GOP Reaches New Low In Questioning Vindman’s Loyalty | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. So, instead of defending Criminal trump on the merits of the case they waste everybody's time trying to besmirch the credibility of American patriots and in the process strengthen the Democrats position. Brilliant strategy. It's so strategic. It's a wonder the trumpublicans haven't taken over the country by now. On the other hand, what are they really distracting us all from?

  2. If this is not the embodiment of corruption and evil from the repubnicunts,I don't know what is.
    I could not believe my eyes when I heard those words yesterday at the hearings ,really makes your stomach turn.
    They can and will get away with it…

  3. so the Republican logic goes like this, if the Russian want the get rid of Biden they only need to send him an offer to become their minister of Energy, that’s it, no international scandal no diplomatic accident no sanctions. Gee man i wonder why are the Russian so silly to never have thought this simple trick?

  4. Maybe Joe, Mika, their panel and the democrats should start thinking and talking about how many Ukrainian soldiers died in the months trump with held the aid. That was trump's bottom line. Do him a favor and implement a lie in a foreign governments election or your men will die. START TALKING ABOUT THE BODY COUNT!! And don't forget the Kurds and Syrians. When did the American citizen vote to become a part of Russia. These are the ugly truths that are in the White House.

  5. Start talking about the deaths trump caused and put that in front of the GOP. Let them tell the entire country that that is ok by them.

  6. this male MSNBC anchor doesn't love his country, he's abusing the position of TV news journalist by spewing consistent lies about our countries leader, and subsequently, about our nation. words are powerful. this guy speaks so negative about our president. if the media covered all the relief were getting on the economy, on all the good he's accomplished, he wouldn't be Sounding off all the time. it breaks my heart that these people on MSNBC are cursing us. it's like a witch doctor hexing our future. even if , they should let the people weigh the evidence without telling us how to interpret. their bias makes them uncredible, and after this has happened and proven to be totally wrong, we will never be able to trust the media in the future. this was a big gamble by the press, and they've lost the bet.

  7. 💥Bombshell boneheads at fake news MSNBC. What a total joke the so called news people are like morning Joe and his sidekick Mika. I don’t know who lies 🤥 more Adam Schiff or the fake news people at MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS.

  8. I love a comment made by Gym Jordan after today's testimonies.

    "The Whistleblower is anonymous and biased".

    Think about that for a minute!!!!

    He either thinks that makes logical sense or that 'his' people are too stupid to understand the problem with his statement…Both are worrying.

  9. After hearing the vindman was overheard talking to Russian soldiers and telling them how stupid the Americans are, and vindman's superiors knowing the vindman was not trust worthy, he appears the one who should be investigated, hes like a wierd little boy scout gone rogue, not trust worthy, by many who know him, so theres that,

  10. Joe let your wife have a speak once in awhile. You are being "macho" by not respecting her enough to hear her opinion. She is the voice of reason when you start to go off the deep end.

  11. The president has a lot of power and because of that we need to have a "competent" person in charge. For that sole reason, DJT must be impeached.

  12. Bill Bar does not represent the people, he represents the president. Between HRC and Bernie votes, DJT lost the popular vote. Barr is not representing all the people–only Trumpsters. Trump needs to pay his salary not the taxpayers.

  13. The Trumpubliclowns that were there today would have blamed Obama for the Great Flood but they couldn't subpoena Noah 🤣.

  14. Trump confessed. In his interview with George Stephanopolis he said, "Sure! I would take dirt offered by a foreign power." This was the confession to the interference in 2016. Once Barr supposedly "exonerated" Trump, he turned right around and asked for help in attacking his opponent. He went so far to also ask China to do the same. He is shameless and he is the kid when accused of stealing lunch money simply snivels and says, "Prove it!"

  15. Did Mulvaney not try the defense you are criticizing the Republicans for not using? The "he did it, get over it" strategy didn't go so well

  16. Joe Biden admitted on video that he committed bribery. Should he be held accountable?

  17. I haven't Been steadily watching this but it appears Democrats are slowly falling in republicans trap by showing Gordon sonland witness testimony is becoming equivocal sounding moving from absolutes to vagueness

  18. I'm surprised the GOP didnt go after Yovanovitch because she was born in Canada! Her family moved to the US when she was three — I guess she's still considered a "Canadian"???

  19. US, turning into a chaos.
    The heart and blood of US had acquired some infections which is presenting how the system of defense of its body works. Congress is infected. The thing that triggered that infection had been an ill germ polluting as the leader of this nation which main politics is extortion.

    There are many macrophages that were dormant in its stream of defenses such as news media yet some of them are infected too; in congress itself there are some infections but, strong macrophages had appeared devouring those germs by secreting its antigens. It is working as described below.

    The President of the United States first stated by expelling the best and experienced defenses in leadership of the Federal Bureau of Investigation largely known as the FBI, its initials. This institution does investigate and is responsible of investigating violations of Federal laws and is a branch of the Justice Department. The Justice Department had been ill conceived by the President.

    …as of now, the FBI is not taking its responsibilities of investigating acts of extortion carried out by the actual President of USA against a foreign nation to which passed Congress gave around 400 millions dollars to be used for self-defense against another nation that invaded part of its territory and annexed it to itself as belonging to it, this is, Russia annexed part of Ukraine to itself, Russia: it is: Crimea.

    The President of USA, as of now, applied the technic of extortion to Ukraine in order to extract some benefit out of the invaded nation. In other words, a foreign nation had been attacked by Russia and USA which could end into that foreign nation destruction help by corruption within that nation.

    Congress, a very strong macrophage that exist in USA system is permeated by some ill leaders that are causing, together with the President, a chaos to Democracy in the way as it is applied the heart and blood of USA body.

    Democracy is been attacked from within, germs are abundance, it inhabit within the heart and blood of this nation, they even confront antidotes designed to protect the core existence of the nation: …just by looking at the facial expression of a germ it is easy in noticing the injections of their poison, hate, racism and most of all, their anti-patriotism which is a too much of a lack of respect to the high patriotism in existence of USA militaries commanded as of now by an extortionist.

  20. Blondie & The Goon are even more useless than a solar-powered appendix. Who do they have dirt on? That's the only explanation for them having their jobs.

  21. That is disgraceful. How many have come to the US as a young child and showed extraordinary loyalty in their duty to the US constitution

  22. I couldn't stand Trump when he was elected but you Democratics have succeeded in making him likeable. You are going to lose AGAIN to the worst candidate in history.

  23. People who support Trump have issues from their generational ancestors of racism hatred and projection towards others of a reflection of the it anti growth towards human love and compassion.

  24. Sorry I got distracted with the size of Counsel’s head compared to “person” sitting behind him.. Was that the elephant in the room?. sorry back to the hearing..

  25. These republicunts are disgusting!!! I question their loyalty the American people, as they cover for a reality show host who is just as disgusting as them. The GOP should be wiped from existence, come 2020!! Again disgusting!!!

  26. This american "hero" committed purgery he is the whistle blowers source… therefore he lied when he said he did not know the blower… and his testimony is to essentially corroborate his own story. told via the wistleblower. circular nonsense. HE wanted the aid for Ukraine and Ukraine offered him ministry of defense job "for securing it" WOW

    prision for this dude

  27. The reporters need to realize that it is much worse than Bribery and Extortion – it's conspiring to force a Foreign Power to attack the United States through the Presidential Election – that is Treason or at least Sedition.

  28. GOP opinion , if someone holds a knife to your throat and you hand over your wallet, you have not been mugged because the knifeman didnt say he was mugging you

  29. I am so tired of the insults. Can Trump literally not part with anyone without the insults! Here are a few from Donald Trump. Human scum, lowlife, third rate loser, low class slob, slimeball, deadpan, worthless, pathetic, nut job, total sleaze, irrelevant dope, fake, crazy, neurotic, dishonest, disaster, old and worthless, total phony, sad sack, rag, sloppy, creep, flunky, gym rat, low IQ, disgraced, really dumb, dummy, stupid, failed, nasty, weak, bottom of the barrel, goofball atheist, irrelevant, clueless, overrated, total failure, total dud, little, short and fat, wacko, puppet, no talent, fools, fired like a dog, pathetic, sick, weird, a joke, total hypocrite, nervous wreck, totally inept, a sad case, ungrateful fool, joke of a deal, total quitters, hokey garbage, total disgrace, zero talent, sick and demented, unglued and weird, lethargic, pure scum, thugs, no guts, goofy, flake, fumbling, moron, slippery, crazed lunatic, lightweight choker, off the wall, not very bright, dumb as a rock, no honor, big and fat, virtually incompetent, nothing more than a gofer, just a delivery boy.

    When he says people should be more respectful of the office and the President, it makes me wonder why you would respect anyone who talks like this! Respect is earned, not given.

  30. Look at Vindman's record. Now Trumps: Born, daddy gives money, dodge draft, scam people and his charity, bankruptcies and lawsuits, TV reality clown, president. Really republicans? And I left out the whole pedo Epstein thing and all the paying off hookers and strippers hush money. Think Vindman has that on his record? The GOP really can not get any lower. Shameful is an understatement.

  31. Don't any of these tv people every listen to Republican radio? It is exactly their approach on everything since the early 1990's. Talk radio and Fox opinion own the Republican party. Don't act so surprised. It is their normal.

  32. Dems lost big time at the end of the day .
    Losing in polls , if anyone believes in polls anymore.
    No proof of anything.
    MSNBC might think about changing to sports channel .
    Smart people are seeing your lies.

  33. So what we know… The president never cared about the Ukraine, any corruption in the Ukraine or anything about Biden's son. He just wanted the president of the Ukraine to publicly announce they were investigating Biden so Trump could use that to smear Biden during the campaign. And he intentionally withheld military aid from a country at war with Russia to help persuade the president of the Ukraine to make this announcement. I am sick to my stomach. Impeachment is not nearly enough.

  34. Trump supporters don't seem to care he is a corrupt pathological liar, political fact checking is just another truth about the
    Crazy Orange Clown they do not want to face! You would think to repeat his lies would make them embarrassed but no they like
    looking gullible and uneducated.

  35. tRump: I'll do whatever I want to do & you cover and protect me.
    GOP: We're tired of changing the defense over & over!
    tRump: I guess it sucks to be you.

  36. When he said about the disgraceful questioning of Colonel Vindman, “That it shows the Republicans don’t have a substantial case.”

    It shows a lot more than that, and I’m not talking about how low the Republicans will go to avoid doing their jobs as oversight for the country.

    It shows how low the American citizenship has gone, for them to think they can get away with this line of abuse.
    There was a time when it would have been unthinkable for a member of Congress to denigrate a distinguished Service Member. Their careers would have been over.

    In view of the overwhelming evidence their responsibility is to the Constitution and the country, not to protecting traitors and criminals.

    Yes these guys are slime, but where is the outrage and defense of these witnesses who have put their safety and careers on the line to do what’s right for the country.
    It’s absolutely disgusting.

  37. the more they try to smear these honest officials the more damning it makes the GOP members look…..for every attack , it just makes the evidence more damning 🙁

  38. Some people can’t help but to see corruption as strength and see honesty, integrity and fairness as weakness even when they have nothing to gain.

  39. These Republicans stand for nothing and I don't understand the long-term damage that they will do to this country they don't care because by the time this affects everyone they'll all be dead they don't care about the children of the future what position it will leave them in all they care about is money greed it is the same thing that got this country into the position is in there and it's the same thing that will burn it completely down. Babylon will fall

  40. The Republicans that are there to defend Trump are defending themselves from Trump. Yet have we heard any credible defense
    in Trump’s favor.

  41. Paul Ryan actually quit his job as Speaker and joined the board at Fox. Trey Gowdy, not withstanding his Benghazi failures, used his "celebrity" to quit his job to work for a law firm and is now on the outside council team for Trump. Trump himself built a (failed) hotel in Azerbaijan that paid Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Vindman was offered a job he declined, and is an American hero and patriot. The GOP has become the party of hypocrisy, hate, lies, corruption, and now traitors to democracy to protect a criminal.

  42. The gop party is done and there's gonna be a lot of Republicans voted out of office jordan Mitch Nunez their done. Trump sank the gop party and I'm glad he did and their all going down.

  43. Republicans are paid by Big Money to move things the way they want…
    Corporate Democrats are paid by Big Money to pretend to fight it…

  44. Every time one of the behind-the-scenes, working people come forward to expose the hypocrisy, mendacity and criminality of the Trump cult, we see cult operatives once again attempt to denigrate and defame these people's characters and intentions. Yet it is these people attacked by the Trump cult who constitute the "real" nexus of honor, patriotism and loyalty to the rule of law that the Trump cult equates to the "deep state" that they are trying to identify and remove. These people, almost all of whom happen to be Republicans, are totally at odds with the Trump cult, thus showing that (1) the Trump cult has opportunistically hijacked the GOP for its own interests and (2) there ARE many fine and decent Republicans after all, and it is these Republicans who need to seize back their party from the delusional and criminal Trump cult.

  45. This is how they appeal to their traitorous base. Trump voters would rather be peasants in Trump's banana republic than get healthcare and guns out of their children's schools and clean water.

  46. The GOP: It's not a crime, if we say it's not a crime. These are crimes only if committed by the Democrats, Obama, Hillary or the Bidens. The GOP are God Fearing Christians, never commit any crimes or sins.

    The GOP are just plain Disgusting Posers, pretending that they are working for the American People.

  47. How can Americans allow this corrupt transactional puppet president for foreign billionaire donors to attack this patriot ?? President Bonespurs needs to shut up and resign already!

  48. If the Democrats shut them up for telling lies, they'll claim their rights are being abrogated. Well, something like that, because none of them could use abrogate in a sentence.

  49. The usa must fix the government the world needs u to help stop china expanding in to the south Pacific china is buying ports and splashing cash every were over the last decade . They are making a play to become (the world super power )

  50. Trump and  his Repugnant-can  cronies  have taken  America into the  toilet. Literally  have  destroyed  any  trust  and  respect  for  a once  admired country. Have  driven the  debt to a point  where  it  will  take  years  to  recover. Yet  they  continue to  exist!! American politics is a  shambles and although  this ' impeachment' is  showing the  people  just  how  bad it is  nothing  will come of it.   The people will  continue  to  whine! The  very  corrupt Senate  will  veto  impeachment  and  the  destruction  will continue as  per the  direction of  Putin  through his puppet.

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