1. Flynn, Manafort, Cohen and Stone, yep I’m reckoning there’s room for Nunes and Giuliani in that prison block.

  2. I think of the problems in this country the people that could be helped if our media and elected officials put this much energy into solving problems

  3. Why are you guys not at all drastically concerned with how Shiff got these phone records? I get it, you’re all biased and hate Trump, but this is bigger than Trump. What happened to the fight for privacy we all used to fight? The fight for liberty?

  4. All these idiot Republicans must believe trump will save them. Michael and Rudy might be able to shed some light on that myth.

  5. How did Schiff get the records? He can spy on another congressman? Where are his phone records? This is total corruption by the left! They will pay!


  7. Whistle blowers lawyer texted in 2016— the coup has begun, and CNN is leading the way. Seems there trying anyway. Mainstream corporate owned media always is truthful.

  8. Lock them all up. The GOP and #45 are traitors to America and Putin's Puppets. Vote Blue in 2020 for Democracy and the Constitution and the Rules of Law. We are not a Monarchy or Dictatorship!

  9. The President argues the whole thing is a "hoax" and dismisses criticism of his July 25 call in which he leaned on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, saying his conduct was perfect.
    Kennedy says he's done talking about Ukraine, as Senate GOP is sharply divided on the issue
    But Republicans, while accusing the Democrats of depriving Trump of his rights and rigging the investigation against him, have not made a comprehensive dismissal of the facts at hand.
    They have joined Trump's campaign of misinformation and misdirection, aimed at devaluing fact and creating ambiguity and leaving voters unfamiliar with the details confused.
    It's a strategy, conducted in alliances with Trump's populist conservative media mouthpieces, that the President pioneered during then-special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and succeeded in dampening the political impact of his findings

  10. I like how the press doesn't care that Schiff forced AT&T to give him records. The dems were going nuts when the NBA was surveillance of potential terrorists.
    Baker is a cnn hack…they have dates and times that Rudy talked to devin…..so? They could be talking about the mueller report based on the dates, also the could be talking about he World Series. They are free to talk all day every day.
    Baker glossed over the fact that they have zero actual content from the calls.
    Rudy and devin are both a part of trumps defense team and I'm sure they talk constantly. The same way Obama talked to people in his party who were in congress.
    I've gotten to the point I can't believe the crop cnn is posting as news.
    Schiff strong armed a private company into doing something that normally dems would be screaming bloody myrder over but because the end goal is to impeach trump anything is fair game this time around.
    Dems are going to lose the house in 2020 and trump will easily win reelection.
    Schiff Nader and these idiots will all be put out to pasture.
    Do your fuckig jobs and pass some laws and help Americans do better in life and stop with this bullshit circus that the public simply does not care about as whole.
    Only msm and beltway lifers care about this. Nobody else

  11. And the officer from the service who lied under oath? UCMJ much? Nahhh of course not he’s on the Democrats side he’s pardoned and can do whatever he wants.

  12. 🚌🚍🚌🚍🚌🚍
    The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels on the bus go round and round all thru the town. Washington DC

  13. Ohh believe me, Nunes is "lawered up" and he will sue and win for schiff illegally obtaining his phone records. This will not end well for shifty. Funny how all these former intelligence committee heads end up being "legal analyst" @cnn. They are desperate to cover their asses for #spygate!

  14. Pretty sure Nunes did lawyer up…….and it's to sue CNN! Talking about not being able to see the forest through the trees. CNN is so blinded by their hatred of anything Republican, it's pathetic!

  15. He is suing CNN. I would assume he has a lawyer. At sometimes CNN will realize that just making up stories to disparage your opponents is not only bad journalism but is also financially detrimental.

  16. wait till shitty pants shyft gett charged for ilegal monororing of american citizen and this too will back fire your toast boneheads

  17. Investigate Nunes for being another Russian pawn!..This piece of republican crap is in it up to his freaking ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. California Rep. Devin Nunes filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN in
    federal court on Tuesday in which he is seeking $435,350,000 in damages.

    More From


  19. Maybe he can use yours for who to use. Only problem is AS will need 10, including gathering information on
    civilians…Cnn you can't hide anymore. Nadler said THE STORM IS HERE MR PRESIDENT! We've been waiting patiently for THAT STORM.

  20. YES get into phone logs…….we want to know about Schitt's phone calls to Bill Clinton the day the two congressional investigators were sent to Arkansas with a search warrant and disappeared when they got there. They were found tortured and murdered a week later, a couple miles from the clinton library. It was a secret mission, only 8 members of the intel committee knew about it, finding which one of them got the two men murdered is not that hard to do just look at those phone logs. BTW, that was May 2017 and around that time the schitt frog eye thing started…..like he's doing in the clips shown here. He works hard to avoid blinking.

  21. Trump will take care of this too… Winning and winning and winning…
    And citing Adam Schit is the kiss of pathetic wimp desperation wolfie… Who's this yapping corrupt spook again? Nary mind, no one cares… 👎

  22. I actually saw Nunes interviewed on Fox. "I don't really know this guy Parnas … Now that the name's come up in the news I seem to recall I may have talked to him a couple of times for a bit but I can't remember what about …" Sound familiar? 😀

  23. What a bunch of God Dam Putin ass kissers , scheming , lying , conniving , cheating flim flam artists who have set out to pull some dirty deals on America and the American people. What a disgrace to yourself , your party and your country.

  24. Republican senator Devil Nunes must really believe that trump has his back . Anybody that believes a liar narcissist has his back , is sheer stupidity .

  25. Devin Nunes..ur pants are down..ur a*s is exposed …prepare to be spanked..like trumpet🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. another phone call ,so the great Trump phone call didn't work ,so now they going after another phone call ,demorats n their weakminded followers grasping for straws again

  27. To date, Nunes has not shown himself to be a shrewd politician. They have call logs of him with Parnas–instead of hiring lawyers to sue CNN, hire them to protect him.

  28. Lawyer up or sing like carine is all this dummy can do and he better do one or the other before it's too late to choose.

  29. Oh Devin is lawyering up….but only to sue CNN's fake news bullshit! I hope he gets every penny too!!! Fuck CNN……losers!!!!

  30. What a joke! This is a lawyer that had to leave the FBI, the many many phone conversations! How about you report the facts! How many phone calls how long were the calls? CNN LIES about meetings in Vienna and now says there are conversations that should make Nunez to lawyer up! Remember who owns CNN, AT&T!

  31. Nunes must go to prison!! Now we know that Trump and his team have been given all impeachment inquiries information that were private first hand by Nunes. Nunes is despicable!!!

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