1. Thanks Ronald Regan and the USA. Now the ungrateful progeny of nazis and commies, losers, freeloading NATO member want to tell us what to do.

  2. Reminder that these people were running AWAY from exactly what Bernie Sanders, AOC, and Elizabeth Warren want to bring to the US.

  3. Here are the reasons the Berlin Wall should stay:

    To prevent insane dictators from taking over again

    To prevent the rise of the Nazis

    To prevent genocide

    To prevent hostile takeover of Europe

    To prevent bombings of London

    To prevent a world war 3

    Finally to prevent the illegal terror weapons which are the Bismarck battleship, the U-boats, the king tiger tanks and the Mr-262 from being created and used to terrorize the battlefield again.

  4. Thank you Republican President Ronald Regan. The democrats would still be apologizing today that the wall was the fault of the West.

  5. The vast majority of West Germans wish the wall was never taken down because these communist is destroying Europe, in the space of 30 years, many of the East Berlin Germans are the worst forms of Fascist there is in the world, many of them have moved to Palestine and hell bent on creating Global Tyranny and the example is in Palestine and its only getting worse. Some of them is worse than the Vampires from the Movies. And its not going to get any better, hence why they are Hell Bent on destroying Russia.

  6. This time Hitler does Russia. This time Hitler does North Korea this time Hitler does China. This time Hitler does UK Kingdom. This time Hitler does America..

  7. Here’s a tip for getting in a car when either it’s a tight fit or you, as I did after having both my knees rebuilt with cadaver parts and titanium following getting hit by a car, have issues bending one or both knees.

    Lay across the seat sideways so that your knees are already in rather than trying to step into the car, then pivot upright onto your butt.

  8. I watched it on t.v. as a kid. It's crazy how leftist morons actually try to compare it to a border wall. It's two completely different things.

  9. I did not know about it until the next morning. I was in 7th grade and my school district had an inservice day. I turned on the Today Show to find people dancing on the wall.

  10. Now the world witnesses an even more encompassing and more insurmountable Virtual Wall surrounding China. The fight between Capitalism and Communism is far from over. The idea that the War has long won is a dangerous one and will surely lead to losing the War to the insidious CCP.

  11. How funny, I watched Atomic Blonde which focused around the Berlin wall and the film ended with the wall coming down, the same night the wall did 30 years ago

  12. That wall went up to keep Germany from threating the peace of the world again! Look up why Thatcher was opposed to Germany re-unifying!

  13. More like the Pentagon marks 30 years of stealing tax money to still occupy Germany. The odds that Germany will start WW3 to take over the world or become communist are as likely as the US not starting WW3 to take over the world and ending it's dogmatic police state of utter bs.

  14. The Trabant…LOL. Does this mean the US should invade the UK because of the Reliant Robin? Russia no longer wastes it's peoples' tax money occupying Germany and making up stupid propaganda to sell it like our stupid backward country.

  15. If it's thriving, why do East Germans feel like second class citizens? CNN is hiding the truth of those that disagree with the wall falling.

  16. Fact is the Europeans using the impetus of the German Constitution have cultivated soft power initiatives in the light of American Hard power to erode American credibility in the world, the first dry run having been tested in the excuse the Germans gave for not militarily intervening in the Brake up of the Former Yugoslavia. It is time the USA kick out Central and Eastern European powers from NATO and concentrate it in the North Atlantic as an arm of a new strategy to stifle EU ambitions founded on the impetus of the German constitution to grow its strength and displace Americas place in the world for the sake of de-conflicting relations with Russia and respecting its security concerns. America lead not by kissing everyone but by flexing its ideas within the cold context of realpolitiks of the world at large.. To say that our EU partners are so innocent even within the prescription of the German constitution is laughable.

  17. I can sight numerous occasion in which America has turned a blind eye to demands of the EU governed by the German in which American policy has capitulated to its demands. All these capitulations have shaped the world in very many way in the last 30 years to the detriment of Americas identity for the sake of creating the EU and in my opinion it is time to reign in the EU in a very serious way. The EU cannot say to America that at once, it lead again and hearken the call to the demands of the EU this is directly antithetical to the whole premises of leadership and more than abundantly indicates that the question of what NATOs purpose was and now is nigh.

  18. The 45 hp Trabant owned by CNN was one of the latest models built only in 1990 and 1991. This engine was produced under license by VW which had developed it for the VW Polo. The original Trabant two-cycle engines featured as little as 18 – 26 hp and were infamous for pollution.

  19. O , Ja remember the full speech by R. Reagan June 1987 ,,, Mr,
    Gorbachev. Come to this place…. Open this Gate…… ( now )
    " Tear down this wall " … Ja ,Ja … I was in West Germany
    in Oktobre, 1987 and Mr. Gorbachev was in East Berlin ….
    next " Chess move ". the " Gate " was opened… East Berlin
    Cardinal Meissner appointed to Koln Cathedral West Germany
    a post vacant for 1 /. 2 years… the gate now open, easy peezy
    the wall down on a very notable day in German history!! So let's
    remember the whole speech…. who benefited… Could it be the
    Devils in the BUSHES…?? GHW and GW ….?? Ja, Ja ….
    Otto Von Altona the Prussian Historian…

  20. The collapse of Communism must have been a really sad day for the Democrats. I guess they are hoping most people have forgotten now and they can bring it back to the USA in 2020.

  21. Republican president in 1987: "Tear down this wall". Republican president in 2016: "We're going to build a wall."

  22. Wow..time flies…in 1988 i spent some months in eastern Europe…so i got the chance to visit GDR…everything was in the government control…in spite of this fact some discontentedness were slightly evident..then a year later the mauer (the wall) fell down..and everything changed..i consider myself lucky ..because i got the chance to see and know a world that no longer exist…

  23. Yes, and remember this: Ronnie Raygun's "Tear down this wall" speech was given AFTER the teardown was already in its final stages. His spiel was no more a catalyst than if Punxsutawney Phil grunted out the same thing. But, I, you or no one can change what occurred. My story.

  24. It’s ironic that this wall fell 30 years ago and now America has an aspiring dictator as its president that would like to build his own version.

  25. https://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/weve-been-incorrectly-predicting-peak-oil-for-over-a-ce-1668986354

    You believe all the bullshit these "experts" dish out.
    I'll believe my experience with said "experts".

  26. 2:25 et sqq: that CNN correspondent has the appropriate attitude and facial expression you need for driving around in that hunk of shit. Quite realistic. I bet he's pissed… if he'd been to Stuttgart, doing some report on Bosch or whatever, he could already be on his way with a decent Mercedes… "No, I told you, our contract involves a joyride in an EASTERN German car, read the small print, no backsies" 😀

  27. I crossed through Checkpoint Charlie on 7/3/89. At that point nobody could have imagined that the border would permanently be opened just 4 months later.

    East Berlin was grey and depressing, I'm glad the border is gone.

  28. Well, they shouldn't get ahead of themselves. With Trump's help, Putin should be along any time now to start putting it back up.

  29. Remembered it like yesterday. How mine and my parents jaws was dropped seeing the berlin wall fall in our only tv station at that time in far south east. And how my playmate, a south korean says her parents cried with hope that korea too will be united.
    Hope i will see that too in my lifetime.

  30. President Ronald Reagan (Republican) "Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall!" and down the wall went. Thank you President Reagan you are not forgotten. Sir.

  31. 13 August 1961: The Germans were slaved during 30 years of the Vietnam war and free until November 1991 the during the Persian gulf war. The Berlin wall was destroyed finally.

    German Moonbats Erect Wall of Willful Stupidity
    Trying to come to terms with the willful stupidity of moonbats is like bashing your head on a wall. Via MSN:

    On the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berliners tried to send President Donald Trump a massive slab of the structure, along with a message reminding him that “no wall lasts forever.”

    Too bad the White House didn’t have a piece of the Great Wall of China to send to the moonbats, along with a message reminding them that some walls last long enough.

    The 2.7-ton chunk of concrete arrived in Washington, DC, on Saturday, and local media outlets reported that the Secret Service turned it away.

    If only the Secret Service had allowed a giant chunk of concrete to be delivered to the Oval Office, no doubt Trump would have been persuaded to abandon his #1 campaign promise.

    Still stupider than thinking this stunt would influence policy is the conflation of a wall to keep invaders out with a wall to keep communist slaves in.

    The willful stupidity is made noxious by blending it with ingratitude. The Berlin Wall would not have been necessary if West Berlin had not been supplied by the American-led Berlin Airlift. It came down due primarily to pressure on the Soviet Bloc by the USA — the very country German moonbats would destroy by denying it the right to defend its borders from invasion.

    Still more stupidity: according to Philip Husemann of Die Offene Gesellschaft, the nonprofit responsible, it cost “in the low five-figure range to purchase the piece of the Wall and transport it overseas.”

    Fools and their money are soon parted.

  33. Before the american wall, there was a German wall! 1,000 Germans were shot down like dogs as they tried to climb over it! To trump: Hey fool, where's the wall? Oh yeah, MEXICO is supposed to pay for it senor! LMAO!

  34. Do they have drug dealers trying to ruin a country through the border? Israel has wall bit no one says anything about them being wrong for wanting to be safe.

  35. It took Ronald Reagan to finally put an end to the Soviet Union. The Democrats were the best allies the Soviet Union had.

  36. Ah, the day that Soviet puppet states in eastern Europe began to come to an end, leading to the end of Soviet communism. Fantastic!

  37. The demolition of the Berlin Wall officially began in 1990, 13th of June and was completed in November 1991; it's currently 2019. So, you folks still champion fake news and you lack the capability to do basic math… The Berlin Wall came down in 1991, that's 28 years for you easily influenced BS artists. This is how easy it is to manipulate the masses… simply embellish openly and consistently, thus laying the foundation for greater lies. I scrolled down through many comments, lot's of feeling and emotion, yet the facts associated with the matter are lost… it's pathetically amusing. People are completely out of touch and champion self-victimization. Misleading dialogue such as this and the wiliness of many to accept such, highlight that our Educational system is focused on outcome rather than performance, the media is incompetent and or has an agenda, and why our Judicial System is seemingly corrupt and incompetent.

  38. I remember living in Europe when this wall came down weeks after I had been in Munich with others who were talking to a group of engineers from the eastern side of Germany who were given permission to come to the west for the first time. Then shortly afterward the wall came down. I went to Berlin a year after the wall came down and was blown away how there was such a difference from the west to the eastern side.

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  40. This was an economic collapse. It wasn't a triumph of ideals. The manner in which governments choose to deliver goods and services are of very little consequence. It is the distribution of those goods and services. Therefore It's not Socialism or Capitalism that really matters, but rather egalitarianism or despotism. Anytime the wealth is concentrated at the top, you have despotism. Capitalism seemed to work in keeping a reasonable amount of actual wealth under the control of the middle and lower classes. Since the power of these classes has been severely limited through economic oppression, this is no longer the case. Unless we are able to return to a more equitable system, we are facing complete despotic tyranny within a few decades. That is a FACT the world over. You want a GREEN new deal? End the Fed.

  41. Hey CNN, this is journalism.
    Thank you for stopping exploiting the hatred you created around Trump to do some real reporting!

  42. present neo-nazis are planning to rebuild/reuse/ restart old nazi concentration camps against gypsies,Jews, muslims ,Russians ,socialists ,and LGTB's people

  43. In a stunning reverse of events Joe Biden is using his own crimes(Giuliani investigation into Hunter & Joe Biden Crimes on Burisma board) to impeach a duly elected president and simultaneously improve his chances of winning 2020 ELECTION. So who is really attempting to meddle in the 2020 elections? Joe BIDEN

  44. Just a bit of a correction to CNN. We were never communist, nor did we ever call ourselves such. Communism is a worldwide stateless, cashless, post-scarcity society, where people are given each according to their needs, and given the opportunity according to their ability. It was the stated goal of the Soviet Republics. What the actual state was is a Russian Empire that pretended to be both Socialist and Democratic despite being neither. The socio-economic organization wasn't socialist, we were a bureaucratical command economy (like a state corporation), rather than being a democracy, it was autocracy.

  45. – when does the border open ?
    – well, let me just look looks on note …um…now, like right now.
    The world: surprised pikachu face

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