1. Russia has Compromise Republican party through the NRA funneling money to their campaigns they are all tainted that's why they won't speak up about Russia interference in the election

  2. The GOP doesn't care. They intend to hijack this country at any cost.
    Russia has it's claws deep in the Republican party and the Republican party is ok with it. It's good for their personal pockets.

  3. Think of the person who has watched 3 years of Chuck Todd being completely wrong on everything and there still watching lmfao 🤪

  4. Mueller has completely debunked Trump Russian Collusion. Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election on behalf of hiLIARy and the DNC according to Politico. Chuck Todd is a liar.

  5. Chuck Todd doesn’t get it. The Ukrainians meddled in the 2016 election AND Russia meddled. It isn’t either / or.

  6. Democrats can't accept the fact that the president wasn't given due process fact
    Democrats unable to accept facts laughable

  7. I’ll give this man the benefit of the doubt. If anyone can translate his blinks as Morse code, please distribute it. Thanks!

  8. Mr Haney believes journalists… repeat JOURNALISTS that are spreading Russian propaganda rather than believe the findings and FACTS of seventeen count them (17) United States Intelligence Depts. Unfreakinbelievable😱

  9. Chuck Todd, Schiff, Nadler, CNN & MSNBC pushing too much HATE dividing America. Important to ask Why? Who is behind spreading this HATE and why Main News Media is promoting it!

  10. With all that blinking I think his brain may be having some sort of short circuit meltdown. What a toady putz!

  11. This is raw propaganda by Chuck Todd that ignores several facts. The 17 intelligence agencies turn out to be the CIA, the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence, or three agencies, and the report was written by hand-picked analysts at those three agencies. Further, their assertions were unsupported by any evidence and qualified by the phrase that the contents were not to be taken as facts but as informed estimates. No forensic analysis of the DNC has ever been performed on the actual DNC computer because the physical evidence was withheld from FBI examination by the DNC, as everyone admits. Further, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals Society has determined that the high speed of the transfer of DNC data precludes a hack and indicates a download to a hard drive by a person with access to the computer drive, such as Seth Rich. There has never been a fact-supported assertion that Russia initiated a hack and then transferred the data to Wikileaks. Never. Not even Mueller went that far. So, what you think you know is actually a part of a narrative crafted to intentionally deceive you by parties attempting to frame Donald Trump as a Russian puppet and agent. This narrative is unravelling to reveal a plot of seditious traitors within our government who will soon be brought to trial by the Department of Justice.

  12. So on the one hand we have a brilliant expert on Ukraine and Russia, a career civil servant, and on the other we have a Trump shill whose goal is to sell Russian propaganda to make his lord and master look good. Wow, this is a hard call: who should we believe?

  13. After listening to this Kennedy is bullshitter, check out the eyes! Play this while playing the rolling stone song lies, from some girls(1977).

  14. the , intelligence, services cant be trusted says one hundred year old sen, hmmm, Porshanko and his asc. are deposed for corruption, last summer and this dinosaur of a bureaucrat, is way lost in bull . instead of the facts he got the so called truth from porshanko?

  15. What's the upside to Ukraine meddling in the u.s. election downside is US cuts off Aid to Ukraine that got my noodle bake

  16. so only one country can meddle in our elections so true it is true only one it is russia can be no other country china would not UK could not only russia russia russia

  17. Let’s investigate…..we cannot investigate Ukraine because it leads to Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and their corruption.

  18. The Democrats were running a money laundering scam through the corrupt Ukrainian Government. US aid goes to Ukrainian government then to Hunter Biden’s come and then to DNC as a campaign contribution. Perfectly legal too.

  19. John Kennedy is too old and Racist be are Senator Can we vote him out We don't like what he said Ukraine and totally wasRussia and Trump is CON ARTIST Every one know around the world do you have money from Russian I think so the golden RUBLA This old guy's have to be get out because they don't do nothing anymore sorry but he is too cynical man even look him

  20. Good on you, senator Kennedy! The interviewer didn't even pause to think over what you said. No sense to discuss with the other folks who don't see any need for due process!

  21. Can this reporter understand the Ukrainian Ambassador to US during the 2016 elections represented the leader in Ukraine? If that is a fact it means Ukraine interfered in US elections. The question is not about quantity but act. Dull Americans and their mainstream media have less brains than the Eastern Europeans Fact.


  23. To believe Kennedy is to have absolute ignorance to how our government operates. What the American public needs to remember is Congress serves the people, not the President. They are supposed to act as a check against the Executive branch (according to the Constitution that Republicans are so fond of quoting). And this BS about the President not being able to defend himself–this isn't the trial. The trial happens in the Senate. Articles of Impeachment is more like indictments from a grand jury–since when does the accused get to defend him or herself against an indictment prior to a trial.

  24. It's amazing how constant propaganda can make those of lesser intelligence believe things with no evidence. Chuck Todd is a tool used to sew discord into the American public. He's calling a US senator a Russian agent with absolutely no evidence. If you believe just a little of what Todd says, please, do your own research!

  25. The way that Senator Kennedy of Lousiana mirrors what I see from MANY fellow Republicans who are doing ANYTHING they can to defend Trump by parrotting these conspiracy theories shifting the blame from Russia to Ukraine for the 2016 election meddling. They KNOW the truth but they do this simply to defend their Party at the expense of the their own COUNTRY. Republicans who do this aren't patriots they are disloyal and doing the work of America's enemies like Putin. I can imagine Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater spinning in their graves. How many Americans have lost their lives fighting in the cold war that had many incidents were we lost lives, spent billions, and struggled together to fight Russian assaults on our liberty. And now the Republican party is just throwing all away.

  26. I have to ask, is this… Reporter on Drugs? Everyone knows Ukraine physically, at least attempted to, medaled in our 2016 elections. It was one of the MSM that originally reported it! And now they are saying it didn't happen…? Hmmm… Seems they are trying to convince the SLOW people that they did'nt read what they read. Anyone really that Stupid… Guess so! I see some of the comments on here and must admit that I wonder if they ARE Russian trolls! Americans aren't that Dumb are they…

  27. As Sen. Kennedy begins to bring up the case of Chalupa helping the Clinton campaign, Chuck so dutifully chimes in to interrupt. Good boy, Chuck. That dnc check is in the mail.

  28. Just like the rest of the rethugs, he's conflating the investigative hearings with the trial where trump will get his chance at a defense and to call witnesses and rebut testimony!!!

  29. bettering humanity is important. feeding and equipping the poor is important. teaching the people is important.

  30. EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron
    Verse 247:
    Everybody knows he hates notetakers
    Everybody knows to his base he’s master
    Everybody knows Anonymous concludes
    Trump is an unmitigated disaster
    Everybody knows Kennedy’s modus
    Is pushing Russian propaganda for POTUS
    On TV shows
    Everybody knows

    Putin’s Minions
    Putin’s Pups
    Trump Straws
    Kremlin Koolaid
    The 24-Hour News Cycle
    Russia's Top 180 Lies About Ukraine
    Jim Scuitto fact-checks Sen. John Kennedy's Ukraine election interference claims
    GOP senator chose Trump over the truth | Chris Cuomo
    This Republican senator keeps pushing a delusion about Ukraine and the 2016 election
    GOP Senator Parrots Putin Talking Points | Morning Joe | MSNBC
    Devin Nunes’ Imagined Worlds
    Why Are Republicans So Anxious to Play Putin’s Game on Ukraine?
    Republicans repeating Russian talking points
    GOP lawmakers pushed debunked Russian conspiracy theory
    Sen. Kennedy repeats debunked Ukraine election meddling hoax
    Full Kennedy: On Fiona Hill’s Warning On Russia, She Is 'Entitled To Her Opinion' | Meet The Press

  31. For anyone thinking Urkraine is the leader of the pact
    Good luck on his sorry story ….. got that look like the screaming guy in Deliverance …. Donny gets all of ‘em all …. front or rear

  32. For 3 yrs Trump and most, if not all the Reps have adamantly denied claims and proof that Russia infiltrated the 2016 elections. So as you can imagine I was dumb founded and shocked to hear Elise Stifanik and Jim Jordan both have the audacity to try to deligitimize Dr. Hills testimony ( during the impeachment hearing) when she stated that "people on this panel seem to think Russia had nothing to do with 2016 election". Stefanik denied Dr. Hill's claim and went on to read something from a piece of paper in an attempt to try to make this exemplary career federal employee look as if she did not know what she was saying. I was wondering what planet I was on. Well now Senator Kennedy has spilled the milk and has revealed that they truely don't believe that Russia was involved and that Ukrain was the culprit. Same thing Dr. Hill was saying. This week all reps are restating their claim that Russia is innocent and our ally Ukrain was involved. Hmmmm. So I ask Stefanik and Jordan, what say you now? Crickets….. Wow, Im just shaking my head at the emence sadness over the number the lies.

  33. Hahaha now everyone who doesn't agree with Chuckie boy is a Russian what a maroon. Ukraine did meddle it is a fact. Liar Chuck Todd.

  34. Chucky is beginning to sound a little like a drama queen. When any mentions the Ukraine meddling in our elections, he just goes off. Wonder how Chuck is going to 'walk it back' when it is revealed that there was Ukraine meddling.

  35. My compliments to Chuck Todd for having Kennedy on. Kennedy was allowed to make his point and he came through with good arguments that I think prevailed in the end. Judging from some of the comments, I would say the brainwashed idiots are not convinced. You should see how Tucker Carlson destroys this interview, with his commentary: Tucker 12/3/19

  36. This man is called a journalist at NBC. Meet the press is the 2nd most prestigious job at that network next to top anchor. Todd never graduated from George Washington but he is given honorary doctorates and he is political director at NBC-MSNBC.

    All this man can do is call Trump and every single person that supports him a Russian asset! He has lied about Russian collusion for 3 straight years!

  37. Top sources have informed me that when Chuck gets upset, we know it's Russian interference and when there is an audio delay, it's the Ukrainians.

  38. Chuck blames Trump for NOT committing oversight yet this all started over a phone call in which Trump was doing just that! YOUR A JOKE CHUCK! so Trump did not bring this upon himself PEOPLE LIKE YOU DID!, i suppose you hoe your in the movie about Trump in the future when he is then known as the best all time president ever LOL…IF Trump did not have aphone call then you could say he brought it upon himself, but he did make a phone call and you can read every single word unlike all the secret DEMs meetings where they are still trying to cover their tracks up even though they had years to do it with Mueller's report buying them heaps of time and that is all that was and the world knows chuck EXCEPT YOU!

  39. Chuck has won the award for the biggest sheepfeeder of 2019!!! He is a complete liar and piece of crap. He and the msm has become the US divisive industrial complex. Its past time to wake up.

  40. Just goes to show that every single republican is dumb as bricks or extremely corrupt.

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