Rat Eggs
Demon Eggs Dog Eggs Chris. It’s all the same. Soapy eggs
Slimy, Grimy, Twisted Eggs Chris, listen man, um Generally you’re a pretty good guy You can’t possibly think there’s a difference but I’m being dead serious with you, this is disgusting No don’t! EEHHHHHHHHHHHGGGG Soapy Eggs, twisted, slimy grimy


  1. Thank you for bringing this epidemic to light, Chris. It used to be you could get a pack of regular size eggs for some spare change, and now the companies are switching to smaller rat eggs to save money but are still charging the same price, and they taste like stale popcorn. This country's really gone downhill.

  2. You know, I'm ok with a conspiracy to commit murder but FUDGIN' THE NUMBERS?! Really Cortez?! How could you?!

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