HOT NEWS !!! Sony WH 1000XM2, WI 1000X Wireless Headphones Receive Google Assistant Support

sony has finally brought google
assistant support to its wh 1000x m2 and
wi 1000x wireless headphones this comes
months after the Japanese electronics
giant head first announced back at CES
2018 that some of its existing audio
products would receive optimization for
Google assistant support for Google’s
virtual assistant is now rolling it and
can be installed by users through an OTA
update on their eligible headphone
models the update will be available for
the over-ear WH 1000 to XM to headphones
and the in-ear WI 1000 X earphones with
the latest 2.0 point 0 software update
reports Android police with Google
assistant integration the headphones now
feature iOS device support voice
notifications and faster push-to-talk
capabilities according to the report
after the update users can toggle the
noise cancellation button to trigger
assistant apart from the two headsets
sony has also promised assistant
integration for WF 1000x whch 900 N and
H ear onto WH 900 n back at CES 2018 in
Sony showcased several new headphones
including WF SP 700 and nose canceling
headset W is 600 and sports centric
headset mdr-1a m2 headphones and other
extra base options among these the WF SP
700 and W is 600 N were announced to get
Google assistant integration there are
currently no timelines for the update on
these headsets
even JBL at CES 2018 had unveiled three
new headphones with the same google
assistant functionality these include
the JBL Everest 310 GA on-air variant
JBL Everest 710 GA around ear model and
JBL Everest 110 GA in-ear headphones

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