Garmin inReach – Weather Forecast Using Earthmate

hey let’s do weather forecast on our in reach explorer or SE we’re going to use the smartphone app earthmate to get our whether let’s go to our app lets update the firmware on our device in on our smartphone app and we should see underneath the more section the new weather options let’s tap into that and see what we got so we have our basic weather which is six-hour intervals for the next three days that cost one message on our monthly plan we have premium weather which is one hour or three hour forecast we can manage multiple locations and we can also get marine forecast now we need to be on actual body of water to get the Marine forecast so we can’t necessarily test this out on our inReach so let’s tap on the globe let’s add a location by default we have our current location from are inReach and we have a few locations here I have previously added a location going to swipe to the left to delete a location i’m going to tap on the plus to add a location here i’m going to add a location from a existing waypoint that’s on my inReach we’re going to scroll down the list and pick a location far away and i’m going to tap on save and I’m gonna tap on the globe again and add another location by clicking on the + and this time i’m going to select a point from the map I’ve downloaded maps in my earth mate and i’m going to browse a location on the map place where i would like to know the weather so i’m going to zoom in here in Las Vegas on tap on the map pick the weather location let’s do that again and I’m going to give it a name I’m going to call this obviously las vegas and once i’m done doing that I want to tap on save and now i have my locations i’m going to tap on the rewind button to actually ask for the forecast so this is similar to how you send in check messages so it will take the same amount of time as you send and receive a message on your inReach and once you do receive the forecast it will look like this on your earthmate app here’s a breakdown and here’s all the pertinent data you can get you can tap on more go back if you have multiple locations to check another location they have saved so here’s our katahdin and that’s it weather forecast using EarthMate

  1. I noticed that wind speed displayed in the Earthmate forecast is in knots. When I look at the forecast in the inReach it is in km/hr. Have you been able to change the app forecast to display km/hr instead of knots? A call to Garmin Support wasn’t helpful.

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