How I got Amy Porterfield on CNN Headline News

Do you want to earn national exposure and
be on national TV? Maybe even CNN Headline News? Well, in this video I am going to walk you
through exactly what I did to get somebody, not only their first TV appearance, but that
first TV appearance being on CNN Headline News. If you want to earn media exposure without
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videos just like this one every Thursday. Hi, I’m Christina Nicholson and I help business
owners just like you earn exposure in the media without spending any money on ads. In this video, I’m going to walk you through
how I got Amy Porterfield a live segment on CNN Headline News. The show? It’s called On The Story and it is hosted
by Lynn Smith. Now let me start out by saying Amy Porterfield
is not a client of mine. This actually all came about because I was
listening to one of her podcasts on the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast and she mentioned
that one of her goals was to earn more media exposure in the traditional media sense. Obviously she’s got the podcast circuit covered. She wanted more traditional media exposure. So I thought, okay, well let me see if I could
help her. What could I pitch that could get her coverage? So I pitched something literally on a Thursday
and the next day, Friday, she was live on TV. And I’m going to walk you through the pitch,
how it totally changed, but why that’s good to know and how it could help you earn exposure
as well. So first I thought, how do I make what Amy
does newsworthy? And this is a big thing, right? Because the biggest mistake people make is
they don’t make themselves newsworthy. They just think, oh, how can I promote myself? And they write this pitch or this press release. (Please stop writing press releases. Look back at a previous video to find out
why.) But they write something and it’s all just
about them and promoting themselves or their expertise or their business or their service. And it’s like, that’s not a story. Why would I cover that? So my first step of business was to make what
Amy does newsworthy. So I went back and I remembered that I just
spoke at the Mom 2.0 Summit in Austin, Texas. And also there was Lynn Smith from On The
Story on Headline News and her producers. And I said okay so let me see how I could
get her there because I just built a relationship with them. We’d go back and forth on Twitter a little
bit and this is the pitch that I came up with. It was a pitch that the angle was totally
changed in 24 hours, but it still worked. I’m going to tell you what it is, but first
I want to know what your dream outlet is. Is it the Today Show? That’s a popular one. And then so is Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. So pick one, pick one of your goal outlets
and let me know in the comments section. Bonus points if it’s not national TV, cause
let me tell you, national TV is hard to get. It’s very competitive and for somebody has
never earned media exposure before. It’s very hard just to go straight to national
TV. As you’re about to hear, it can’t happen. It has happened many times before, but I do
suggest starting small and working your way up, and remember, your dream outlet can always
change. So let me know what your dream outlet right
now is in the comments section and tell me why. Why do you want to be in that outlet? Because it could make sense, but after we
dig a little bit deeper, maybe you are focusing on that outlet for the wrong reasons. I’ll know. I’ll let you know in the comments. I’ll respond. I respond to all of them. So let me tell you what I pitched and what
Amy ended up being on TV for. This was in May. We all know what Amy does. She helps people make money with online courses. So in May, I’m thinking a lot of kids are
graduating from high school and maybe they’re thinking about going to college or starting
that route, but maybe they don’t really need college. Maybe they need an online course and that
would work just as well. So that’s the angle I pitched. Why did I pitch that angle? Because On The Story is on Headline News between
noon and 2:00 PM the main audience is moms. It is women. So we need to talk to them. So we’re already thinking about the audience. We’re also making a timely with the, it’s
May getting out of high school going into college angle. So I pitched that that maybe you don’t need
college, maybe an online course would work just fine. They wrote me back immediately, probably a
couple of hours after I emailed them, which is great because they get about 40,000 emails
a day. But let me tell you, after I pitched them,
I also tweeted them and let them know that I pitched them something great. So that was helpful too because today we are
more inclined to pay attention to Twitter mention than we are an email. So I like to double up sometimes if I can. And they said this is great, but we actually
want to fill time tomorrow, which was the Friday before Mother’s Day. So, we totally tweaked the angle because they
wanted to do something on how moms can make money from home by creating their online course. So same person, same expertise, totally different
angle just because this was going to air two days before Mother’s Day. So I called Amy, I emailed Amy, I texted Amy,
I was like, look, this is what they want to cover. So this is what you need to have in your back
pocket – think of a mom who has made money from home by creating an online course…
and if you watch the segment, you will see that Amy brought up a mom who was canning
your own vegetables, created an online course to teach other moms how to canned vegetables
at home and ended up making so much money that she could quit for a full time job and
go full time with her online course. So there’s a couple lessons here. One of them is that you have to be willing
to be flexible. You can not control the media or the angles
they want to cover. And too many business owners, they get really
stuck on this like, well I want to talk about this and I want to say it in this way. And that’s being selfish. You’re only thinking about your brand and
promoting yourself. You’re not thinking about the media outlet
and what they want to cover and what their audience wants to hear. So when you can let go a little bit and be
flexible and kind of go with the flow, you can get this media coverage. So that day Amy was in front of millions of
people on national TV sharing her expertise. In addition to that, she could take that clip,
turn that into a Facebook ad, she could put it on her website,
she could share it in her marketing materials, she could walk people through the importance
of earning media exposure on her podcast, on her website, on her youtube channel. There is so much you can do after you earn
the coverage, and to be honest, that is where you’re going to get the biggest bang for your
time. Remember, not the biggest bang for your buck
because we’re not spending money on this. This was completely free… and I am actually
sharing the exact pitch that I sent to HLN to get Aimee coverage on there in my Media
Maven Mentoring programs. So if you want to find out more about my mentoring
program, I will leave some links in the description of this video (
so you can find out a little bit more. But I am also going to share a Freebie with
you where I do share another pitch that led to media coverage for a mentoring client of
mine in San Diego and you can access that at PitchPublicity, It’s a free three day class that walks you
through how to pitch the media to earn publicity and what to do with the publicity to turn
it into profit. So if you want to see that, I’ll link to that
below but the pitch for Amy specifically that landed her coverage
on CNN, that is in my paid course in the media mentoring program at,
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  1. This is not only helpful to know how you got Amy on TV, but also a sub-lesson of, if you admire someone, look for ways to add value to their life! Killer video.

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