Growing Concern Over TikTok, World’s Most Downloaded App | NBC Nightly News


  1. Me,along with thousands of other americans use tik tok as their main source of income and happiness.please do not take our jobs away.

  2. Chuck do you just want to limit anyinfluence that isn;t expressively in favor of democrats? this isn't rigging an eletion as you claim,it's simply the spread of opinions and information- rights thar are protected under the 1st amendment.

  3. So does Facebook… and any app that uses images, voice, archived bio-metrics, of any kind can be used against anyone. Even YouTube can use Facial and voice archives, now or in the future, to affect human freedom. "Thought you knew that when you started participating?"

  4. Good To Know. everybody knows america is going to get bombed one day. like we don’t even care anymore.. let us be.

  5. Really this kinda sounds a bit paranoid. It is true that China has a repressive government but this is a bit stupid especially since there is no actually proof or cause of concern aside from being guilty by association with the Chinese.

  6. tik tok 比YouTube和Facebook更健康,这里面的内容都是很轻松娱乐的,没有假新闻、政治恶斗。

  7. All you children on here complaining obviously don’t understand why data collection from a foreign nation poses a threat…. maybe gtfo tik tok and pay attention in school

  8. We're concerned about this? Facebook supposedly collects our data. Apmost every social media platform uses the location thing and tiktok is the only thing you're worried about?!

  9. TikTok won’t survive long in the west. Look at what the government is doing to YouTube. You can’t even target advertisements to children below the age of 13.

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