Functional JS and CSS3 animation: #1.23 the latest News (the Good Parts of the Frontend development)

What is functional programming?
It’s a kind of magic!
Hi Let’s talk today about Functional JavaScript,
Speech Synthesis and CCS3 animation.
I’m Anatol and you are watching the Good Parts
of the Frontend development.
Rob Dodson has released another episode of
A11y cast.
In this episode he shows what Accessible Rich
Internet Applications specification is from
a high level and shows off some of the features.
TDD is a methodology for writing the tests
first for a given module.
Peter Czibik described in the article “Getting
Node.js Testing and TDD Right” how you can
apply this methodology to your project step
by step.
Remember, You write them for those who make
changes later.
Probably you’ve heard about errors in JavaScript
that become stuff of legend, for instance
0.2 + 0.1 is not equal 0.3 or isFinit of null
is always true.
So new improvements were added to ES2015 to
resolve such collisions.
I propose to your attention a brief overview
namely “What You Should Know About Numbers
in ES6 JavaScript” on Hackernoon.
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Aaron Gustafson posted an article “Experimenting
With speechSynthesis” on Smashingmagazine.
Author shared his ideas how to use SpeechSynthesis
for reading blog posts on your website.
Did you ever wonder about JavaScript without
looping usage?
I see it as a kind of black magic!
James Sinclair described how you could employ
map, reduce, filter, or find in order to get
a less complex code in more elegant way.
Jason Dreyzehner speculates: “It’s time
to give TypeScript another chance”.
If you heard about TypeScript years ago, but
haven’t really followed it since then, it’s
worth another look.
You can get acquainted with his thoughts on
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In case you have a spare 15 minutes and you’re
keen on CSS, take a look here.
In the talk, Wenting works inside of the box
and transforms a single div to this mustache
icon, all this live!
Recently Arturo Campos posted some of the
ideas currently in discussion at the W3C regarding
the Selectors Level 4 Draft on Gorilla Logic.
You can read about Logical Combinations, Linguistic
and Location Pseudo-classes, etc.
Learn by example: is a free
It features all 113 HTML elements which link
to pages explaining their use and the attributes
they support .
Here is another interesting article on this
topic “Pocket Guide to CSS only Drawings and
Animations” by Krystal Campioni.
In this post you can learn how to draw using
pure CSS.
This piece of news is about CSS Grid Layout.
Ire Aderinokun spells this topic out for you
in the article “CSS Grid Layout Terminology”.
Here are the basic concepts and terminology.
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