How Coronavirus Is Affecting The Global Economy | NBC News NOW


  1. How about real news about thousands fled China before shut down spreading Virus around the world ? & everyone says it's just the flu go home ? 700 in Washington State suspected infected ? NY caught a China man came in from Canada arrested the tested & released ! Thousands in California suspected infected ? Los Vegas brought back their worker's & family from China infected area during the Virus outbreak !

  2. When everyone is dead then money means nothing. I think we should worry about finding a vaccine and contain this virus than worry about the economy at the moment. The communist China don't just shut down entire country and locked up 750 millions people just because of 2000 people died or 70,000 infected. The number is much much higher and they know it is out of control therefore they have to use drastic measures to slow down the virus until they find a vaccine for it.

  3. What pigs… know how you can tell this flu is more serious than they are making it out to be……because they are worried about losing their money and the collapse of the economy…..they don't care about the people……this is the red flag….the economy will take a hit, therefore this is stronger than the seasonal flu. This will effect populations of people. It's so clear how they brush aside the people and grapple to protect there "earnings." Take your imaginary numbers to the grave. Maybe in your next life you can roll around in your filth….if your lucky. Namaste.

  4. I told you…china didn't want to go to war with the USA in trade war they can just stop the money by getting people sick. China cares less they supply the planet with products.

  5. Boohoo China I don't give a flying crap about China or the companies that are affected oh no billionaires and corporate fat cats are suffering good

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