1. Don't forget 911. Iran has always been at war since 1979, since the beginning of time. Remember the 6 day war? Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria….YOU LOST. YOU WILL LOSE AGAIN. SO SAD THAT ONLY THOSE LIKE MINDED People Mourn. But they mourn not because he is dead, they mourn bcs they are pist off at the reality of such a man like that is now 6 feet deep underground…not even your so called god can revive him. Fos.

  2. These wars only make it worse for the people who will have to fight at the front lines. Trump will sit in his chair comfortably without risk. I'm scared for the first time for the safety of my friends and family that live in the US.

  3. Gen Soleimani is the reason we don't have black flags flying all across Syria and Iraq. He fought Alqaeeda and ISIS and won.

  4. President Trump ordered the assassination of a high ranking general of Iran, Trump deployed 3500 troops in Iran/Iraq, US Government tells it's citizens to vacate the Iran/Iraq area. Make no mistake. We are at war with Iran.

  5. Please recognize that national defense is often over played, but is also a genuinely a complicated issue with a lot of gray area

  6. He was a bad man killed by a bad man. The American people don’t want war with Iran, they’ve done nothing to us.

  7. Even Kennedy was not as populair as Soleimani was may it be an eyeopener for the citizens of the USA and the World..

  8. as an inbred ideologically infected bunch of brainwashed resentments rigged expectations and culturally leveraged ultimatums would want to present it as, excluding all the factors variables and conditions that dont accept inbred ideologically infected brainwashed resentments rigged expectations and culturally leveraged ultimatums, obviously.

  9. trump wanted to look like a tough guy…he failed like tge loser he is. The UN will view this as a crime. He did it while congress was on break. Sneaky and illegal!!! Assassination of trump to come. HE TRULY IS A MORON!!!

  10. an illicit general of an outlawed terrorist organisation will not have a national funerary procession, through various holy cities, attended by million of its citizens, with its heads of state praying for him. only a national hero, much like john mccain, will get that, much UNLIKE traitor trump. again history scoffs at him.

  11. Soleimani should have been taken out decades ago over his attacks on the U.S., but traitors in our own government refused to obey President Reagan's orders. Jimmy Carter was the first to betray Iran when he turned his back on the Shaw of Iran who was as westernized as the U.S. Carter allowed the dictator to move in and brutalize the whole mid east who brought in the strict Islamic rule over freedom loving people! Real Iranians are cheering and thanking President Trump for taking out Soleimani and dreaming of the day they have their freedom back!!!

  12. Pay no attention to my impeachment while I shift the focus to escalating a folly of a war in the middle east. "Don't be a tough guy." Ahem.

  13. Someone please tell me why every news outlet keeps using words like “Top general” like he’s some hero… was he not a murderer that killed and tortured thousands of his own people and murdered hundreds of Americans?

  14. It's sure so easy to threaten a country but you yourself never join the Army but then again you do have soldiers who will obey you or have no choice but at the end at least you're safe and sound moron

  15. I am scared of President Trump
    GoFund Me Account

    Help me move to Iran 🇮🇷

    Please help me leave this Dictator in the White House

  16. When are we all going to accept that this is about brothers and sisters killing brothers and sisters? All of humanity is one family. It's time we put away our outdated ideas about God and start living like brothers and sisters. Religion is destroying our world.

  17. Th second part of Kaballah is Allah who is the God of both Jews and Muslims. Ever wonder why Israel is never blown off the face of the earth?

  18. 2020 just have 5 days and it will going have world war 3 soon! Am going move to a island!!!!!!!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺

  19. The US Military will use nukes to take out underground nuclear related sites along with all other nuclear related sites in Iran. In order to fully destroy Fordow along with other underground sites the use of the B61-12 variable yield nuke set at its 10 kt yield and below will penetrate the underground installations. Iran will not be given the chance to destroy Israel or any other US asset nor any other US allies.
    Like it or not we are about to destroy the rogue terrorist country of Iran. The targets will also include all of their oil refineries, their HV electrical distribution systems, their entire command and control network for their military.

  20. Those who are pro Iranian Americans, you can go visit and help rebuild a freed nation instead of posting their anti American thoughts on social media as soon as our US Military takes out their targets within Iran. AOC can lead the clean up campaign in Iran along with Warren and Bernie.

  21. can we just send trump over there to do trial by combat with one of their leaders? we can all watch while eating popcorn and then go home safely after the combat is over. no one else needs to get hurt. that way trump can finally protect americans and make america great again.

  22. what happened to soleimani was no different from al baghdadi. politically motivated FAKE NEWS media PURPOSELY encouraging attacks to americans by adding fuel to the fire

  23. Iran lives and dies by Islamic law and wants to make the world this way! I feel so sorry for all the citizens of this country as they believe in a "doctrine" that shows no mercy and or compassion and they will tell you "the Muslim faith is a peaceful faith" nothing could be father from the TRUTH! And those who walk away from this are afraid for their lives! What "god" is this they believe in and will die for?

  24. You must really believe that eveyone in the world is on your side IRAN when we are NOT! not when you want to threaten the world with your "ideologies" and that we would just simply submit to such rubbish!!!!

  25. Anyone that can't see what America and trump is doing doesn't care to see. It's clear as day. Either the man is ignorant or he's a lying war criminal. I think it's both. He's an ignorant war criminal.

  26. I hope trump chokes to death on his own snot soon. That's a fitting punishment for a traitor , criminal and sex offender

  27. You can bet my children know what type of person trump is. He's a criminal, traitor and a sex offender. He's the biggest scumbag in American history

  28. He was a terrorist who killed not only his own people but foreigners too. His actions alone have been attributed to the deaths of over 600 Americans that we know of. The United forces in Iraq have not gone to Iran and killed anyone in his country. The United States hasn't purposely gone over to his country and killed anyone.

    He had no right to order the deaths of 600 Americans. If you feel at this time that this is a proper thing to be reporting in such a supportive manner by The Washington Post then you don't understand what happened here.

    People want to pretend we can have world peace with murderers. Everybody thought that way with Hitler look what happened. We're going to do the same thing here if we're not careful. I'm very disappointed in how the media is portraying this as if oh poor Iran ever so sad to lose this leader when really we should be rejoicing that he is gone. They won't necessarily have someone that can replace him. Yes they may have someone that will take the position, possibly be more Trigger Happy but then that kind of person doesn't necessarily have the planning capability that this man had and won't really know what they're doing. Thus they're possibly easier to overcome.

    We will never be able to win peace with the radical Muslim factions. They will simply wait bide their time and wait. We'll niavely let our guard down. They will happily wipe us from the face of the Earth, that's their plan that's all they've ever wanted to do. Just like Hitler they'll make agreements and we'll never see it coming as so many want peace at any cost.

  29. Look at US war business. Investment by public, but execution mostly by privatised war corporate like Lockheed and Blackwater. Check out how the share price of these companies correlates to the recent incidents. It is no rocket science to understand who make profit in this war industry. However, this business keep a few thousands Americans paid who are operating in battlefield, warfare manufacturing or else, naturally like other industries. Indeed, it is a nasty business.

  30. Leave cultural site,s citizens always mostly die. Don't let 1 man do this, world statistics bush shot, Irish no nuke in Iraq give Blair tickets back in,

  31. My guess is Putin is playing Trump and Iran against each other to create a nuclear proxy war in the US. That way he could destroy the US without firing a single shot.

  32. Fucktardicus does NOTHING by "the rule of law" How far will a narcissistic, deranged, egomaniac go to deflect his guilt and protect his ill earned wealth…? WWIII perhaps!

  33. For those who will read this: Unfortunately social media won't stop any war, so-called Nation leaders can but won't. They'll use your kids and mines to fight their Trumped-up reason for starting a war and really could care less how many return from their wars…Our prayers and condolences to the families of the fallen heroes is the insensitive responses. We're protecting our Nation by initiating violence's, it's all God's plan. There is no GOD, they believe they're your God.

  34. Don't fear, there were similar back lashes in Columbia when Palbo Escobar was killed. Good riddance to bad rubbish then and now. Furthermore, I pose to you this thought: would you rather have such war mongers terminated over there or here in your own back yard? Have you forgotten 9/11, it appears you have. Screw those boy scout war lords who pose terrorism to the world.

  35. Why did Trump think it's a good idea to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal in the first place? I mean, this is the very reason why Iran was hotile to the US when its economy is being crippled in such a way.

  36. The only positive that I can possibly see is that Irea and Iraq will now steer their own military and civilian destinies,which is it should be and good enough to die for. Soleimani could be the guy who in spite of himself does this. This would be are cognition that neither Iraq nor Iran needs or wants US military forces and should they have problems between them than they are able to resolve them without help themselves. This may not have been Soleimani's desire but it could end up his legacy, and it is an honorable one. The US has meddled in every nation's business where they could gain a foothold and it is time for this practice to stop. The US should pursue The US's business and only move under serious situations which is to say not advancing big business interests through military adventure. Leave the other guy alone to solve his own problems in his own nation with his own people. The problem is when certain leaders want to gain power in their country they ask for American assistance,expecting them to leave but they will not. Yes fledgling democracies can ask for help but only by the will of the people and when their votes are ignored or they are forcefully restricted from controlling their own country..nor was is it a given that the US stays for their own interests ,political or more often financial gains. If the other guy then wants to do business with you it is between equals.

  37. We used to mind our own business but that is not enough for Mega corporations who do not want market share but the whole market. This is wrong and breeds much ill feeling. We need to stop backing our businesses with the military,this embitters our people who get nothing in return for their sacrifices

  38. The Bible tells us of a final great war that has to happen before Christ returns. And we are about to enter that war. Evil nations will band together to try and defeat the Christian West. And just when it looks like they are winning, Christ will return in all his glory, and will kick some serious butt.
    Not that any of you believe in the Bible or in Christ. But that dont matter. The prophesies of the Bible always come true, whether people believe in them or not.

  39. I saw some videos of Iraqis and Iranians joyus he was killed. BUT THE MEDIA DONT POST THAT! He killed everyone! not just Americans

  40. the world closes his eyes on terrorists like soleimani and abubaghdadi, but our strong president has zero tolerance for these bullshits and takes care of these terrorists like dogs
    thanks Mr president for protecting our nation you are the only president who has enough money which does not allow others ( drug companies, oil companies, hollywood …) bribe him

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