

  12. How did the electoral college decide this was the guy best for America. We need to disband the electoral college so the popular vote is counted and the peoples decision for leader is respected

  13. Imbecile-in-Chief and his imbecilic cronies must be stopped from systematically pushing and bullying out the actual stable genius' we have in public service or they WILL weaken this government and country beyond hope and repair.

  14. As everyone has noticed Trump is not respected like other US presidents..joking and laughing behind his back is what he has earned all by himself…talking out of the side of his neck can earn a person just that . He has become nothing more than a joke!

  15. This guy is the lowest of low. Someone should do an impression of him with Stormy Daniels and how she mocks his "little mushroom' head." let's see how he likes that. And the dumb idiots standing behind him clapping is nauseating to behold.

  16. An anti christ would be happy with trump! Liar, subtle deceiver, cheater at everything (adulator, tax evader, business contract scammer, election interferer). The devil is proud of this world disturbing insanity caused by drump.

  17. Lisa, you will be fine. Thank you for your service to America. You can hold your head high. President Pig will NEVER be able to.

  18. Oh my god TRUMP is so Disgusting . How could ANYONE VOTE FOR HIM? It shows just how ignorant and Stupid Trumpsters are. You Raised them America. Shame on all of you.

  19. Trump is a perfect example that being born into a rich family you can attain great heights and power even though you neither deserve them nor have the ability to successfully wield that power with wisdom and grace.

  20. Just in case anybody didn’t realise by now the potus is a very dangerous man for us all!! How is it possible that a misogynistic lying narcissistic psychopath is the most powerful man in the world??? 🥺

  21. I don't know what is worse – the bald, orange Giant Baby providing the "entertainment", or the window-licking cretins in the crowd wearing the baseball caps.

    Just saying…

  22. That repulsive thing is the Commander in Chief of United States Armed Forces???? Hahahahahahahaha,
    no wonder the US hasn't won a war since WW2 if that's the kind of leader you elect.


  24. To see the vulgar and pervert Trump on stage performing while his crowd…his people…cheered and applaud for his performances…truly disgusting president.

  25. It's ironic that this President criticizes someone for committing adultery, and he does the same, but pays for it and attempts to pay them off. This man is such a disgrace to the human race.

  26. Oh my God, that Trump performance is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. If there really is a. Pee tape, it can't be worse than that!

  27. I don't want them to impeach Trump, I want them to impale him like Dracula! Where's Vlad the Impaler when you need him?

  28. I will pay somebody a large sum of MONEY TO PUT LISA PAGE'S HEAD ON a platter, deliver it to our household so my horses can put their hoof's thru this HO-BAG'S eyeball's

  29. Just watching that TRUMP makes anyone consider question his maniacs intentions objectives especially his intended destruction to country

  30. I wonder if there will be nat'l laws passed to put narcissists in jail to save everyone around them from grief?….like child molesters…..

  31. I always laugh at the HO-BAGS who post on MSNBC. Apparently they do not believe in having a personality, or, WHERE ANY KIND OF BALLS/cowards

  32. Can you imagine if he treats women he doesn't know like this? How does he treat his wife? No wonder Melania doesn't want him to touch her. Can't wait until this is over and we get a better person in the Oval Office.

  33. I am not an American and I have been wondering why people support a guy with a disgusting immoral vulgar uneducated… You name it manner
    Don’t the audience feel ashamed of his act?
    And they clap their hands instead
    One Day their children and grandchildren come home with exactly the same attitude to their family members

  34. I sincerely hope whomever reads for him sees these comments and tell him the truth of what the world thinks about him.

  35. And this is the person who is President…. Cannot believe people out there are still endorsing and supporting him and proudly as well!?!? I would think at this point being a trump supporter is as low as you can get 🤣😂🤣😂

  36. I never thought I could despise someone as much as I do tRump. He is without doubt the most disgusting person on the planet.

  37. I wonder if King/Comrade Trump spoke with that same emotion & passion while he was enjoying his 30 seconds with Stormy Daniels?

  38. Trump is intimidated and scared of women with intelligence and Power power and sense of they are in control of themselves and their needs and wants they know where their minds are and their sets and strong with their point of view they cannot be influencer and that's very important cannot be influencer

  39. You forgot to mention the woman 45 is more obsessed with tearing down than any other. If all else fails, he reverts to his default setting of finding some way to steer his crowd's attention back to Hillary Clinton.

  40. This is really nice behavior for a prez being sued by 16 women. I hope his base is explaining to their children how bad his behavior is.

  41. maybe she should have thought about being part of a coup with that whole bunch….she deserves everything she has coming…just like CNN and MSNBC….both these places will meet self destruction soon

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