Hertz and Radio Waves Explained


  1. So how did he determine the frequency of the standing wave? I didn't quite get that from the video. Thanks in advance!

  2. You are drawing the wave from the two electric balls (sender), but I think the wave actually is being pushed from the left and right antenna (alternate) ….you agree?

  3. Hey Sir, also doing the HSC physics course needed to know if we had required to know about polarisation and the effects of the receiver being placed at different angles relative to the induction coil. If so could you briefly explain, thanks!

  4. So how did he determine it was possible to send sound. Cant imagine he even thought it was possible when he did these experiments. Thanks

  5. I am in 7th grade and Im doing a science fair project of the distance of radio wave travaled compared to the cunsuption's voltage. This video helped more on how to set up my experment. Thank you!

  6. OMG. I have only just found out that sound waves originate in light. OMG. I also just found out the difference between frequency and wavelength. Thanks for the video.

  7. So voice by its vibration,
    Causes matter/matters to vibrate to what?
    If nothing was before matter, why the heck should anything be mattered? Or be even thought about living?

    If voice or sound, had the ability to cause change of anything, what would it change?

  8. Might want to correct your dates… Hertz died in 1894, 1905 is when Einstein was working on photoelectric effect. Otherwise great video.

  9. your content for the hsc is incredible…between your videos and khan academy, this is so much better suited for the hsc….keep it up and thankyou

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