Halo Infinite Gameplay Details + Latest News

Hey Guys, Welcome to my Channel, Today we
will be talking about Halo 6 also known as
(Halo Infinite) and From what i have seen
from the trailers.
This game is Mind-blowing Guys.
The game is said to feature a split screen
mode, a feature removed from the previous
I guess this was necessary because most players
actually stress the fact that the feature
was removed, while most players actually enjoyed
cause i enjoyed it too.
There is also going to be the same mechanics
or Something similiar, these is going to be
infused into Infinite.
During the Microsoft E3 2019 press conference
early this year, it was revealed that the
Halo Infinite will be released alongside the
Xbox Scarlett and also the Xbox one and Pc
in 2020.
We can’t help but wonder how will this differ
from the prevoius Halo games, One thing is
for sure is that the Gameplay scenarios are
gonna be bigger.
There are going to be bigger universe and
maybe more things to explore.
It was also that the game is running on a
brand new Slipspace Game Engine, which is
rumored at supporting Halo games for 10 years
to come.
Well, most of us might have heard about the
Xbox Scarlett, the 8K resolution, the 120FPS,
the Graphics.
Well lets put that aside Now!
What specifications Halo Infinite will have
is unknown at this time.
We can assume it will have options for 4K
and 60 frames per second at a stable rate.
Having both at the same time actually is quite
an accomplishment.
Now similiar to the way the Original Halo
Combat evovled debuted alongside the first
Xbox in 2001, is going to be similiar with
the Halo infinite, is going to be launched
alongside the Xbox Scarlett in 2020.
For the Actual Gameplay itself, while Halo
5: Guardians was split between Master Chief
and Spartan Locke’s storylines, the developers
decided that the Halo Infinite story is going
to be much more focused on Master Chief,So
we going get to see Master Chief Save humanity
and his adventures and is going to be telling
a more humane story than the predeccessor.
Which is going to be awesome, I like it that
343 industries is trying to take it to a much
more human approach, cause the former was
mainly focused on advanced technology.
If you paid attention to the E3 2019 trailer,
it indicated that the story was set on a halo
ring, with Chief getting his New Armor resembling
his older MJOLNIR Mark VI variant from Halo
2 and Halo 3 but to a lesser extent with his
MJOLNIR Mark IV variant that we saw in Halo
Legends and Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.
According to this blog Post On Inverse, It
was stated that “Hawk-eyed Halo fans on Reddit
noticed the “Discover Hope” trailer from
E3 2019 takes place more three in-universe
years after the events of Halo 5, some time
after 2561.
In that same thread, fans also noted a screenshot
from the 2018 trailer showed the date as 5/27/2560″.
Which suggests that the 2018 trailer took
place atleast 16 in-game months after the
2019 trailer and judging from the two trailers,
Combined together it is safe to say that Humanity
was locked in a kind of battle and eventually
they lost.
Master Chief is back and tasked with saving
Overall, i am really excited to learn more
about Halo Infinite, Cause am a Huge Fan.
I love the gameplay.
The Halo Infinite promises to be a fantastic
game and hopefully it lives up to its expectation.
Though the official release date hasn’t been
announced but during E3 2019 it was officially
announced the game will arrive during the
holiday season of 2020 and the game will include
microtransactions similiar to other modern
Which most players aren’t too happy about.
There are also Rumors suggesting that Halo
Infinite is going to be the most expensive
game ever made with a $500 million budget.
So we are expected to see a new era of gaming
in 2020.
It might just be the future of Gaming in 2020.
I guess We all have to wait and see.
Let me know how you feel about this reveal,
are you excited about getting your hand on
a new Halo 6.
Let me know in the comment below, Thats all
for now.
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