HOT NEWS !!! Google Lens is coming to Android’s camera app with a bunch of new features

google lens is a cool piece of
technology as it is but beginning next
week it’s going to become a lot more
accessible no longer hidden away inside
Google photos and assistant lens will
soon be coming to Android camera app on
a sizable number of devices while we’d
expect it to be added to the camera app
on Google’s own pixel lineup the full
range of manufacturers supporting this
rollout may surprise you at Google i/o
today the company unveiled all of the
partners that will be adding google lens
to the camera app on their phones the
list has a good number of major Android
manufacturers on it but one that’s
notably missing is Samsung
sorry galaxy adherents you’ll have to
stick with bixby vision for now in any
case google lens is also getting some
new features to go along with this
launch the first of these features is
called smart text selection and it’s
particularly impressive smart text
selection will allow you to copy and
paste text you encounter in the real
world for instance in a book
removing the hassle of typing it all out
you can also use this with lens to look
up a term you’re unfamiliar with without
having to type it into Google search
yourself the next feature coming to lens
is called style match style match is
meant to help you find things that are
similar to items that catch your eye in
the real world one of Google’s examples
involves encountering an interesting
lamp and using lens to find other lamps
that are similar
not necessarily identical in style with
shopping links inserted where they’re
finally we’ll see real-time results come
to lens essentially this uses machine
learning to surface information on
something you’re pointing your camera
ant without requiring you to snap a
photo first you might open your camera
app point it at a poster for a musician
and have it surface a music video in
real time without the need to analyze a
photograph before you get that video the
new features coming to lens certainly
sound pretty awesome and is with most
things based in machine learning they’re
going to get better at what they do as
more people use them
we’ll see lens come to flagship phones
beginning next week with these new
features rolling out to all users over
the next few weeks so stay tuned

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