Examining Trump’s Relationship With Rudy Giuliani | NBC News Now


  1. Oh Rudy…. Rudy you went from "America's mayor" to Donald Dump's A55 sniffer… Possibly coconspirator, Co defendant, and TRUMP's cellie in the joint…Y oh y Rudy????

  2. Scrolling through comments is very enlightening.
    I see now why the only people still feeding on MSNBC's poison are sincerely lacking any critical thought process.
    So glad to see that MSNBC's viewership has fallen to the least informed of the American populace.

  3. NBC is a joke, the title reads Examining Trumps Relationship with Rudy? Besides only being a 5 minute clip, I did not see anything but re reporting old news and headlines, this is not journalism this is entertainment media.

    Moreover, Rudy is corrupt, probably became a prosecutor to target rival mob families threatening his own enterprise, he was omplicit in the treatment of blacks, hispanics and poor whites. Their are numerous allegations of police brutality, harassment, sexual assaults against people incarcerated while he was in office. He helped cover up the tragic 9/11 evidence, spread numerous lies, and allowed for evidence i.e. parts of the world trade center to be mysteriously shipped away to China (selling the steel); for those who are wondering why this is a big deal, 911 was an act of terror and criminal in every way, in that sense it is a crime scene that needs to be investigated, you do not investigate a crime area by removing anything and everything that could explain the collapse, the corpses and hazardous air particulates that has lead to the death of many first responders.

  4. Isn't it also funny that Rudy and Trump both were Democrats but jumped ship when the right start sucking on their d*cks a bit better than the left… pretty funny and perfect place for long time hypocrites.

  5. America's night mayor . Rudy and Donnie , perfect together.
    Funny he started out as a democrat , doing good and ended up a republican criminal . lol

  6. Sad that a man who reached those heights now scrapes the barrel with new lows everyday. He created a legacy and destroyed it in the same lifetime.

  7. This impeachment will be Trump’s words against Giuliani’s. They’ll try to blame each other. Let’s see who’s going to win😜

  8. load of B.S re his dad-sounds more like a low-level mobster!. As for his law practice I read somewhere that he always had his eye out for publicity and would make sure he grabbed all the photo ops and took credit whenever he could-even by shoe-horning himself into other lawyers cases if they looked like grabbing a headline.

  9. I know you need too be going underground – you stupid person – YOU,YOU,YOU, stupid person. You followed the devil who wore a yellow wig/hair. Get nailed.


  11. Guiliani = new York , Trump = new York….. I like the big apple but we may have to put you all in time out for a while.

  12. Rudy from hero to con man nobody will remember you any more you are now mob members treason your country spy work for KGB. Your are monster. Lock him up…

  13. We dodged a bullet with President Giuliani. Then took one to the chest with Trump. Republicans are going down with the ship.

  14. God what a scary butt ugly face that individual is
    Truly a living breathing ghoul
    And I don't have to examine anything further to know that these two abominations are two privileged criminals that's in very high places PERIOD
    And I don't care about the why's and wherefores of it

  15. Democrats don't want justice they are subverting everyone in the worlds right to a trial . Very very dangerous human rights violation and unfortunately all Demo cratzy party is the same as Natzi party. Exactly what Natzi did.

  16. Trump has said 911 was a fraud and the Democrats are still trying to keep that fraud going they are the same party that destroyed the twin towers and are still in bed with the Nazi regime that is Saudi Arabia they are Nazis oh, and if anyone can't see that or hasn't done any research it's the stupidest f**** ignorant people in the world and unfortunately they seem to be in America…

  17. DEMOCRACY is the road to totalitarian rule. Anyone ever read Plato's republic. A Republic is the style of government that is run by the people. Also DEMOCRATIC PARTY is and still the party of slavery in the south. They use Marxist tactics to fool the people into believeing that freedom is on there side when if you open your eyes you clearly see you are a complete slave and have no rights anymore. Just like they are doing to the President. He has no rights and you Democrats think you're smart and correct when you in fact have just slit your children throats and condemned them to poverty and violence by your own thinking. Sad you are.

  18. Rudy Giuliani in Drag Smooching Donald Trump

    Let's see if this gets censored too!

  19. If the dems just need to get Rudy in the house and it would be a rating bonanza …who wouldnt watch Guilani talk about whistles lol He is Trumps biggest liabilty ! lol

  20. Can he look in the mirror today and be proud of himself! I think not! He fully crossed that line and has expressed no shame! He was ripe for the picking….and gladly let himself be PLUCKED by trump! Is this little replay of his past suppose to let him off the hook?

  21. —-> Why would cable news give Rudy Giuliani aire time to spread disinformation? Before you know it, the news anchors will be just as insipid and dangerous to the truth.

  22. You should examine why you love pedophiles. Regardless of Giuliani actions I pretty sure he doest help pedophiles like NBC

  23. MSNBC has lost any credibility when they became the Master of hit pieces. Maddow is not a journalist. She is a pundit. Does NBC even have journalists anymore? or just pundits?

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