Expert warns investors to take Iran tensions seriously


  1. Hey I'm the first comment. Welcome all to the first full week of trading for 2020. And may Trump rule supreme right thru 2024.

  2. This is what happens when you don't disciplining your children for 8 years. Trump is the parent and Iran is the child. No more time outs.

  3. blah blah blah I hate trump blah blah blah the economy will fail so don’t vote trump blah blah blah is this helping, Democrats?

  4. I'm starting to think this might be the redo of the attempt to cause a recession using the media from a couple of months ago.

  5. So I wasn’t aware that we sold anything to Iran 🤔 So, how’s what Trump did going to effect the stock market anyway?

  6. I've sold high on magic carpets, Persian rugs, cucumbers, yoghurt and flatbreads. And I'm buying Levi jeans, bibles and Jack Daniels. I also just got hold of a signed photo of William 'The Fridge' Perry from the 198Os


  7. These guys in Wall Street are more after hurting Trump and buying cheap stocks than keeping our country strong. They don’t care about the country, their goal is to help their crooked democrats. They are all for helping China and making big money with cheap labor China. Nothing has change! We have been at this for years. The Cold War never ended but morphed.

  8. The wonderful thing about the Iraqi Legislature ordering ALL foreign military out of Iraq is: With Iraq out of the US military sphere there will be a domino effect against Afghanistan and Syria. The problem for the US is that Afghanistan and Syria will not be militarily tenable as there is no close-in proximity of a US base with which to provide effective military options. Therefore, President Trump can say that since the US has to leave Iraq, we cannot provide sufficient military support for both Afghanistan and Syria, therefore, the US has to also leave these two countries. Middle East involvement is terminated except for Saudi Arabia and Kuwait which would be needed to provide support for tanker traffic (oil is needed for international trade which the US relies upon).

  9. Here we go again, anytime these idiots spew their nonsense and want to interject fear into our economy.. and wish upon a star for a Socialist dream of a recession.. Drain the political and media SWAMP..

  10. Just another day in paradise ! Markets are so volatile even a news can crush them. The greatest economy on earth ( trump words-not mine) can fall with a News even hahahhahahhahahahha

  11. 2020 vision: stocks affected by rocket strikes taking a considerable downturn causing massive sell offs encouraged by investors. yet crude and gold showing positive increases. amazing race indeed profound cat saves a wretch like NYSE. whilst curiosity kills the same cat profoundly. MeOWCH

  12. Did I miss something and Iran has now become a global super power? The way the media is going on about them you'd think their Aircraft Carriers are parked off of both coasts of the US and they're about to invade us.

  13. DS MSM will do their best to crash the market, they are desperate, their loosing control in every area.
    Maybe they should learn to code.

  14. Propagandists the Satanic enemy of progress! These people are Americans truest enemies, every cough is DOOMSDAY! Satanic worshipper🤦🏿‍♀️🇳🇬

  15. America is oil independent now so, why do Americans have to pay more especially when something happens in other countries? We're getting screwed.

  16. President DJT arid just what the title of this video says—-
    DJT and his NSAdvisors took Soliemani serious !!!!
    So he ordered some Hell Fire missle suppository’s to cure what ailed him !!!
    His relief already has his prescription waiting for him at the counter !!!
    Thank you Mr. President and your close circle of advisors –
    The world is safer than before !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Obama would have made USMCA an executive order, and then whistled as he looked at the ceiling, hoping congress wouldn't notice. But the dictator Trump, he goes by the constitution? Vas ist das?

  18. I'm not sure, but I think that instead of being a seller, I'd look at other factors other than this Iran thing. See if there's other stuff happening elsewhere that indicates other trends. Maybe this is over the top, but when I decide to buy in another country, I look at their constitution and use that as a gauge of their stability, in addition to market activity. You can't buy land in a place that has no legal stability. Well, you can, but there are still places in the world where what you buy today, can be taken from you tomorrow…without recourse. So, I don't think you can look at one factor and call it sell or buy. Seems shortsighted.

  19. @4:12 Overall she's kind of a dumpy broad but I'll bet once those fish lips grab hold no man on earth would be complaining! hehehe

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