Health & Wellness News: Winter Sports Safety

(playful music) – Health and wellness with Dr. Roxcy. Skiing, skating,
snowmobiling, and sledding. They’re tons of fun. But there are a few things
you should not be forgetting. Wear warm, water-resistant layers. With a hat, scarf, and
gloves to protect you from frostbite while doing
the things that you love. The sun still shines bright
despite the blustery weather. Wear sunscreen and goggles which will help you to see better. Wear the correct helmet on your noggin with a proper fit. Helmets help prevent brain
injuries and should be part of your outdoor safety kit. (playful music) When skating on ice, don’t
venture out onto a pond that hasn’t been checked out. So get outside and have lots of fun, but always remember to have
your safety check done. (playful music) (laughs)

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