He finally arrives October 22nd! Mario Kart Tour News, Vol. 2

Hmm, was there a… Did you see that?
Must be my imagination. Anyway!
It’s time for the next installment of
Mario Kart Tour News!
I’m your host, Lakitu!
Today’s topics are…
Right here!
We’re in the homestretch of the Tokyo tour!
It comes to a close on October twenty-second.
I wanted to enjoy the
sights of Tokyo a little more,
but I guess all good things must come to an end.
But now I get the pleasure
of announcing the next tour!
And it looks like it will be…
Ooh, it’s a Halloween tour!
I hope it’s real scary.
When I think of Halloween,
I think of the Luigi’s Mansion game…
And that means we
need the man himself!
That’s right.
Luigi is finally coming to Mario Kart Tour!
Kept you waiting, huh?
Baby Luigi and Waluigi are coming, too.
That’s a whole lot of -uigis! Oh yeah, it’s Luigi time!
Oh, and don’t forget King Boo!
These four characters are not tour exclusive,
which means they’ll always be available in the pipe.
Up next…
Rosalina in her Halloween costume
will be in the limited-time Halloween tour pipe!
Her special item, Dash Ring,
will help you zip right past your opponents.
That’s not the only treat in store for you.
King Boo from Luigi’s Mansion is
showing up for the Halloween tour too!
This King Boo has access to the powerful Bob-omb Cannon.
The perfect tool for this wicked specter!
There will also be some tour-specific karts
and gliders perfect for the season.
You can customize your loadout
for some real Halloween flair!
As for courses, you can look forward to the spooky
Luigi’s Mansion, Ghost Valley, and Waluigi Pinball courses.
Oh, and this just in!
Soon you’ll be able to play a mode
pretty well known to fans of the Mario Kart series…
Time Trials are coming to bonus challenges!
This Halloween is full of treats.
Now let’s take a look at some of the rewards
you can get from the Halloween tour.
As for the tour gifts available to those
with the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass…
You can get your hands on
some pretty spiffy karts!
And this is your chance to get Peachette too!
If you collect enough Grand Stars,
you’ll be able to add her to your roster.
The Halloween tour will start
on October twenty-second.
And that wraps up this edition of
Mario Kart Tour News!
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There’s a lot of good information out there!
That’s it for today. Have a nice tour!
Don’t forget to say trick or treat!

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