Graham reacts to House impeaching President Trump


  1. Lindsey Graham you are a disgrace, a mam without morals. without shame. I wonder what your friend John would think about you . He would be ashamed of you!! YES Lindsey he would be ashamed to call you a friend.

  2. Where are the Christian Republicans outraged by Republican Loudermilk analogy of Christ’s persecution?
    Pontious Pilate crucified their Messiah on a cross.

    At a time when we’re about to celebrate Jesus‘s birth, this is beyond offensive. In no way, is what is happening right now, even close to being the same or worse, than what Jesus endured.

    This is how desperate the Republicans are to slander an entire faith system to redeem a man who doesn’t even come close to walking the same circumstances that Christ did. Shameful.

  3. Get those scumbags out of the government, piglosi, shifty, shumer, nadler all those pieces of crap!!! Stand behind OUR PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP 2020 MAGA WE LOVE YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP 4 MORE YEARS

  4. That’s all they wanted. To be able to say “President impeached”. They don’t want to take it to the house because it will delegitimize there headline, “president impeached”.

  5. Trump wants a trial…ok bring it on, controled by a real judge…sounds perfect republicants in charge, set up the rules.

  6. After 8 years of Trump/Pence I want Phil Graham to be the Vice President to Mike Pence for 8 years of Pence/Graham…

    I love This man, Mr Graham is a truly great American…

  7. The Dems have been wasting all this time on this witch hunt but haven't been doing their job of public serving, they need to reimburse at least two years salaries.

  8. She should loose her house position either way. She made a huge mistake and knows she's wrong. This impeachment process began long before President Trump did his job by speaking to other nations leaders, it's his job to be social and he actually gets along well with the other countries. The people must remember the last 3 administrative Reps to hold the position of President failed at making America Great. We have a Real Leader and one who cares. I don't look forward to it dropping backwards creating the hell on earth we've endured that began they began and continued to fall since Bush Sr was elected. I've referenced them & each served two terms over 24 yrs, after 4 yrs Bush Sr served and let the flood gates open at the southern boarder.. The last 28 yrs has been a downward spiral until We the people became fed up and voted in a real Leader willing to make America Great Again, & He's kept his promises! This Impeachment is unlawful which says to me, We need to vote every demoncrat outta the house! Look at the laws they are breaking.. Standing against the laws of Our Constitution should be grounds to fire them all before the 2020 election. These people think they are above the law, they are sadly mistaken. I vote against impeachment of My President!

  9. Nancy just spanked the master of BS d I hope that this fool is watching the polls as he could very well be out of his present job,LMFAO!

  10. Nancy Pelosi, just wouldn't stop until she buried herself; the same with Schiff & moron Nadler. The head idiots of the democrat party.

  11. I'm Betting. That The RINOS Who Vote To Impeach Will Prove Their Deep State/Cabal Involvement In The Coup To Overthrow Our Duly Elected President And Country And Should Be Immediately Indicted For Treason and Sedition And Be Tried Before A Military Tribunal?? ? ?

  12. The editor-in-chief of prominent evangelical magazine Christianity Today says the president must be removed from office.

  13. Californian politicians on the left are incapable of running their own state, how on God's green earth did they think they can run the USA? People that voted these idiots into office and voted for their dumb Californian policies are now leaving in droves to move to other states after realizing the result of their actions. The problem is, they are arrogant and coming to other states to tell us about what "we're not doing right, and this is how we did this over in California."

    Bunch of clowns with red noses and big floppy shoes.

  14. Hi from the UK! We have been going through some similar nonsense in our Parliament, but we flushed most of them last week in our general election. Can’t wait to see you doing the same next year. The loony left are imploding all over the globe, thank God! ?

  15. Lindsey is a traitor a back stabbing wolf in sheep's clothing.I don't trust him as far as I can throw a18 wheeler truck.

  16. The basic psychology of cults. Example, Trump Supporters:

    1. The LEADER is sacred above all & not to be questioned.

    2. Anyone who questions the LEADER is attacked.

    3. The lure of the cult is the absolute certainty it offers, which is why doubt is a threat.

    4. Cult members don’t know they’re in a cult.


    1. Trump posters, Trump rallies, Trump memes, Trump lawn signs. It’s not about policy per se. it’s about worship of authority, of a certain personality and identity. This is very y than, say, the party of George HW Bush.

    2. Consider that ANY Republican who has dared to question Trump has been ruthlessly attacked and dismissed as a traitor.

    The CIA operatives that have come forth, the whistleblowers, the FBI agents were almost ALL Republicans. Once they criticized Trump, they were tossed out.

    3. The reason Trump and his cronies never apologize, never retreat from a gaffe or misstep is that doing so would allow uncertainty to corrupt the perfect ideology that Trumpism offers:

    That belief in Trump simplifies a complex world into a basic “us vs. them” dynamic.

    4. Anyone who points these obvious traits out to Trump supporters is ALSO attacked.

    This is part of why Trumpists constantly attack the press, why Fox News has become so obsequious and unhinged: they maintain an entire parallel (simple, savage) ideological world for believers.

  17. I don't think Mr. Trump is qualified to be commander-in-chief, I think he is bankrupt when it comes to all the qualities you need to lead the men and women in uniform and to lead a great nation.

    – Lindsey Graham

  18. Ask any country and the hate Trump except for Russia and North Korea. That's alone is impeachable. Obama on the other hand was loved by countries all over the world.

  19. Donald Trump is the most uninformed person I've ever met running for president when it comes to foreign policy. He has no clue what he's talking about…..
    – Lindsey Graham

  20. I also can not in good conscience support Donald Trump because I do not believe he is a reliable Republican conservative nor has he displayed the judgment and temperament to serve as Commander in Chief.

    – Lindsey Graham

  21. Henry Hong Kissinger had to hobble Trump so he can continue to receive his commissions from and for his clients. But, this is the one mistake that will bring down the entire global structures he had helped establish. For the first time in his life, he has no skirts to hide from or under. The era of enforced elevation of kleptocracy as the law of the land will bring about a conflict in which he hopes to heighten the level of conflict till both parties have more to lose than to gain. This will lead up to a negotiated settlement. To have prevailed in the negotiations is to have prevailed in the conflict. The cost paid as pain, suffering and destruction are merely of that scenario be included as a cost of the exercise. Well, guess what, those are his words from his book. His adversaries are quite conversant with and prepared well for. Not everyday is a yesterday, nor every today is the tedious continuity of the burdens of yesterday to be transported into the tomorrow. That is the job of the slave. And this time round Hong K. is the slave. There are no middle ground for people who know the destiny of tyranny when the Phoenix is turned into plasma. That way the constituent parts to the assemblages are turned into a completely different state of existence.

  22. The democrats decided they dont want to impeach our president. As usual they did not finish the process. They have not turned it over to the Senate.They saw how silly they were and changed their deranged minds.

  23. Mr. Hannitty and Mr. Graham…so good to see things turning around!!! I was in the Hospital for 9 days so I couldn't make statements. I'm Back and don't worry..Be Happy. This will turn around!! I had a chance— though not feeling well, I Spoke to several people. From my side looking out…(LOOKS like Jesus has been Watching us)!!!!! It will all work out in the WASH!!! Tell Mr. President while I was sick I Prayed. OHHH How I Prayed. Believe!!!! Dare to HOPE… and SLEEP Well!!! Love you ALL!!!!!! ♥Rita*E ~~~~~~~ *

  24. Two idiots that represent the Trump Party. Used to be the GOP. Long gone now. Trump wont allow witnesses even his own people. Cant see his tax returns, will not honour legal subpoenas, (obstruction big time) first ever by a President. Even Nixon gave in to that. Loves to attack women when he is not busy grabbing their pussies, lies only when he opens his mouth which is constant. Loves money and nothing else. Other than that he is a really good guy. lol.

  25. Donald Trump is the most uninformed person I've ever met running for president when it comes to foreign policy. He has no clue what he's talking about…..

    – Lindsey Graham

  26. I am so disappointed by the ostriches here that bury their heads in the sand when a president that is so obviously corrupt and immoral betrays the Constitution of the United States. Then you all listen to the hypocrites that defend him. Lindsey Graham who doesn’t have the balls to come out of the closet. Try reading and listening to the truth instead of listening to the masters of spinning, hannity, orielly, and limbaugh. I listen to them all just to better understand on how they spin the truth. Look at their wallets, they are the elites on both sides spinning the truth while we as a middle class are turned more into a serfdom. The 5% get richer and we live pay check to pay check as the financial gap between the 5% hannity, lindsey, trump, and the rest of us gets larger. They use color, religion, and sexual factors to make us hate one another. Robotics took your jobs, not Mexicans, who got richer off the robotics? The tax cut allowed large corporations to buy back billions and billions of their stocks back and who benefits from that? The CEO’s and board, not you or I. Need to open your eyes, ears and mind. See what is really going on. We ( middle class) need to stick together, doesn’t matter race, religion, color, just don’t fall for the spin. I hear you… then who do we listen to … CNN, MSNBC liberals …

    And I say … yes … but with a skeptical heart … just as you listen to them all… and trust that you will find the truth in it all. Open yourself to your neighbors, co-workers family and forget these political differences. There is so much at stake here. Much more than you realize… start to be open and listen… listen to your intuition and heart …. you will hear the truth.

  27. Nancy Pelosi vendetta agains Trump. Americans are smarter than Pelosi. Donald Trump always acted for Greater America.

  28. I want to see President Trump have his "day in court" when he will have the opportunity to question his accusers when they are under oath and under penalty of perjury. Let the truth come out and let the chips fall where they may!

  29. It is sad that the far left democrats cannot enjoy this period of peace and prosperity that America has been having over the past few years. Extreme democrats are unsuccessfully trying to make everyone else miserable. How can anyone watch CNN and MSNBC day after day. I watch for 30 seconds just to see what they are up to, get sick to my stomach and then feel sad for their blind followers. Californians should really be asking their leaders what they are going to do to fix their districts and state. Stop trying to overthrow the national government. There is going to be 5 more years of progress with the country as a whole, get used to it.

  30. "the mob" was elected to impeach the president. N.Pelosi is Trump's best friend. He would have been impeached much earlier without her.

  31. Have you watched your past YouTube videos yourself there little f***** Lindsey Graham you used to be a good guy. Now you're a trumptard

  32. Bill Clinton got a b***** in the white house and he got impeached. Are you going to say Donald Trump didn't do anyting… Bullcrap. He deserved what he got any better be removed

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  34. The Democrate Congress has been defiant, obstructive, treasonous and worthless in getting anything of importance done for We The People!

  35. It's not official until it goes through the Senate.

  36. What a Big Lie, again, Graham!!! How did you talk about that Monster, some time ago???? He was a racist, He was a stupid, He was a ……. Two Stupids together!!!

  37. I am sure there are mental institutions who are willing to take care of Trump and his props!! The sooner the better. They are all so dumb not to see that they are signing the US over to Russia. Christianity has gone down the drain. Supporting Trump a criminal in many ways and saying you believe in God is blasphemous!

  38. No trial in the Senate…do not take this up in the Senate. Use the oversight committee to investigate this BS!
    American's want this sham over and done with, let President Trump get on with his work for us.

  39. Nancy is very old and disoriented like a cockroach in the house. Do you want to know what menopause can do to an old person,see nancy pelosi. We need to exterminate the house and make the dems a well deserving minority status in 2020. Burn the witches!

  40. GOD Bless Mr. Trump …He is the Best..We Love Him. I never saw a politician I felt was worth going out to vote for until Trump ran for President. Things are finally starting to look up for our state thanks to him. He Is the Reason We Voted For The First Time.

  41. They are celebrating the impeachment!!!!! Funny !!! They forgot a couple small details. An actual crime and the Senate convicting him.!!!! LoL

  42. Look at how triggered Fox News and the Trump supporters are over impeachment. They're melting down over the quid pro quo. They cannot handle Trump not being above the law. Dump the turd November 3rd.

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