Grisham sounds off on Dems over Trump’s ordered airstrike


  1. Trump's fault for the deaths of Americans because he put sanctions back onto Iran pissing them off. He made this problem himself when he became president. Obama was working with Iran and took off the sanctions. Trump baited them and now cowardly killed their military leader without any thought of world consequences. Oh, foolish, foolish trump and Republicans. You Trump followers are blind. O.k. Republicans, you all sign up and go to war for YOUR con-man president.

  2. brain washed barbarians been using killing and warfare to take land from the beginning. till 2020 still inflicted your power and intimidation on other countries you have no business in

  3. Ya. And had the Dems been briefed, they would have immediately tipped off Iran, just to try to make "Trump's" operation fail. They will do ANYTHING to smear Trump, even if it costs lives.

  4. I keep watching the channel hoping for some insight but I am sadden by the blindness of some people on this channel Tulsi2020

  5. My concern is that if America has the right to "pre emptive strike" anyone that it deems offensive. Does that give others the same "right" to exercise the same tactic against Americans? Could other powers like Iran, China or Russia do the same to American military personnel or generals? I wonder how the international laws work in a case like that?

  6. Killing is not ok in any way. Everyone knows that America has a lot of air tech if they used that to save American life no one would die and no war. Still killing is not ok

  7. Maybe she should enlist. She can take Jared and Ivanka with her. Jr too. I'm a veteran. How many veterans in Trump's family from the first day grandpa Trump set foot in America? ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact, Grandpa Trump was a German draft dodger running from the law!!!!!

  8. the greatest panic to a lost soul is rumors, trust Jesus. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. These things must happen, but the end is still to come. Matthew 24:6

  9. Why your hypocrates you all talked about getting out of over seas wars but now your ready to start a new war. Also you have children locked up cages like animals and have alowed many of them to die so your just as evil. ALSO YOU HAVE BEDM TRYING TO START A WAR WITH IRAN THROUGH THIS PRESEDANCY YOU EVEN ACUSED OBAMA OF STARTING A WAR WITH IRAN SO HE CAN WIN THE ELECTION. This about USA global conquest for the world oil and the sales of weapons your two biggest cash cowx oil and war.

  10. we all know he did it to distract from the impeachment and it will have repercussions in the region, but it really does sound like it needed to be done and I've yet to hear otherwise

  11. If Trump and this current administration has intel about these plans to attack Americans can we expect for that intel to be released?

  12. Oh another fox news press briefing. Glad my tax dollars are going down the drain to fill the swamp that Trump talks about.

  13. Nobody:

    Me: ( me being filipino and Pacific Islander * ) “as long as Japan’s not involved we are good 👍🏽” ( me also being a little japanese* ) “nvm I’m good I have change teams option 😂😂😂”

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  15. Have you ever heard of a department in a corporation that over-spends just so they can keep their budget in tact and not have it reduced. It happens all the time. Same reason Trump indeed does want a war. He needs to keep the excuse of needing our military budget. Even though we could easily defeat them with half the budget. But the military industrial complex needs to keep making those profits and they pay good money to politicians for it. Trump is owned by them just like so many others. Democrats included. Everyone wants to complain about taxes, and ignore that the tax dollars of hard working Americans are overwhelmingly spent on over-priced corrupt military corporations. Remember when Trump first started, he said we pay too much for the fighter jets and "I'm going to negotiate with them". Then he was shut up, very quickly. They sat him down and explained that it's not his decision. And now they sat him down and said, we need a war so we can keep the machine running. It's clear as day right in front of you. Why would you support spending $1500 dollars for parts these companies make for $20.00? Because Trump tells you to? Why would you not speak up against this? Because you've been told that you're not a patriot unless you get in line and keep feeding them your tax dollars? Please explain how you support companies stealing from the US budget, which means stealing from each one of you. Because they get you pumped up about hating the other side? And again, I'm talking about both sides. The establishment is the establishment.

  16. Most faux news watching idiots probably couldn't even point out Iran on a map. Anything to get the topic of impeachment moved onto something else. The stupid is strong with these idiots. Maybe someone should tell them their messiah Jesus was a black man from the middle east.

  17. Disgusting display. You all are paid for by all of we citizens. Stop dividing the country "us vs. them" you Russian tool. Shameful.

  18. Trump has a pinwheel that he spins in his office. It came up with "Assassinate somebody." It only stands to reason that it would be Soleimani. That will cast the final shot on the Kurds, that he was heard to say.


  20. Democrats, who wants to impeach and divide the country, then demand to be brief about what the president does? get real! if you look up the word leak in the dictionary you would see the word democrats

  21. Apparently, sounds like the Democrats, mainstream media, Obama and Uncle Joe Creepy prayers for Soleimani and "Iranian proxies in Iraq"… However, if that is true Obama, Joe Creepy, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer should go to Teheran attend funnel Soleimani "Iranian Proxies" and make peace with them.

  22. Hundreds of lives in Iraq is the result of a military action, based on a lie, of a aggressor nation with a colonization, racist notion and colonial economics.

  23. 100% Supportive with Pres. Trumps Decision and Making America Great and who will not tolerate terrorist sworn to harm innocent people.

  24. Wow, the Americans are so uninformed. They are sarcastic and hateful. Its a time to come together and support the President and this country. So sad what a nation.

  25. Didn’t everyone say Hillary is bad cuz she would start wars? If we are going to be consistent, then we should not accept Trumps actions. Possible war will break out cuz of this.

  26. Read Trumps Tweets back when Obama threatened Iran. His big fat lying mouth comes back to bite him again in the age of the “Tweeting Twit”

  27. when was your first public news conference Grisham?
    quit preaching to the choir.
    take the courageous step to reinstate the open daily news conferences open to all news outlets for the Trump administration.
    COWARDS. spewing FOX talking points shows your cowardice. you are afraid to answer the questions of the american people.

  28. If the Democrats would have found out about the attack and they would have warned the enemy. Democrats are the enemy of the United states people now

  29. You speaks .like American are the only people living on earth.
    You will never jump to table to talk the millions of years of sacrificing of east.and people like Nathan bullied in revange will always. Bully all side in to perfect no understading.
    Russia china are not your enemy's. Tell that to my Ibrahim family in congress. Ok.why dont you come for some centuries to east and we west.problem solved. You know everthing. The whole history. But top Dracula never always that.find out why the murdered America. Britannica etc.Draculas are stringing puphets.

  30. i am a Democrat but if I took one step to the right I would be a republican, really not difficult to picture what that means. Seems right now I have a difficult time getting behind either party even though they all have a couple good things that they've done, and I think Trump made the correct decision here, and just because you do not like someone, or do not agree with them always doesn't mean that they can't make the right decision or sometimes do something good. Many people are the same way on both sides of the party, but the politicians want to make it seem that the average everyday person is much more divided than we actually are. this keeps people divided and at each others throats, rather than talking and understanding one another and finding middle ground we fight each other like we are at war with another country which is stupid, also you have to remember that most of the people that spend their time protesting and fighting are usually the people who are poorly educated, or jobless.

  31. Americans are proud today. Democrats are not. Democrats are fear mongering because they do not care about America, they only care about trying to secure power for themselves, wrecking the nation in the process.

  32. The leaders of the Democrat party and MSM sound like domestic enemies more everyday. PresidentTrumps election has caused the corrupt to expose themselves because of their hatred of him and their fear. Their hatred of this country is becoming clear to see and disgusting to watch. Trump 2020🇺🇸

  33. hey cowards at "Dobbs Fox Corporate Business Views" do you have the balls to face the real american people outside of your echo chamber? your network caters to the right wing extremists. when was the last time you had a fair and balanced conversation? your partisan talking points are laughingly one sided.
    what are your liberal counterpoints? prove me wrong Lou(ser).

  34. Drones through Obama killed more civilians than soldiers, yet not reported cause he was the President, but Trump has always been the enemy, poor reporting/story yet its all F%cked. I gave up on Modern day news after I saw the coverage that was so overly biased, that 4 News stations all talk about the same thing and it's the same story told over and over.

  35. saving American lives by deploying more of them in the middle east, You sure showed those libs whos boss, Trump!

  36. The Democrats want Trump to appear as a rogue president so they can win 2020. That's all they care about is getting their people into the Whitehouse and will do it at any cost to U.S. citizens. They're evil.

  37. If there’s a war I bet Don Jr. and Eric will be the first to enlist and fight for their president father’s cause. They love hunting endangered species. They’re portrayed as men’s men. There’s pictures of them with guns all over the internet. If they really believe the president is doing the right thing they can prove it to our disbelieving citizens by going to Iran and fight along side our fathers and brothers. Right???

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