How Break 🔥Passwords🔥 on Google Chrome latest version -2108🔥🔥🔥

Hey Guys !! My name is Shubham and Welcome
Back to my Channel.
Today I’m going to show you how you can check it for it
password in your Chrome
sometimes we Save our Password in Our Chrome but after sometimes we forget that
Password so how you can recover that
Password OR you can say that How You
Can see your Facebook password so
without wasting time let’s get started
First of all you need to go to your
setting just click on the right corner button & Go to Setting And drag down
And Click On Advanced drag down there is a option Manage Password Click on Manage password As you can see All the save password is
Coming with the user ID
Suppose I want to show my Facebook
User Id and Password
you just see where is our Facebook
Account Here it is, so just click on
right corner and Details as you can see
There is a website there is the Username
and here our Password just click on show
Button if you add admin password in your
system just just enter your admin
Password if not then it will not coming
in your system so I just giving it my
Admin Password and hit OK as you can see
guys my Facebook Password is coming so
let’s check like it is correct or not
quickly go to link copy the username and
Also paste Password and hit login mean as
you can see guys it’s working properly
Right !! So by using this trick you can
check here all the Save password Very Quickly So
That’s it for today’s video guys
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