Headline Ideas to Get Attention Without Spending a Fortune

– In this clip, we’re gonna
talk about headline formulas that will help you get attention, without spending a fortune. But before we begin, don’t forget to rate, review, subscribe, if you
like videos or audio files, like this, on entrepreneurship
and on marketing. First thing I wanna talk
about, in terms of generating the most amazing headlines,
is reading these books. The Boron Letters. That’s by Gary Halbert,
the late Gary Halbert. And also reading Breakthrough Advertising. You can get that if
you google hard enough, you will find it. If you try to buy it, you’re gonna spend three to $600, all right? So here’s the other thing. I like going to aol.com. Don’t worry, aol.com used to be a pioneer internet service provider, but guess what? They’re good at headlines. If you go to aol.com there’s
a headline section, okay? And I’m gonna come up with
some headlines right here. And you don’t need to spend a fortune, ’cause it’s frickin’ free
if you have the internet. You can go to the library,
you can go anywhere and generate good headlines, all right? Here’s a headline right here. Oh, four key questions that
will decide the 2019 Final Four. Okay, well, let’s see. If we’re talkin’ about marketing, four key questions that will determine the future of SEO in 2019
and beyond, all right? So what else is there, what else is there? Projecting the outcome
of each Final Four game. So projecting the outcome of voice search in 2020, with data, right? Look, there’s so many titles over here. I’m just looking at, if you’re
watching on video right now, there’s probably 70-plus
titles on this page, itself. And there’s, look, there’s a lot of different sites that you can go to. I’m just making it
simple for you, aol.com. Ah, here’s one. This is sponsored, by the way. Actress shares her secret. Eating this every morning changed my life. What’s happening there? She’s sharing a secret. Everyone likes secrets, right? Also, at the same time, this secret, the secret’s not being revealed, but it’s, eating this every
morning changed my life. Everyone wants their life to be changed. Everyone wants it to be easy, right? They want the secret, they
want their life to be changed, they want one thing that they can do to change everything, ’cause what? People are lazy, all right? Couple things that you can do here. What you do is, you go
to a site like aol.com, you draw the headlines from
it, and you figure out, how does this fit into my industry, right? Oh, Neil Patel shares his secret on SEO. How to get to two million
visits a month, right? You can do something better than that. I’m just giving you examples here that you can draw, without
you having to really think, and without you having to spend a fortune. Buying those books? It’s worth it, because you
get better at copywriting. Also, speaking of Gary Halbert, his son, Bond Halbert, actually
took over his newsletter. So if you google Gary Halbert newsletter, you will be able to find it. And it’s a free newsletter
that you can check out, continue to get better at copywriting. There’s also Neville, who has a course called, Kopywriting
Kourse, that’s with Ks. Kopy, K-O-P-Y. Kopywriting Kourse, check
that one out, as well. There’s so many different
ways to get better. Again, Breakthrough
Advertising, The Boron Letters. Those are just a couple things you can do. Let me know in the comments, or let me know in a review in the podcast, what you plan to do, in terms
of improving your headlines, and maybe drop some resources in here that I’ve never heard
of, in terms of improving your headlines and writing
amazing headline formulas, or creating amazing headline formulas. So, with that being said,
we will see you tomorrow.

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