1. God blesses his family but …The person’s name is Casper ? Just name everyone who are infected or dead! So we know if we ever ran into them !

  2. flu spreads. 42.9 million people got sick during the 2018-2019 flu season, 647,000 people were hospitalized and 61,200 died. It happens all the time. But corona virus can spread without symptoms. More people get sick…..

  3. So Dump tries to fake some level of intimate knowledge about the first deceased US victim of the virus by calling the deceased a “wonderful woman”. But it was a man. F’ing creep.

  4. 2 dead now, 100 by next week, thank you president trump, vp pence is out selling bibles to prop up the stock market, that's how you save americans lives….

  5. Has anyone given thought to global airstream and currents? Speaking of community and the likely droplet spread as well as the virus life outside human body…global air movement is not such an unlikely candidate given the recent global weather activity….just thinking aloud….

  6. this is just like The Division Video game….. they are keeping the sheep in control.. dont panic.. as wolves are circling the farm…. see you al on the other side

  7. I'm sorry sorry so to hear this I Pray we all human race of all ages females and Males don't get the Coronavirus???.

  8. Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, coronaviruses cause respiratory tract infections that are typically mild, such as the common cold, though rarer forms such as SARS, MERS and COVID-19 can be lethal. Symptoms vary in other species: in chickens, they cause an upper respiratory tract disease, while in cows and pigs they cause diarrhea. There are yet to be vaccines or antiviral drugs to prevent or treat human coronavirus infections.

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  10. If this new virus is now here to stay, just like the flu, doesn't this mean the average life expectancy will tumble down in the future?

  11. Unless there's a radical change to the "middle man" aka insurance companies, the "for-profit" system of our broken healthcare system will irk many to get tested unless the tests are free at no cost to low cost I think it'll only get worse

  12. I'm wondering if the American population would all be willing to self quarantine for 2 weeks. Or maybe stagger it region by region. In the very least it would slow it down.

  13. Please wear masks, not necessarily n95 masks. It stops mass transmission largely, in China where I witness developments.

  14. The US government should have kept this people quarantined inside the US Navy hospital ship off the main land. The Navy hospital have the same capability like any hospital. Big mistake bringing this people back to the mainland for treatment. Now others are exposed to the virus.

  15. greenmedinfo.com/blog/natural-protection-strategy-against-viruses-including-coronavirus plesse no prejudice to natural medicine ask doctors famliar with these things ND degree american hebalist guild Bastyr university TCM doctor ayur veda doctor [ these are big in india and china 400 000 vaidya 100 ayurveda clleges AYUSH ministry iin gov 3300 TCM hospitals in China MAO didnt like it about the spanish flu look up thieves oil thatt 1918 situation illustrates need for holistic nutrition []] was fresh food available containg vitamin C and antioxident free radical scavengers and undegraded stressfreehabitat ]]]

  16. *Not everyone visits their personal physician, or a hospital or clinic when they're feeling under the weather, especially if they are experiencing mild symptoms or minor pain and discomfort. *Perhaps they are potential carriers of the novel virus or their immune systems are better equipped to handle it. ?

  17. Stop talking.. this is very important safe life.. to many homeless people around Seattle areas. Do Something Important. We need be safe from this virus. Wash hands not enough… need a lot off stuff. STOP Talking. Do it.. after 3 weeks will be more problems. Do something with homeless people..

  18. Unfortunately, these aren’t the kinds of snuffs we want to see the Angel of Death raking in…
    Somebody should take it upon themselves to cut some loose in OUR prison systems.

  19. If Coronavirus infects as few as 1% of the population, the US will not have enough medical resources to keep up l.

  20. The Corona virus traveled through ocean breeze,,,,, from China to West coast,,,, United States? Or?

  21. In 100 years people will be coming back to these YouTube comments to witness the origin of history. I think this virus is about to do massive damage.

  22. Biologic warpons. Wake upp people .. Anti-Christ its coming soon . Soo. We will not have acces o natural fruits and vegetable. This its just the begining . 🙂

  23. You can surely bet it has reached out to the surrounding area of that community as well.

    Who would have thought that Washington State would be the state to drop the ball and spread it like wild fire!

  24. Trump: it’s a hoax

    Trump (later): not to panic

    Trump (again, later): after one died from corona virus ?, … a healthy people uhh.. will be healthy

    Me: bruh… smh ?‍♂️

  25. Omg! I'm getting nervous, and I live in southern Oregon. Should we be worried, like stocking up on food?! Please say something.

  26. rumpy's attempt to politicize the virus by blaming democrats in his accusatory statements citing they're the ones doing it (politicizing the virus), has backfired. The first person in the US has now died from his 'hoax' to ruin his campaign. MORON. PROOF this guy needs to be voted out of office once and for all for his lack of empathy for the sick and dying. He's proven he's more worried about his campaign than American lives. We are heading towards a potential pandemic; I doubt he even knows the definition of such a big word.

  27. its a sunday, big crowd at a football game, 17,000 plus people, in a big assed stadium, 1500 police officers getting prime federal overtime, numb nuts is told to be indignant, fakes a stupid blank stare, walks out of the game,,is he real, and in control of the countermeasures against a virus that has no cure, no origin and is blamed on democrats? infecting over 50 countries! Pence couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag, even if he had a flashlight, a pocket knife, and the wet paper bag instructions on how to escape.

  28. The CDC stopping states and cities from testing for coronavirus. They must want it to spread from coast to coast.

  29. These elderly Fox News viewers in assisted living facilities are the MOST vulnerable And they are going to believe this is a hoax right up until the time they start dying of it.

  30. But Trump said “Me.. I can fix it” Trump the very stable genius he know everything, like a smart person ??

  31. Viruses typically can hang around. Imagine getting a product from China and someone there sneezed on it. This virus can get everywhere.


  33. Important discovery—— Check out u tube video posted June 19, 2019 from a PBS Broadcast. Search, "Why another flu pandemic is likely just a matter of when" and notice it's posted date. Now, remember when the Public was told of this Virus Dec 2019. Also remember the Doctor in this video his name is Dr. Anthony Fauchi he's the last standing to the left in the beginning of this video. In the video I'm sending you it introduces a woman who 6 years prior to the video was infected by a flu virus and experienced the exact symptoms of this Coronavirus where your lungs take on fluid, the fluid leaks into your blood replacing the air in the blood suffocating the body organs. Also a Doctor, the very Doctor in this Trump video named Dr. Anthony Fauchi explains the virus in the other video. Watch to the end and discover how the woman survived the flu virus she suffered. Weird??

  34. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’m just thinking that, maybe, this whole thing is a DEEP-STATE DEMOCRAT CONSPIRACY to promote so-called ‘Democratic Socialism’ (i.e. communism). Think about it. The deep-state releases a virus into the population to try and show that healthcare in the US has to be seen as some universal right and not as a free-market product that those who can’t afford don’t get. You see, when people get sick, they don’t get tested because they can’t afford it, and they don’t stay at home because they can’t afford not to work, so it spreads and the economy grinds to a halt and the stock market crashes (with the help of deep-state fake news MSM). They are probably working with the commie Chinese who created the virus—anyone think about how this magically came out just after the Chinese kowtowed to Trump and signed Stage 1 of the trade deal? There are probably, I think anyway, leftie Democrat supporters out there right now knowingly spreading the virus among our communities. Anything to stop Trump. Trump Derangement Syndrome gone extreme.

  35. We need to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this pandemic. Get a mask and protection kit from strattonhealthcare.com today.

  36. TOM STEYER HAS DROPPED OUT OF THE RACE ‼️????????????????????????????????????EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY ONE AND ALL TRUMP 2020

  37. 1:03 – School closed for 3 days…?!?!? Really…?!?! What’s the point…???! It needs to be closed for a month – ALL schools, all churches, all sporting events, all crowded places..,!!! NOW..,!!!

  38. By now, it's reported that 79 968 people were infected by coronvirus, 41 675 were cured and 2 873 died, in China. So I belive the death rate is 2 873/41 675=6.7% rather than 2%. If America govement do not performance better than Beijing , more than 22 000 000 people will be killed by this deadly coronvirus.

  39. Welcome to reality. The West Coast should have been on their best game, but they are fumbling the ball. There are millions of homeless people all up and down the coast so wait until Covid-19 hits the streets of Los Angeles. As a New Yorker, I made the point to visit and traverse the city to see how it worked. Further study when I got home revealed a mess of a state that is incapable of tackling its problems. Those homeless people should have been moved out to the desert years ago. If not fire, earthquake, or diseases as threats, something else stood to come along. If not for the racist cops who harassed me, I'd feel bad for the state.

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