Functional JavaScript, Grid CSS, JS concurrency: #1.26 the latest News (the Good Parts)

Concurrency in JavaScript.
Have you ever heard of it?
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Let’s talk today about Functional JavaScript,
Grid CSS, JS concurrency
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Let’s get started today with an article
“The Rise and Fall and Rise of Functional
Programming” by Eric Elliott.
JS functions can be as pure as you want them
to be.
In this article you get acquainted with a
brief history of Functional Programming and
its implementation in JavaScript.
Eric Meyer, in his turn, posted an article,
namely “Welcome to the Grid”.
Grids are not just tables with a new syntax.
Using the compositing examples such as covering
filters, blending, clipping, and masking the
author came to the conclusion, that just one
way grids are different than tables.
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When you execute a Node.js process, it runs
in a single thread.
However, it is possible to take advantage
of the multi-core power of modern machines.
Ben Nadel shared with us his experience of
“Concurrency In Node.js Using The Cluster
Module” implementation.
If you’re interested in React Native I strongly
recommend you the article “How I built a super-simple
game using React-Native” by Matteo Mazzarolo.
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to configure
an application and to interact with events
and animation.
Code is available on GitHub.
David Gilbertson shared the lessons learned
about React, gathered by him over the last
few years and shown as a number of patterns.
As author mentioned: if today is your day
one with React, you’re in luck.
Dan Freedman announced The Polymer 2.0 Release
It is already available and ready for use.
A key focus has been on improved interoperability
with other libraries and frameworks.
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Craig Buckler analyzed Ashley Nolan’s Front-End
Tooling Survey and published his findings
in “Front-End Tooling Trends for 2017”.
Here you can find the best development tools,
CSS naming, JavaScript Libraries and frameworks,
Another interesting article is “Introduction
to Web Audio API” by Greg Hovanesyan on CSS-Tricks.
This post does a good job of starting with
the basics and showing off some demos.
Create sounds right in the browser with the
Web Audio API.
For the past few weeks there has been lots
of talk about HTML headings.
This discussion is still ongoing.
Amelia Bellamy-Royds posted a comprehensive
article about the nature of HTML document
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